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  1. makz

    The Best Advice Today

    I hate when people say things that sound logical. It's totally not radical.
  2. makz

    Difficult Question

    If the rope was in perfect tension, you'd be dealing with a rigid body. :D
  3. makz

    Irc Chat For Sals?

    Haven't you heard of #slams? #novus was generally held to be an "unofficial" channel, though the extent to which this was endorsed by channel staff is variable. Some channel staff also held elevated positions within the forum's hierarchy. Some users banned from the forums were also banned from the channel. This was entirely inconsequential - promotions, demotions and administration occurred independently. #populus is completely unaffiliated.
  4. makz

    I Hate My Own Brain.

    You could try dating men.
  5. makz

    Irc Chat For Sals?

    Activities involving users of #populus, acting not on behalf of #populus. You have no evidence of "Populus" doing anything. No it didn't. There's a large gap between the closure of the official Sal's IRC channel and the introduction of the first clan-chat system. An official IRC channel is a bad idea. Any drama would be wrongly attributed to #populus.
  6. makz

    Irc Chat For Sals?

    That's an unfair generalisation, based on fundamentally flawed assumptions.
  7. makz

    Sal's Worm 2.0

    If you're unsure, you could always hand-draw, scan, and pentool over it? :(
  8. makz

    200th Member Voting

    For transparency, I nominate Bluefire, Beeboy, Drokarus, Slushpuppy, Metal Cactus, iTush, 1800, Fraff, MisterMocie, 123man, and Panzerpaul.
  9. makz


    I'm not. They want me to work 40 hour weeks and want me to become a manager as quickly as possible. :~) Botters are criminals.
  10. makz


    I'm surprised they want anything to do with criminals like you.
  11. makz

    200th Member Voting

    Goliath deserves this, but everyone else will beat him because it's a popularity contest.
  12. makz

    Accepting Applications

    Venom and Goliath should share the crown.
  13. makz


    what goes in must come out Don't you exclusively stick your dick in underage crazy? If by "underage crazy" you mean "your hand" or "family members".
  14. makz

    Botting Accusations

    After all those sleepless nights, wondering if you were going to call the cops on us for prank calling you, I never dreamed we'd be the ones calling the cops on you for botting on RuneScape.

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