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  1. Hey guys! I am currently setting up a stream in which I will be casting league of legends. I am looking for a logo for my stream as well as a banner. Size: The main image must be 16:9 (for the logo). So any resolution like 1280 x 720, 1366 x 768, etc. Prefer one of those, but any 16:9 is really okay. Text (size, font face, and color) The banner size = 640 x 125 Main colors: I'm thinking white with the LIVE being red. The font underneath I am thinking to be white as well. Style: I'm looking for it to say CaymusLIVE as one word. I'm unsure of the font but something clean and professional, if necessary I can do a bit of searching. Under this in smaller font, similar to the day9tv logo(http://bit.ly/145bt2a), I would like it to say "The voice of the game", no quotations. Images - If there are any images you want on it, you need to provide them. If they are rendered (cut out) then you have a much higher chance of having someone make you a signature. Side note: Would it be possible to do the above version, as well as version where something similar to this: http://imgur.com/QpwTTI5 is done? Minus the black background, I want to see if I can somehow incorporate the "Live" with the red recording dot into the image, If you can think of something feel free to experiment. I know this is a pretty long request, but it means a lot to me. Thanks!
  2. Caymus

    Literature Recommendation Thread

    What's it about? It's about trying to discover the secrets of a secret device being installed in a rocket at the end of world war 2.
  3. Caymus

    Removal of member no. and posts?

    Yeah i'm not upset about the posts, just curious. The member no. thing i liked though.
  4. I used to have a LOT more posts than what it is currently displaying (931) and i no longer see our member numbers/join date? That's sad if they got removed, i was proud of being an original member, as i was #45. edit: So join date is on our profile, just not number. Still sad.
  5. Caymus

    The appointment

    "The only problem with I have dreams is that they come to an end. My nightmares come to an end as well though, so I guess it balances itself out, but I wish that just once I could stay in that dream a little longer. Just long enough to see her one more time." Charles said, leaning in from the black lounge chair that he was having trouble deciding whether it was truly a lounge chair or not, because it was smaller than most. Doctor Hanley was sitting across from him, and she responded in what seemed to be a genuine tone of interest. “What dream? Who’s face?” The way she spoke impressed him. She seemed like she actually cared, which he wasn’t used to. Most people listened in façade. “Oh right, sorry. It’s this dream I’ve been having for the past 3 years, 6 months and 11 days,” Charles stated in an assured manner. “That’s rather specific, what happened on…let’s see… “The Doctor walked over to a calendar on the wall behind where she was sitting. “October 10, 2007.” Interrupted Charles, as if he had been holding the date in and could no longer do so. “Right. And what happened on October 10th, 2007?” The doctor sat back down and crossed her legs. It was then that Charles noticed her being incredibly attractive. She was fairly short, he guessed around 5’3, and she was in exceptional shape. Her skin was well tanned, giving it an olive color. Her lips were soft and full, and her face was full of confidence. Her hair, which matched her eyes in color, was dark hazel, and sat just below her shoulders. Looking into her eyes he felt comfortable, a rarity for him, to say the least. He noticed her looking back into his eyes, and immediately swung his head away and stared off at the wall of her degrees and certifications to his right, pretending he was just looking around. He felt awkward and decided it was time to go. “Sorry doc, but this is our first date, I can’t go spilling all my secrets right away. You might fall in love with me or something. Charles regretted saying the last part. “Jesus Christ I’m cheesy” he thought to himself. “Please, if you must call me doc, at least say doctor Hanley. “What about your first name then?” the query came with a smile. “Sorry Charles, but this is our first date, I can’t go spilling all my secrets right away. You might fall in love with me or something." Charles smirked, and got up to shake the doctor’s hand. As he grabbed the silver handle, Doctor Hanley spoke from her chair. “Your next appointment is Thursday, the 28th, a week from today. I hope you will be more comfortable with me next time so we can make some real progress. I understand that it can be difficult to talk about things, but I am not here to judge you, only to help. If you need to reach me before Thursday, feel free to call. Just call the office, and my extension is 6214. I’m here until around seven usually. I’ll waive your fee for today since you weren’t here very long. Have a nice day Mr. Cameron, and keep it real. “Keep it real?” Charles asked, laughing at the phrase. “Keep it real. I could tell you to be happy, but I wouldn’t want to force anything on you. I think you should just be you, I believe that’s the best way to be happy. So keep it real. “Word.” Charles responded. He looked at the doctor, threw up a peace sign with his right hand, and exited the room. As the door closed behind him he could think but only one thing: “This is going to be a slow week.” “Word,” repeated the doctor almost inaudibly, smiling to herself.
  6. Caymus

    League Of Legends

    Introduced little brother to the game but he wasn't good and quit, leveling his account as a smurf. Add me if you want to level with me. Name is Caymus, i'm leveling on US. No boosts.
  7. Caymus

    Literature Recommendation Thread

    You all need to read The Stranger and The Plague by Albert Camus. They're amazing.
  8. Caymus

    1 Am

    Haven't done any poetry in years, i already hate it. Opinions appreciated. Sometimes Even when you are surrounded by bodies You get lonely There are moments Where you feel like dawn is unreachable And the night will last forever They say you always come out stronger Usually though, we are just learning to exist with our problems That tend to repeat in eachother endlessly We learn from our mistakes I'll even go so far as to say we correct them But being stronger? That only happens Sometimes
  9. Caymus


    I do have skyrim, in all it's torrented beauty.
  10. Caymus


    What's up everyone? I'm new to sals, totes. It's cold outside
  11. Caymus

    League Of Legends

    Normal queue is terribad atm. I've been carrying my little brother to 30 and they are just bad. Free wins everywhere.
  12. Caymus

    Official Wow Thread

    Deathwing needs to be incomprehensibly hard.
  13. Caymus

    League Of Legends

    Just got my new PC built so i'll start being on again. Realistics if you want to play, down for whatever. Main is 1870.

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