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    im a n3wb3
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    85 f2p
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    looking to join
  1. 404'd? What the heck does that mean, and that post can be reported you know. 404 its an error page not found =-[
  2. murphy


    the world wont end til my pal get his little grimmy fingers on it *pulls out midget* now to get his fingers on it before 2012 and anyway i will control you all
  3. murphy

    Matts Log To 99 Wc

    finally got around to updating this and hey sals its me matt back from the.......well im just back so shut yer traps i soon hope to get pictures up but for now i just hit 86 woodcutting today and im on the path of glory my mem has ran out and it will be back soon so you new sals newbs watch out the reutrn of matt10365 is upon us and hey post here if you ask why then you must die yes we know it ryhmes idiot
  4. murphy

    Looking For A Clan

    point is i dont like to use those they got diffrent forums you got to register for and i just simply dont have the time for that
  5. murphy

    Plz Close

    no sir there are no reqs so can i count you in for the war?
  6. murphy

    Looking For A Clan

    i am 86 mem 82 f2p looking for a clan with like safe minigames such as clan wars please pm me in game as i am hardly on sals or post here i'll see it sooner or later i have 66 magic 54 range 66 str 71 attack 60 defence 68 hp and am also good at money making skills thanks for listening
  7. murphy

    Plz Close

    event canceled
  8. i'm gonna say this sals the person who brought elmo in was me. i just wanted to fess up about it to clear my slate. if ya wanna bann me from both clan chat and site go ahead. it seemed like a good idea at the time to spice up sals i even gave him an intro stating that "ladies and gentle man elmo!" if this is my final post good bye ~~murphy ps: i hope this dont spark a debate.
  9. murphy

    ¥ Weeding Is Not For Me! -- The Log Of Wiltingplant ¥

    wilt you didn't get my message in there but i still see me in the skele!
  10. murphy

    ¥ Weeding Is Not For Me! -- The Log Of Wiltingplant ¥

    no wilt take it down i told you not to do it oh your in for it now i'll eww!!! the chicken dance was celebrating 84 wc!
  11. murphy

    ¥ Weeding Is Not For Me! -- The Log Of Wiltingplant ¥

    you really didn't crop that little photo did you wilt
  12. murphy

    ¥ Weeding Is Not For Me! -- The Log Of Wiltingplant ¥

    you win wilt i posted here and you got nice skills. you also got me to say orange cause you cheat cause your evil!
  13. murphy


    to quote one of my favorite comedians *picks up fossil* fossil!
  14. murphy

    Ipod's F2p ~~and~~ P2p Log For 99 Wc =]]

    i support you pal i got 83 wc not long ago so we share the same goal. btw have fun cutting them big ol' trees don't forget to plant one after you cut it though!
  15. murphy

    Who Is Hotter

    i dont like any of them plz add a none btw none of those bands rock socks

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