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  1. Onua

    Best F2p Weapon?

    For training, use a rune scimitar or a rune long sword.
  2. Onua

    99 #3

    Wow, congrats!
  3. Onua

    99 Fishing

    Wow..congratulations! Good luck with your last 99 and, perhaps..first 120!
  4. Onua

    The Path Of Freewill

    Nice bank Helk. Keep skilling, 'kays?
  5. Onua

    The Path Of Freewill

    Grats on 74 firemaking. I told her. She says hi in return, :( Rizzo, not sure if you knew her, but I'll tell you in PM lol.
  6. Onua

    The Path Of Freewill

    Grats on returning from retirement :( Good job on all the new levels, I'm still here stalking you
  7. Onua

    My Construction Guide Made It!

    Hi Merch. :)I basically quit for real life, but still check back here every now and then. :D
  8. Onua

    Monopoly Ftw.

    I prefer the original. >.<
  9. Onua

    Darkfall (its Like Runescape 3)

    Well, I think that there probably are a few roadblocks (even though they claim there are none). A high-leveled character can't come out of the blue and kill a really low-leveled character, right? >.<
  10. Onua

    Funny Picture

    It is a nicely done picture, with some humor, but it's not that funny. >.< I barely laughed, but it did cause me to smile.
  11. Onua

    High Alch: Are You Sure Button

    Are you sure you would like to walk there? - Needed so you don't accidentally walk to a dangerous place Are you sure you would like to cut that tree? - Needed so you don't break your axe Are you sure you would like to eat that? - Needed so you don't eat a rare Are you sure you would like to open that door? - Needed to make sure that you don't accidentally walk into a combat zone Are you sure you would like to buy that item? - Needed to make sure that you don't lose money Are you sure you would like to ruin RuneScape? No support, sorry.
  12. Onua

    How Much Money Do You Have?

    I have 2m in cash and maybe another 1.5m in items. F2p ftw!
  13. Hmm..If I have spare time sometime, I'll try and meet with you and train like that.
  14. Oh sure -- they didn't take combat "away" per se -- they merely eliminated all the XP and game points that you got for it. As such, there's little point to killing anyone, which means that very few people are going to PK in game. Hence "NERFED". Get it? No? Shall I draw pictures for you? Here's a concept. How about people playing the game FOR FUN? Amg nowai, fun is for loserz. Zachy, barely anyone plays for "fun." *sigh* It's all about becoming the best... I've never played this minigame so I wouldn't know much about the topic.
  15. Autographed books? Calenders? Wow...

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