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  1. the mon

    Golden Gnome Video Awards Launch

    The songs you have to use for the RSMVs are incredibly funny to me. I dont know why. (They're in the downloads section)
  2. the mon

    Horror From The Deep

    I recommend raising your range to 46 and getting an adamant c'bow instead of a yew. I killed the second one at about your level with only range and melee (took a couple tries). if you use spells, it will be much easier.
  3. the mon

    Combat Training

    Rockcrabs and experiments are good experience, yes, but its painfully boring. And there are no good drops, except from the rare clue scroll. I think hill giants are good enough experience, and you can sell the big bones. Can't really think of anymore off the top of my head.
  4. There's eyes, triangles, stars, skull and bones, and scales everywhere, you know, not just runescape. It's a wonder you haven't gone insane yet...or well, maybe you have. With that post, I really have no idea now.
  5. the mon

    Negative Membership

    I'm pretty sure my parents paid completely. But then again, there's no guarantee I suppose. I sent another message asking how much I owe. Hopefully it won't be too much, because I really think all the payments are good. Edit: The total price: $15... Well, I don't want to lose my account and $15 isn't bad. But really, this should never have happened
  6. the mon

    Negative Membership

    Apparently because of a payment dispute.
  7. the mon

    Negative Membership

    I used surfpin in the past without any problem. I'm emailing surfpin right now. Although it looks like I have to pay.
  8. the mon

    Negative Membership

    Oh that sucks. For both of us. I'm still waiting for Jagex to reply to my message, but if their reputation is anything to go by, I'll probably be waiting for awhile. But thanks for replying. So I won't spend too much time trying to get back my credit. Edit: Waiiit, the disputed payment dates back to DECEMBER 2009!!! When I was using pay-by-phone, which also went through without a hitch (this is my first time with pay by SMS).
  9. the mon

    Negative Membership

    I subscribed again about 2 weeks ago using pay by SMS and everything went through without a hitch. And then today, I try to log-in, discover my credit is -45, and find 2 messages in my inbox. One said that there was some dispute and my credit is reduced to 0. The other said that the credit is now negative and my account is removed from the game. I've already sent my payment reference that I received at the confirmation screen but I dont have anything else besides that. So I'm really stuck now, any tips would be appreciated.
  10. Runescape just taught me a few dutch words from the random people who talk to me in dutch:( Everything else I had to learn by myself
  11. the mon

    Which 99 Should I Get?

    If you really want a quick 99, cooking or fletching or, at a stretch, firemaking. They're all buyable and cheap. Hunter should also be quick although personally I can't stand it
  12. the mon

    Does This Really Work?

    Must trick somebody into doing this..............
  13. the mon


    Now here's a real rebel. Of course what will she do when she reaches 1,000?
  14. Well this should keep freeplayers occupied for a few minutes. The 300QP helmet looks horrible though (and gives no bonuses )
  15. the mon

    My Theory.

    It looks a new quest area, probably a very hard member's quest. A reward from completing the quest might be the new boss. If f2p gets a boss, it will be much smaller-scale

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