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  1. Jellijelli

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    I've changed a lot in 13 years. Looked up SlashingUK and noticed that Barking Dog got published in an anthology, which is cool. I still recognise a few names here, too. ...Christ, I've gotten old. Edit: Remembered I had a blog, saw the title of the latest post and decided not to step in...
  2. Jellijelli

    Barking Dog

    Bumping this. I signed up here seven years ago, went inactive after a year or two, and I still remember this short story. Edit: It also seems that this story has been published. SlashingUK, if you ever happen to read this, congratulations. Hope you are doing well.
  3. Jellijelli

    Advice on Names

    Rate my name. :P
  4. Jellijelli

    Advice on Names

    Requesting name evaluation.
  5. Wow, this forum sure has changed.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nitua


      Hello :3

    3. Kyo


      will this legacy mode bring back the all the cool kids like macki and breaker if not i dont want it

    4. Fabio


      i miss macki and breaker

  6. Jellijelli

    What did you learn today?

    Today I learned about bonfires. Definitely out of date ._.
  7. Needs more fanservice! -gets shot-
  8. Jellijelli

    Name Some Games You Love But No One Else Does.

    Crash Team Racing, the only game I was any good at for a long time.
  9. Jellijelli

    ♥ Angel Hayley ♥

    Once again your patience boggles my mind
  10. Jellijelli

    ♥ Angel Hayley ♥

    To think I used to sponsor your Mithril armour. Keep at it!
  11. Jellijelli

    Need Some Cookin' Help

    This might help. I don't have access to that kind of cheap meat here, but you might have better luck.
  12. Jellijelli

    Favourite Music

    My preferences are pretty narrow. Opeth In Mourning Dark Tranquillity Dream Theater, not as much now BTBAM Cynic Sonata Arctica Mahler (6th, 8th, 9th symphony - probably one of the best pieces of music I will ever live to hear) Tchaikovsky (assorted) Other random concertos and chamber pieces. Other random pieces of music, typically neoclassical or similar People usually give me strange looks when I tell them that I listen to both Classical and Death Metal.
  13. Jellijelli

    Nostalgia Time

    Those were the days when I was still getting killed by Highwaymen and the Dark Wizards around varrock. xP Good times I'm playing again after a long hiatus and it seems that prices have inflated a lot.
  14. Jellijelli

    Which Web Browser Do You Use?

    I like chrome because of its sleek and clutter-free interface, and it has an IE browsing mode extension so it's a two-in-one browser. I will never have to touch IE again.
  15. Jellijelli

    What Phone Do You Have?

    Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. It doesn't really serve as a gaming device; as long as I can communicate, check the time and listen to music it's fine.

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