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  1. Chartontown

    Controlled Training

    I like using controlled on my whip as well but that means you will level up individual skills less frequently, making you less efficient during certain periods. But, it's still good if you aren't planning on using a d scim or ss to train str. Also, I recommend training at bandits with guthan's. Anyways, good luck!
  2. Chartontown

    Free Membership

    Should I do rocktails at 95 with cooking gaunts if I can buy them? I mean, I won't burn any and they give better xp.. Hmm.. I have been using this site for over a month now and racked up 80+ points and haven't had a problem... I also have multiple virus scanners on my computer including McAfee and Microsoft Forefront. :)
  3. Chartontown

    Happy Birthday

    Happy bday!!!!!!! -.-
  4. Chartontown


    There's so much to do... summoning, stealing creation, new quests, etc...
  5. Chartontown

    Noob Parade

    Hahaha... I have nothing to do so sure lol.
  6. Chartontown

    My Prayer Log

    Good luck! The Ancient Curses are quite cool, you might want to look into them at a higher prayer lvl. -.-
  7. Same. This always happens to me as well. -.-
  8. Chartontown

    Free Membership

    Oh. I'm planning on doing lobs, swordies, monks, sharks, and finally rocktails with cooking gaunts.
  9. Chartontown

    Free Membership

    Hey guys, sorry for not posting here in a long while, but I just recently got interested in RuneScape again. -.- I'm going for 99 cooking now. P.S.: Does anyone have suggestions on what to cook?
  10. Chartontown

    God Wars Dungeon

    Just finished Troll Stronghold today ^_^ Anyways, I have a question about the God Wars Dungeon - if you are wearing an item of each god and attack a god's minion in the GWD, will they fight back even if you initiated combat with them? What if they are already fighting against another minion? Thanks for the help.
  11. Chartontown

    Selling Infinity Boots

    Sorry; sold already.
  12. Chartontown

    Best Style

    Mage; it's the strongest.
  13. Chartontown

    Selling Infinity Boots

    I am selling infinity boots at the minimum price (1.302 mil) on the G.E.! Come and buy them before they get even more expensive!
  14. Chartontown

    What I Think Of The Appeal System...

    Jagex never reads appeal messages to save money wasted on salaries.

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