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  1. Sythe

    Whats So Good About Pures?

    Basically, for their combat level they will have higher offensive stats (strength, attack, range, mage) than the typical main at their combat level, but they sacrifice their defense level (usually this is kept at level one) in order to this. This allows them to be able to hit higher than their opponents. At higher combat levels some pures will train their defence, but usually only to 40 defence to be a rune pure or 45 for a zerker pure.
  2. Sythe

    Alching In Bxp

    If you are looking to train magic, then at your level alching is sadly the best option, and it's pretty slow compared to training methods at higher levels. If you can get 71 Mage and do Dream Mentor (If you haven't already) you can instead do the Hunter Kit spell which grants 150k-200k xp/hr and that is without BXP. If you want to train another skill then do a skill that is usually pretty costly (excluding prayer and summoning) in order to save yourself some cash. A very popular skill to train during BXP is herblore, but at this point it will be very hard to buy the required herbs as herb prices will skyrocket like crazy, but they will crash down after the BXP weekend so it might be better to wait until they crash to buy herbs to train herblore. Your other option is to train a skill that is usually slow, in order to get faster experience. These would be skills like runecrafting, or mining.
  3. Sythe

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    Someone host a mass. ) : How about a mega-corp event? :(
  4. Sythe

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you be better off wearing Proselyte for the prayer bonus at aberrant's since you were praying? Or did you just wear bandos for the strength bonus?
  5. I forgot to screenshot last weeks. ):
  6. Sythe

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    Sup. Also may be at the doctor's will see. Did you get my PM? LOL Mass in 10 minutes be there or be square!
  7. Sythe

    How Crowded Are Daily F2p Spots In Members?

    Like Sofee said, the typical f2p spots are always less crowded with bots or regular players. On the otherhand, the member training and money making spots are crowded instead, but it isn't AS much as f2p. :(
  8. Sythe

    Finally :)

    A HUGE achievement! Congrats on it, and be sure to have fun without being obligated to train anything for a silly cape!! #byzpride
  9. Sythe

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    Will try to make bandos, might have a CR!! :(
  10. Sythe

    Solo In Gwd

    What's the reason for Yak at Bandos but Tort everywhere else?
  11. Sythe

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    Yeah, I let him know a better spot to train, but he told me he wants to be in that tower because it's 'peaceful'.
  12. Sythe

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    I was there, and posted a screenshot in the correct topic. :(
  13. Sythe

    Make Sure To Cut The Lemon

    I think I'll go pernix. But really, it didn't seem that believable to me. Sure I've seen plenty of idiots with bought accounts but this one is doubtful.
  14. Sythe

    Really Jagex?

    I don't exactly understand what the update was...
  15. Sythe

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    New site looks GREAT! Can't wait for it to continually improve with the new guides and such. Everyone who worked on the site did a fantastic job!! :(

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