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  1. Belfast definitely isn't as pretty as Dublin, but I think it must have been interesting to see all the Troubles graffiti and stuff like that. They are still recovering from that, and I think something absurd like 40% of the working people in Belfast are employed by the government simply because there isn't much in terms of private companies over there.

    We only saw a few of them because we were mostly in Central Belfast (and, as some wise people told us, it's still not very advisable to go to Falls or Shankill with an Irish car (in the first case you'll have people inviting you for tea until you die from overdose, in the latter they'll just throw rocks at you)); we did see a lot of murals in Derry, hence the "realised how far, and yet how close, the Troubles were" bit.

  2. you should go to cork if you think the accents are bad. it's insane.

    Two of the coworkers I wrote about are from Cork! I mean wtf man, WHY are you talking in fast forward and switching sounds like it's a psychotic musical chairs game


    Mr Bean would be proud of you, Rowan Atkinson will be in touch
    I'll have you know that, when I returned home in mid-November, I managed to get on the wrong side of the bus, too


    Say Hi to Red / Eilorendil for me if you so happen to run into her haha. She's in Ireland too
    Really? Should've known before :(

  3. Apart from local facilties/culture (which i really have nfi about) i can't see what the problem with Malta was, 15c is a cold night 25 is fairly mild compared to current local days, each to their own i suppose.


    Have fun in Ireland, don't forget to drink a pint of guiness for each of us ( every night :) ).


    Do you need a book of potato recipes or is the food being supplied?

    15c is a half-decent night and 25c is too high for human survival, especially in October


    Also, cider > Guinness


    (the food was supplied on the first month...I'll get there, there's a LOT of shenanigans to talk about. I'll fly back to Italy on the 22nd, by the way)

  4. Shooter585, on , said:


    I really doubt northern ireland will try to reunite with other ireland.

    "Brethren, I declare this a historic day, the day on which we shall finally establish solidarity with...




    And may this superior union hereby be designated,



    "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" (cit)

  5. 19. losing the ability to travel without a visa across europe

    I only have a minor point to make to an otherwise applause-worthy post: unless the UK decides to richard (I'm totally going to steal that, btw) around with the exit process, it's highly likely that tourists will be able to get around without a visa, and possibly workers too, depends on how both sides will play their cards.

  6. pretty much in the same boat with adulting. It's like I'm suddenly expected to have all of my shizzle together and I don't know how.

    Smile and wave, friends, smile and wave (cit.)

  7. More like Booze 'n' Boardgames. :aware:


    What is that recipie called? :o

    The recipe is called Orehnjača (variously spelled as orahnjaca, oresgnazza, goodness knows what else). The "original" recipe takes a bloody long time, but it's totally worth it :D


    One recipe (it varies from place to place, and even then from family to family) can be found here: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_20140083/recipe-orehnjaca-bread


    mine, for instance, has cocoa powder to enhance the colour of the filling. I've made the mistake of making the dough too thin, so it broke in some parts. Oh well, it was still good (my aunt protested that it's not an Easter pastry [it's traditionally a Christmas pastry], but I told her Jesus said 'hey, a resurrection is a tiny bit more important than a birthday, ain't it right, mon?')


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