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  1. Topdog


    Graduating with a finance degree in May. Interned at an investment bank on its energy team (oil and gas clients) last summer and will be returning in July. I also worked in an Amazon warehouse a year so back for extra cash lol
  2. Lol you da real OG swagga, miss u
  3. where did u guys end up post-sals? im at university of delaware. honors program. finance. joined a frat. etc. I miss this place though. Would do anything to go back to 2008/2009 and just post all day edit: also is sofee legal now
  4. Topdog

    One More Month

    yeah i agree lol what a tool
  5. Topdog

    One More Month

    Until move-in day/welcome week at UPenn! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLytwL99Si8 crazy how I used to be youngest kid on the forums in 2007, now I'm headin off to college this fall! it's been a great ride! thanks to everyone who was nice/helped me along the way.
  6. Topdog


    I went and you weren't there! Fshi's supposed presence surely made up for the lack of mine I went and you weren't there! Fshi's supposed presence surely made up for the lack of mine He never responds!
  7. Topdog


    I went and you weren't there!
  8. Topdog


    It really is strange how I used to come to this place everyday. Each day at school, I would look forward to the moment when I could rush home and get on my computer to see what Sal's was up to. I used this place as an outlet, as well as an escape from everyday life where I could really just interact with other interesting people. I came to this site as one of Sal's youngest members at age 12, and now I'm about to graduate high school and enter college. So for me, it's sad to see now in 2013 that everything I enjoyed three-five years ago has disappeared. The friendships that I created, the threads I was a part of, the community... the magic of it all is gone. Even though I'm just perfectly fine and capable of moving on from all of that, this idea of everything I was a part of being gone makes me incredibly nostalgic. It saddens me to realize that I used to talk with some of the people from this site everyday, people from places in the world that I may never visit. Kinda sad that they were once friends. Oh well, I'll cherish the memories that I have of Sal's and everything that I was a part of, from the fake GF thread to IRC to Debate Room to just hanging out with a good group of guys. Hopefully, somewhere out there, everyone else is likely doing the same. - Topdog reminiscin bout sals tmz, vera, fake hot girl thread, dragon sal z, gillis crew, populus, isketch/minigolf nights, sal's newspaper responsibilities, etc.
  9. Topdog

    fudge u xrvn

    i was looking through my posts from 2008/2009, and i figured i might as well post this since SAT scores came out last thursday
  10. Topdog

    fudge u xrvn

    i will never be as good as you 2100
  11. Topdog


    no, i was at the party i was on my college visit to vandy, and i stopped at UT on the way. I was checking out frat row and some bro was like "yo bro u should rush for our house" and i was like "k is there a party" and he was like "yeaaah man we throwin a banger tonight, why dont u come chill?" and i was like "yeah im diggin it"
  12. Topdog


    do u go to tenessee
  13. Topdog


  14. Topdog

    what a goon

    wow i know that chick with the green cap she was one of the senior babes when i was a freshman
  15. Topdog

    My Top College Choice

    not just cause of the song girls, though. I'm genuinely interested in Southern Cal.
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