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  1. Choccy

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Holy 64 mining thats insane you crazy egg! Keep it up & gl with 99 mining #2
  2. Choccy

    Behind the Scenes - May

    Finally! FM is no longer click log click tinder click log click tinder x 130,000 for 99 fire making. Still, the skill is redundant, they should just remove it.
  3. Choccy

    Anorexic teen cover model dies in her sleep

    This is the result of a magazine/fashion industry obsessed with creating an unrealistic image of beauty to sell clothes. Just look at this image: There needs to be standards on magazines and models as well as a Photoshop seal on pictures in magazines. This story is not unique in any way, there are thousands of people doing/feeling the same and it's a big problem that needs to be addressed.
  4. Beautifully written, exactly my thoughts, I'm very displeased with the recent update. At first I was content but now I see that it's limitless and fast way of training I feel like all my work is being devalued by those who can afford it. OMO, Jagex have been preaching that bots are ruining the game, but the way Jagex are acting I see less difference in what Jagex are doing and what Gold Bots are doing. In a way it legitimises botting which makes me very uncomfortable. Go Sals! :D
  5. Choccy

    Runescape Down

    My life feels empty
  6. Choccy

    14:19 Kal'Ger

    Wow 14 mins, you are seriously slow. I can do kal'ger large in 5 mins.
  7. Choccy

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Nice Kilt Whiskas =P It's been a long while since I've posted here, one from just now:
  8. Choccy

    Cape of Fire

    I know the feeling of getting a fire cape is immense, congratulations, a true achievement!
  9. Choccy

    Rune/Logan's (NEW) 99 Magic Log!

    Good luck with 99 magic, plank make can be very tedious, I recommend mixing it up with some other spells. :P
  10. I find your log very interesting, have fun with agility and good luck with your quest cape! =D (also, nice d2h drop)
  11. O_O nice clue! I can't believe zammy pages are worth that much. What are you saving all the bossing money for? Good luck ;D
  12. Yeah he's really the main inspiration behind this, I thought some of his achievements were outstanding. I'd be interested to know how you found mining and fishing your own stuff? I found mining pure ess, to use on airs, a little wasteful. Ehh, I wouldn't do it again. I went through a phase where I was really bored of playing on my main account and got 60 Smithing through smelting/making cannonballs from coal/iron I mined. 70 Cooking was easy though in comparison. Edit: I sold the finished products by the way, seeing as I had no need for them. Ohhh cannonball smithing sounds like a good idea. There are many impractical things, for example to get a redberry pie for a quest I had to kill imps for a chefs hat to enter the cooks guild. :P If I sold my bank now I would get like 1m gp. :D Matej!!! I haven't seen you in a million years, other than facebook, but then alot of your posts are foreign. :P I will certainly clear my inbox, thanks for the support! :) What are you doing now anyway? It's been toooo long. It really has been a while. ^^ Decided to give RuneScape another try, maybe just for the sake of having something to do on rainy afternoons. :P Gap year for me at the moment, but plan on getting back to Uni next year, which will hopefully turn out better than this one. :) Let me know, what your character name is if you want to talk in-game. Considering the DIY, and whether you like it or not, you're going to have to do loads of mining and smithing, or mob slaying, to get the tools for other skills. :P Ah, one quick advice, that might or might not help: play as if you were watching a movie, take a chill pill, there's no rush... Hmm, let me put it this way - your journey should be a casual stroll to Mordor. :D P.S.: What's with avatars, can't seem to upload one? :o Oh sweet, what are you doing in your gap year? Yes my name is "blndambition", add me! The thing I'm struggling with the most is the lack of rune armour/weapons/tools. I'm getting lucky though, I got a rune scimmy from the spinning thing and an adamant hatchet which saves me from killing a zillion fire giants. Haha yes your definitely right, but with my obsessive personality I'm finding it hard to stay away. Yesterday I intended to try one queen at ba, I ended up spending 2 days in there. O_O Anyway it's nice to be talking to you again! :) Thanks Trey, much appreciation for your support! :D [p][/p] So this week has been great fun, I'm getting more and more obsessed with the game(600 levels in 6 days), I should really watch out. Anyway I'm enjoying it very much, everything is going relatively smoothly. Having no trades can get a little frustrating, like having to kill an imp for a chefs hat to make a redberry pie for a quest. I've also become unhealthily obsessed with barbarian assault, I've achieved Fighters torso and helm so far. With 33 defence and 35 hp it was incredibly difficult(Queen can literally 2 hit me) and I had to do a mixture of begging, leading teams, and standing under high levels with nice armour to get into teams.
  13. Choccy

    Future of dungeoneering

    I personally miss keying, it was fun because of its challenging nature. :/
  14. Choccy

    Future of dungeoneering

    I'm so confused at why everyone keeps talking about potatoes in a dungeoneering thread Anyway, the recent dung update made dungeoneering too easy! Runescape is too easy, there is nothing that is very challenging anymore, even the highest "elite" bosses can be farmed as if they were a slayer task. I think there needs to be something to spice the skill up because to me its lost its thunder. :(
  15. Choccy


    Congratzies on 91 crafting, keep it coming! How do you find make air battlestaves in terms of money and xp?

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