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  1. Topdog

    oh my

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=307335809365644&set=a.306949276070964.63728.193132180786008&type=3&theater shame on you 1999ers
  2. Topdog

    oh my

    It was this picture on some teen club's Facebook page with a bunch of comments on it
  3. Topdog

    Let's take a walk...

    I remember in 2007 and 2008, I wanted to be a DM, so I would spend all of my time writing shizzlety guides, posting in the help section, making tons of suggestions, and arguing in the Debate Room I got a -1 like two years later. Then stupid Hawk suspended me and I stopped caring since.
  4. Topdog

    is that u in the middle, twist of fate?

    i swear guy in middle/second guy looks like twist of fate
  5. Topdog

    Well fudge

    why are you with a 23 year-old you have me
  6. Topdog

    i love making love to this song

    vlad you are a happy face
  7. Topdog


    sorry it was me
  8. Topdog


  9. Topdog


    and some more of my new wife :)
  10. Topdog

    back from the depths

    shut the fudge up
  11. yet if a guy does the same thing, he's "gay" :/
  12. Topdog

    My New Wife Sorry Sofee

    dem eyes say "fudge me with your parallel bar topdog" hnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg
  13. happy almost birthday to both of us
  14. Topdog

    why sal is a great man

    how does he make u feel good
  15. Topdog

    You Thought We Would Stay Silent?

    they're all 20 year-old college kids now too
  16. Topdog

    Right back at ya

    congrats :)
  17. Topdog

    You Thought We Would Stay Silent?

    ok ill think about it
  18. Topdog

    Senior year

    Feels weird becoming a senior... I remember in Summer 2010 a lot of people in the #populus crew were becoming seniors...
  19. Topdog

    I feel a storm brewing...

    if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you :)
  20. Topdog

    Day 5 Skyward Sword

    are you indonesian you look indonesian
  21. Topdog

    Day 5 Skyward Sword


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