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  1. iShaggy

    Making Avatars Again.

    What about me?
  2. iShaggy

    Dragon Ball X Saiyanz

    dragon ball guy's name Teen Gohan (when hes Super Sayan) color Red or Black, whicheverone looks better wa song u want?(becuz cool song lyric are the text under the dragon ball z guys name) Shh-quiet, before you piss somebody off My Order ^^
  3. iShaggy

    Making Avatars Again.

    Hi. :P Image: Clicky Background: Red Border Black Action: Fading and Coming Back Speed: Slow Text: Dr Hyde
  4. iShaggy


    No, is it any good?
  5. iShaggy

    The Band Game.

    Did you even bother reading what the OP said? He said "NOT MAINSTREAM." 1/10. What's MAINSTREAM? Assassin, Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom? If so 8/10, if anything else.. well it depends. I listen to those guys, so give me a song.. :P
  6. Lol? No. I need to change my username, had it for 2 months, In 7 days I can change my username. :P @Assassin you killed dimebag darrel?
  7. Scares me with his name and images.
  8. How? @Daniel Cool guy (at least until he dijests you)
  9. Sometimes annoying, always a funny at heart.
  10. iShaggy

    50 Cents Going To Quit! Closed

    I hope that 50 Cent loses, 75% kids at my school love 50 Cent, so if he goes away maybe kids wont come up to my face saying 'what then?!'. I find that highly irritating.
  11. iShaggy

    Home Sweet Home

    I need to go visit Iceland. Ot: Nicely done.
  12. iShaggy

    Black Metal

    If you said that in my town, you'd get jumped.. Children of Bodom and Cradle of Filth are the most respected bands around my place. So shh. P.S. You have bad music taste. kthxbye. Ot: I like Pantera, try that out.

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