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  1. Johns Dragon V

    -close Plz Check Last Post 4 Reasons -cat's Crazy Log

    Yay!! Courtneii's back!!! Congrats on every single level I've missed! Good luck on everything!! Btw, you should check out Neo Sometime, its really cool. =)
  2. Johns Dragon V

    The Log Of Johnsdragon5

    Woot! Back!!
  3. Johns Dragon V


    Sweet man. You know I'm gonna show up. Anyways. What are your plans after you get the cape? (Barrows with me!)
  4. Great to see the shop is still alive. How've you been?
  5. Seems I was forgotten in my absence.. And I appologize. I can't do the trans.
  6. Uploading them now. Its my first time doing trans. so I hope they work.
  7. Johns Dragon V


    Hey falkus, add me ingame. I'll be watching this log for a while.
  8. Thanks, I'm really busy these days. ~Courtneii~ Ancient, add me ingame, I need an exact copy of what you want the character to look like. I'll get the picture for you courtneii. No problem. Maybe stuff like this can be my way of being a part of this, until I get photoshop.
  9. Shadow Flame, I'll make those into transparencies and pm them to you.
  10. Don't give up courtneii! I know you can do it!
  11. I predict you will make the perfect one. Also, I meant or something, not so something.
  12. Johns Dragon V

    Close Plz!

    Congrats man. Sorry about you dying.. I got a scepter if you wanna buy it.
  13. Avatar Size: 96x96 Background colours: Gem on Glove Colors (Light and Dark) Text: John's Dragon V Render: The Purple One Background texture: Waves, so something. Scanlines: Nah SIG Size: Reg. Size Background Colours: Same as Avatar Text: John's Log Text colour: Silver or White, maybe the color of the necklace. Text font: Whatever looks best to you. Render/Picture: The Purple One Other: Can you make a Copy with instead of John's Log as the text, make it John G. Thanks Courtneii & Powers!
  14. Johns Dragon V

    ~courtneii's Sweet Log~

    Happy B-day! Seeya ingame sometime!
  15. Johns Dragon V

    The Log Of Johnsdragon5

    Thanks friky. New update comming soon.

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