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    Came back to RS07 after years of inactivity. Enjoying every minute of it.

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  1. PsychoBunnyz

    Which Armor At Level 70?

    Hey guys, Im pretty close to 70 defense now but I am unsure what barrows armor to buy. Can someone give me some heads up? My att, str and def are all 70. Thanks
  2. PsychoBunnyz

    10m Value :d

    Keep trying xD If your a member miscelania is easy money
  3. PsychoBunnyz

    10m Value :d

    Hey peeps, Just wanted to share an achievement that im so happy ive finally got which is total value of 10M! Im so glad xD
  4. PsychoBunnyz

    What Song Do You Like But Are Embarrased To Admit It?

    Party in the USA and I also like Blink-182 ALOT. And caramelldansen is gooood -.-
  5. PsychoBunnyz

    Im On Runescape Again

    Heh, I guess we used to know each other. Your on my sals friends :3. Anyhow, welcome back -.-
  6. PsychoBunnyz

    My Runescape Song

    Hey :) Listened to it, and im not a fan of rapping but I liked it -.-. I really want to hear the full version but could you upload the finished version to a hosting site such as mediafire? Its just that youtube kinda ruins the sound quality :3
  7. PsychoBunnyz

    Selling Willow Long Bows (u)

    Sorry to say, but they wont sell. I had mine up on the ge for 1 whole year and they didnt sell
  8. Hah! Well my membership runs out in 3 days and I love you avvy!
  9. PsychoBunnyz

    Something To Cheer You Up ^^

    Hi guys, I found this on one of SXEPhil's latest youtube videos. I wanted to share it with you In a public library, a dude sitting at a monitor with his hands in his lap, covered by a newspaper, implicitly means bad things. Fear not, he's only sneaked in an Xbox to steal the free WiFi and play Halo. The tumbelog teendrama picked this up - the writer's pal spied the multiplayer shenanigans in the New York Public Library. The guy above brought in a monitor, Xbox, wireless router, what looks like a Turtle Beach Ear Force gaming headset (I have one), and an external hard drive. His controller is concealed by yesterday's New York Post. "He proceeded to play Quake/Halo/Call of Duty," says the photographer, "some nerd fighter game while yelling out instructions to his 'teammates.'" Small wonder then, that it "took him 20 minutes to set it all up. Took him 2 minutes to get kicked out." Check out the link here . Enjoy EDIT: Is this the right place to post this?
  10. Thank you! Im envyous of your sexy fletching skillz
  11. Thanks for all the encouragement! Hit 83 nao :3
  12. Well I gotta keep it alive somehow, and before someone comes around and says liek "Bump it N4rb" I do, but I need posters to
  13. Thank you both, I only have 4 days of membership left so ima have to do some pursuading with meh parents And im already in the sals cc, I just couldnt have done 1-80 without them ^^ P.S Thanks for the image advice :/

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