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  1. Maybe it's time to move on to another game lads.

    1. Moog


      this forum should be made into sals realm of league of minescape

    2. Army of One
    3. O hai im KAMIL
  2. Ming Der

    League Of Legends

    Nigras hit me up on OCEANIA, username Miiiiiiiiiiiiing. 13 i's lads! -Ming ^_^
  3. Ming Der


    Prayer is basically 20gp/exp on average, so you're saving quite a bit doing that kind of stuff. Normal prayers>Curses until level 92 when you can soul split, although piety is better then the leeches against bosses. It is also beneficial to get to 92 for dungeoneering, soul split will save food if used right. -Ming :D
  4. Ming Der

    Where Is Everyone?

    Runescape IS dying, the amount of community is unexistant compared to 2007, or less. Go to free to play see how interesting it is with talking to players, you used to be able to strike a conversation anywhere! After updates you can see steep declines in players because bots need to update and don't work. Few days back 110k players dropping to 40k one hour after the updates, so around 64% botters. -Ming :D
  5. Although I don't post here as often as I used to, it's still worth sharing my achievement with sals :( Have a wonderful day everyone :P -Ming :D
  6. Ming Der

    Itunes Store Not Loading

    Although I'm no expert with itunes, I would suspect the most obvious would be check a firewall. Or go file>options (or whatever) and check which connections it is using to connect to the internet with. -Ming :D
  7. Ming Der

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    I copy lists like a boss. Also to invest in the ever-rising saradomin brews :'( -Ming
  8. No, their drop rate is just nerfed to 1/9001. Dropped by Revenants. Very very rare nowadays if you were to hunt revs just for them you would only receive one per day. -Ming :D
  9. They're all level 70-90 combat bots. -Ming :(
  10. It's 2m risk, not much worth the exp rates. The only problem is losing the brawlers :'( I would pay 5m per brawler personally. Trained like a boss. -Ming :D
  11. After I got a primal maul drop, I was like 'i be getting 97-99 str with mah brawlers'. My journey to Runescape wiki left me crying after I was told they only lasted 100k exp, but then tip.it litterally pewped on them saying it lasts 960 hits (unsure if 0's count). So with 4 brawlers I decided to grow balls and dh with 10% or lower hp. Haters be hatin that's basically hitting around 4000. So now I have 4 melee brawlers each with 960 attempts at becoming a boss. Yes I have tried salve (e) against undead, but the maximum hp on ankous is 600, and the ones in crater 750. EXP PER BRAWLER vs. black demons- 1mil-1.5mil [a lot faster, 400-600k exp an hour] EXP PER BRAWLER (with salve amulet effect)- 1.2mil-1.7mil [250k-400k exp an hour] Enjoy your limitless knowledge. -Ming :D
  12. SOL spec, VESTA SPEAR spec, don't know what they do? Look it up! If someone has used these in the duel arena before please tell me how they go, remember once you take off sol the spec wears off. Back in the old days it was just dds spec, then unleash a whip. -Ming :D
  13. Ming Der

    How Long Will It Take To Get To 80 Range

    He probably just wants 80 for a high level and to hit higher... Anyways I'm 99 range, and personally from training many accounts all I can say 1-70 takes a while but it is around 30kexp after that. If you want to do it the cheap way kebbit bolts, hunters crossbow, should take around 15-20 hours from 35-70, afk training with accumulator against the spiders in sos, but you need some defence (last time i played runescape you could afk as long as you liked as long as you were under attack). As for 70-80 it will take around 20 or so hours. -Ming :D
  14. Ming Der

    Barbarian Village - 85%

    I don't understand you have totally left out the shop section? You have also missed attractions such as the pottery stuff, etc. -Ming :D
  15. Ming Der

    Merry Christmas Guys :)

    ;( probably mate, ahh well. -Ming :D

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