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  1. I finally did it. So so happy! Now to get started on the post-max life
  2. Kovu

    Active Sals Members

    I check in every now and then :)
  3. 4th 99 this month. Thieving out the way. Just Divination and Invention left to go :(
  4. 80 Invention and 90 Divination :)
  5. Kovu

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    You're an absolute PVM beast and I look up to you in awe
  6. Kovu

    The last person to post here wins

    Guys you were supposed to stop when I arrived
  7. I pray for D&D reset tokens for the cache haha
  8. It has been an awfully long time :p Only have Thieving (96), Divination (85) and Invention (72) to go.
  9. Kovu

    The last person to post here wins

    I hate to tell you but it is I, who will win.
  10. I'm back! It's been a minute, hasn't it. I've updated the front page. Got 100 Slayer and 58 Invention in the last couple of days and I'm just enjoying a leisurely stroll to maxing so thought I'd revive the log since I've been back a couple of weeks. I'm going to start cropping the images properly but I just wanted to get it updated for now.
  11. Kovu

    #15 Herblore

    5 days from 93 to 99 :)
  12. Kovu

    #15 Herblore

    That was a quick one. New favourite cape :)
  13. Kovu

    #14 Prayer

    I have about enough to get those 3 skills out of the way :P Not looking forward to all the stealing creation games though
  14. Kovu

    #14 Prayer

    Herblore, Construction or Crafting next - not decided yet :)
  15. Kovu

    #13 Smithing

    99 Prayer Bought :)

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