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  1. mgm54

    70 Strength

    gratz on 70 str, gl with the def training
  2. mgm54

    Half Way There! :d

    Gratz on the lvl!! gl with 99 def!
  3. mgm54

    1700 Things

    Gratz on the total! i got that lvl with 99 cooking
  4. mgm54

    Woodcutting Achievement

    gratz on the wc lvl! gl with 99!
  5. mgm54

    I Can Has Giant Red Skull!

    gratz on the mage lvl!!
  6. mgm54

    » Teleblock? Bounty Locate? «

    gratz on 85 magic!!
  7. mgm54

    Ahrims, I Will Ice Burst You!

    gratz on the magic lvl!!
  8. mgm54

    Download Day 2008

    ya, all the people trying to download crashed the download sites, good thing that some people found the actual download links, i have also had the beta for a long time and an so glad to see it updated and great!
  9. mgm54

    800 Big Ones!

    gratz on all the lvls!!
  10. mgm54

    Download Day 2008

  11. mgm54

    The Magic Of Fletching

    gratz on the lvl!!! gl with ur first 99!
  12. mgm54

    Where Are All The Rain Forests?

    gratz on the great wc lvl!
  13. mgm54

    D Chain Drop!

    gratz on getting the d chain drop! I wish i could get some more luck like that!
  14. mgm54

    99 Firemaking!

    gratz on getting ur fishy cape trimed!!!!
  15. mgm54

    97 Hearts

    gratz on the hp lvl! gl with 99!
  16. mgm54

    4,000,000 Exp In Firemaking.

    gratz on the frie exp!
  17. mgm54

    All Hail Saradomin

    have a happy time w/ ur training sword!
  18. mgm54

    99 Herblore

    gratz on the lvl!! go for99 farming and be a master of green!
  19. mgm54

    60 Slaya'

    gratz on the lvl, go for 70!
  20. mgm54

    1 More

    gratz on the lvl! gl with 99!
  21. mgm54

    50 Slayer / Highest Possible Total On Free Worlds!

    gratz on 99 in all F2P U R SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! wait... nvm gratz on 50 slayer...
  22. mgm54

    Blue! Dragon! Hide! And! Magic! Shortbow!

    gratz on the range lvls! good luck with ur hunter goals! i am 78 hunter right now and am getting 80
  23. mgm54

    90 Mage + Something Awesome

    gratz on the lvl and fakkzin pwnage!!!!!!!!
  24. mgm54

    The Madness Is Over

    gratz on the quest done!
  25. mgm54

    99 Hp And 85 Slayer =)

    gratz on the lvls!!!

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