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  1. Sage

    The ultimate accessory item?

  2. Sage


    potato thread... *facepalm*
  3. Might be the most ridiculous story I have ever read.
  4. Sage

    Halfway there

    potato of it as only 7 more levels, I find potatos less depressing :P
  5. Sage

    Show Off Your March Madness Brackets!

    15 of 16, 7 of 8, 3 of 4, the final two, and the winner :) Won my pool as well :)
  6. Sage

    Anyone here ride bikes?

    Just started training for my first triathlon, and as such, acquired my first road bike :)
  7. Sage

    99 Prayer (For Goffles)

    Grats! /me looks at his pathetic prayer level sadly :(
  8. Sage

    Sal's Tier 7 Citadel Celebration

    Not a bad accomplishment! :)
  9. Sage

    Morytania Tasks

    Also sad about Priest in Peril :( Perhaps I should look into doing these, although I have done exactly 0 quests in Mory >.<
  10. Sage

    99 Agility 3-27-2012

    Already posted in your TSG thread ;) But congrats again!
  11. Sage

    2350 total and other stuff

    Your RC level disgusts me ;) Congrats on the levels!
  12. Sage

    I've been here for 6 years now

    Six and a quarter for me, I still remember hitting my first 100 posts :)
  13. Daaaang, congrats man! :)
  14. Sage

    BREAKING NEWS: Elder Scrolls MMO

    I have to agree with the buggy comments in the article :/

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