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  1. mgm54

    Improvements To Non-uk European Servers

    nice, nothing wrong with new servers, to bad the runescape main page wont even load for me now for some reason
  2. mgm54

    60 Wc!

    gratz on the 60 wc!
  3. mgm54

    2200 Total Level!

    gratz on the total lvl!!!!!!!!
  4. mgm54

    Last Runescape Achievment

    gratz on the lvl. have fun without rs
  5. mgm54

    55 Slayer

    gratz on the slayer lvl!!!
  6. mgm54

    » The Snorting Twenty «

    gratz on f2p PWNAGE!!!!!!!
  7. mgm54


    gratz on 99 hp!!
  8. mgm54

    Oh No!

    gratz on rage 90!! gl with 99
  9. mgm54

    99 Woodcutting

    gratz on 99 wc!!!
  10. mgm54

    Congratulations To...

    gratz on getting promoted u too!!!
  11. mgm54

    Nice Numbers

    Gratz on the combat lvl!!
  12. mgm54

    90 Combat Yay

    Gratz on hte combat lvl!!
  13. mgm54

    97 Wc

    gl with 99 wc!!!
  14. mgm54

    I Was Touched By An Angel.

    gratz on the prayer lvl! and 99 fishing and 99 def are deffinatly cool 99's!
  15. mgm54

    Attack All The Homes

    gratz on 97 atk!! gl on 99!!
  16. mgm54

    90 Something

    gratz on 90 fm! cooking pwns fm!
  17. mgm54

    Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

    grats on 90 str!!!
  18. mgm54

    » I Like Komodo Dragons Tbh «

    gratz on the lvl!!
  19. mgm54

    All Non-cmb Skills 60+ (excluding Slayer)

    gratz on the lvls!
  20. mgm54

    70 Ranged

    gratz on the lvl! did not realize how much it unlocked!
  21. mgm54

    4 Days: 99 Pray

    gratz on the 99!!! how much did it cost in total?
  22. mgm54

    900 Total + 70 Cooking, F2p

    gratz on the lvl
  23. mgm54

    05 Gniveiht

    gratz on the thev lvl!
  24. mgm54

    So I Herd You Liek Mudkipz

    gratz on the lvl! gl with ur magic goals
  25. mgm54

    70 Ranged

    gratz on the ranged lvl!!

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