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  1. stonewall337

    Dead Herbs?

    It's RNG. IIRC its a 10% chance for a herb to die.
  2. stonewall337

    Whips Now Under 1m

    As someone who's played RS for years, (Although I quit a few months ago) the answer it simple: Jagex refuses to innovate. Whips have been the BEST weapon for most things, until DGing, for years. Thats a problem. More people have 85 slayer, and camp whips. Less demand as people get CR/CLS. Faster kills of abbies now w/ turmoil x pots etc. Real reason? Its Jagex fault for their slow release of new content which makes older content inferior.
  3. stonewall337

    Upgrading Dungeoneering Items

    Just get all of them TBH.
  4. Thats not proof. Learn what words mean. I hope I only have to say this one: RWT was alive and well after the wildy was removed, it still is common, and IT USES THE GE JUST AS EASILY. Jagex can't win the fight against RWT, they can only lessen damage. Free trade will revitalize RS. What good is owning a divine to me if I ever want to sell, when I can't sell it for what its worth? Same for rares. GE is too slow to update. Etc etc. Not to mention, WHO CARES if people want to RWT, they will. But now I can help my friends, and buy/sell things for that they are worth.
  5. stonewall337

    Unsure What To Do With Monies? :(

    prayer. Will make it last longer, make each p pot give more per dose, and get you closer to turm.
  6. stonewall337

    Losing Motivation

    Nope. Cuz I don't grind. I either train a skill I like (DG ATM) or train to get something new.
  7. stonewall337

    Several Months After Elites

    Clues were never good cash. Even elites aren't worth doing.
  8. stonewall337


    Best. Skill. Ever. Takes time to get used to, and find good people to go with. But it actually requires skill. A floor takes 20-30 minutes, and at higher levels, its over 200k xp/hr. My lowest floor gets 85k xp, up to around 140k. Not to mention that sexy 120 cape...
  9. Losing ely would suck. I'd consider quitting, but probably not.
  10. stonewall337

    Item Crash

    Tip, don't buy an item if you are worried about it crashing. If you really need the item, then you can make more from the item then the crash will take from it, except in very extreme cases.
  11. Its a minigame, not a skill. Thats what I hate. But its decent to play, although for me the rewards seem fairly useless.
  12. stonewall337

    Dropping Fest? Or Not?

    Jester boots have the same magic defense as infinity boots, and are free (or else really really cheap to get back from the jester, I forget). They are thus better then infinity at arma, since they save you ~1m if you die and can't get back, for the same defense.
  13. Old old old topic. But no, probably not. I can type better, and know more acronyms, thats about all.
  14. stonewall337

    Which 99 Should I Get?

    You barely have half the xp in all skills that you'd need for a 99 in one skill. Don't try for a 99 yet. Work your way their. But I'd start training slayer.
  15. stonewall337

    Easiest 99?

    For me? Summoning. I slayed all my charms. I probably only spent like 40 hours total actually training it.

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