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  1. d3athangel1

    Getting Members Need Help With P2p Pking & Rate My Range/g Maul!

    I've done this before, gone from f2p to p2p. Honestly, its really hard you wont expect how fast paced it is. I would suggest when you get members, before you pk go into a pk world and find people your level and just check out how they fight. Also watch some pk videos and note tendencies so you know how to protect from rushers ect. GOOD LUCK -.-
  2. d3athangel1

    Rate My Pvp Main

    ok so keep atk/def at 70,get mage/range to 70, 52 pray and 85+ str =D
  3. d3athangel1

    Bounty Hunter

    Make that 43 prayer for the 55 combat its worth it Its not, get the extra 10 str lvls.
  4. d3athangel1

    New Pking Ultimate Thread

    Why give up on it when i hasnt even come out? It could, COULD be better than the last wildy..but...noooooo you would have given up and wont try it.. dude, just wait, try it then make your opionion
  5. d3athangel1

    Rate It

    3/10 now that your past 67 combat and cant go into the low lvl craters 1 def isnt that smart. it gets harder to train with 1 def and even go into mid lvl crater without full green d hide or full rune then you will only loose your money get 40 def, and 52 prayerand then you will be very good DONT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. Just because you cant tank doesnt mean you cant own in med. It just means that you have to have....90x the skill to pk but still dont get deff its worth it to not get any hope you make ur money's worth :)
  6. d3athangel1

    O1oo2ooo3's New Pking Gallery

    Hey! I only have a few kills to put up, im training str, because ive been getting owned by higher ko's and im starting to hit low for my lvl...soo about 5 more str levels :) and thanks esarathon for the comment :) and finally the pks I know i have more kills somewhere... oh on my other comp. =/ gotta keep pkin on one computer so i can simplify uploading things lol. once i get about 67 str ill put some more kills up for you :)
  7. d3athangel1

    O1oo2ooo3's New Pking Gallery

    I will a few more kills up in around 2 days. so look out EDIT: I JUST REALIZED I DOUBLE POSTED SORRY.
  8. d3athangel1

    Borrowing An Ags

    Ok, well i cant ever find anyone to let me use an AGS for just maybe an hour or two. I dont want to keep it long, i just want to see it out, and have a little fun with it. And i will pay a little bit to borrow it, but, i just kinda want to use it for a bit, because i wont be able to use one for a LONG time, considering i only have 10m =/ well peace
  9. d3athangel1

    Improve My Tank

    ummm if your going to f2p 52 pray will be useless as its a mem only pray >.>
  10. d3athangel1

    My New Pure

    i dont know if you can get ur stats that high, because of hp, i have a pure, 40 atk, 61 str, 70 range, 63 hits 54 combat >.> soooo whatever you do, i hope you do good (btw, i reccomend 40 atk, 75str/range :) )
  11. d3athangel1

    Best Stats

    You always want to get the highest combat lvl in the Crater and Maxed Stats for your Combat Level. Maxed stats and combat level isnt always nessicary, with the set up i just said, it doesnt make a difference, just the ablility to left click on everyone in the crater...
  12. d3athangel1

    How To Prepare My Pure For New Pvp?

    umm..shes a girl..lol dude is a universal word.... still..... lol
  13. d3athangel1

    Best Stats

    or you could do this, 99 attack 99 strength 45 defence 99 hitpoints 99 magic 70 (or 75) Prayer 99 range This set up will put you as a zerker pure, and a lower combat, but basically the same stats, i suggest this one, becuase at a lower level, you can fit more stats in. ALSO, you dont EVER hae to leave mid crater with these stats if you dont want to, which is great if your good at it :)
  14. d3athangel1

    Bh Or Pking

    Your forgeting about revs which you cant just hop to another world to avoid as easily and besides i dont think a simple wildy clue scroll is worth giving up for the whole wilderness P.S-Revs are strong enough to kill even the best of players soooooo yeah :) ummm yeah, but theres about 80X LESS then pkers back in normal wildy so even if you do run into one, its not like you cant get away....Oh, and i like wildy because theres not alot of BS, its straight up pking. But i like BH because it adds a thrill of if your going to make it out with the items u picked up but....all in all i like wildy better :)
  15. d3athangel1


    hey, go ahead and check out my thread, its got plenty of pk's http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=235617

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