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  1. Liger


    Pennies cost more to produce than they are actually worth (1.4 cents) so I'm all in favor of getting rid of them and rounding to the nearest 5. I'm doubtful it will actually happen anytime soon, there's some law or stipulation against defacing a president's image.
  2. Local McDonalds does breakfast all day but doesn't support hashbrowns, so there's no reason for me to ever go there.
  3. Liger

    Hi sals

    Long time no see, whose still here?
  4. Liger

    Talk Serious With Comic Sans

    Gas stations and corner markets being allowed to sell liquor will endanger our youths and encourage underage drinking.
  5. Liger

    League Of Legends

    I suppose now would be a good time to update my user info on here. Currently level 29, playing draft to prepare for ranked games (oh god elo hell). I play solo top almost exclusively, with my favorite champs being malphite, renekton and GP. Current username is still kwosiak, dunno if ill ever change it. I've finished buying my basic, everyday use runes, but I'm still on 2 pages and won't be buying more soon. My biggest challenge going into ranked is learning to counterpick and choose heroes that will fit in well with most teams. I'm also still trying to get used to attack animations on certain champs, so I don't miss as much cs. I don't know many of you guys, but I'd love to play normals or practice games. Time zone is -8 (Seattle/L.A.) and I play league most nights on the US server. edit: Quick question: do we have a SALS LoL chatroom? I feel that would be a great thing to have, and really pull this little community together.
  6. ... the scape lounge feels something like this.
  7. Liger

    League Of Legends

    ouch:/ my god why do people play ranked when they go 0/7 and stuff :( Because they think themselves good. Because that Taric thinks that just because he has a stun and heal, it means he can fight the enemy team 1v3 in their jungle.
  8. Liger

    Picture Wars Once Again

    Get's rid of those nasty animes.
  9. Liger

    League Of Legends

    Singed is free this week <3 My fav "tank" in the entire game.
  10. Liger

    Scape Lounge The Game: Cold Storm

    Can I be an enemy??? :(
  11. Liger

    Welcome To The Salty Spitoon

    What's so great about DUMB OLD TEXAS?
  12. Liger

    Your First Post!

    Oldest post I could find! I feel there where probably older one's, though.
  13. Liger

    Games That Make You Rage

    League of Legends. This game never fails to bring out the worst in me.

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