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  1. Topdog

    Kid from a neighboring school

    why? should I invite her over to my pool?
  2. Topdog

    Kid from a neighboring school

    Lol I'll see if I can have one ready within the next two weeks
  3. Topdog

    Summer Nights and a Question

    Sup guys. Anyways, I am a 16 year old in highschool. Virgin, fair amount of female interest and really only started to act on it this summer. I met this girl (we'll call her HB7) through a friend. We hung out, (me, friend, and her) once, got her number but nothing happened. I see her at a party (this is about 2 months later) and we talk and she wants to hang out soon. So I forget about her until my friend reminds me (this is about a month after the party) I text her and we make plans to meet up. I pick her up and we head to a local park where we walk around. We sit down close to each other and talk about school, people we know, etc. She notices my upper thigh tan-line and touches, it commenting on it. I point out and touch and tease her about hers. We're talking about cool shizzle, I'm teasing her caller her a hipster while she denies it; everytime she does something hipsterish I till her "I'm adding another tally to your hipster chart". We move around a bit, sit down on a bench. We're really close, and I touch my thigh to her and she doesn't pull away, we're pretty comfortable. I tell her I'm hungry and suggest we head somewhere to eat. We go to a nice little mom and pop deli to eat. I call my parents and find out that they were going to be coming home late so I'm happy we have a place to go to afterwards. I tell her and she's down, I think she might know at this point what was happening. We head to my house and I show her around. While showing her the pool I ask if she wants to swim. She says something like I don't have a suit, I say it's fine I swim in my underwear all the time. She agrees and we go down the pool. She strips down to her bra and underwear and I strip to my boxers (trying to make my slight boner not too obvious) and we get in. We swim around and shizzle for a few minutes, then she sits really close to me on the step. I think about making the move to kiss her but it didn't feel right. We keep swimming and at one point we're both standing on some ledge, I push her off. She then pushes me off to get back at me. shizzle is getting real. We start playing "tag" or something, just messing around in the water and stuff, and one time she "gets" me and just jumps up to me, wraps her legs around me, and we both lean in and start making out. We have a convo like this her: so you're new at this right? me: yeah her: I thought you had a girlfriend before me: yeah but we didn't do anything she grabs my hair and gives me the sexy eyes and says she'll show me the ropes or something like that. We make out in the pool for a bit longer then she suggest moving inside and asks to go to my bedroom. We go, dry off, and get on the bed, still in our underwear. We keep making out, her on top of me, me on top of her, switching it up, etc. At one point she asks lights on or off, I say on but she wants them off so I go for that. I ask her to show me how taking off a bra works. She shows me, then does it up again and has me do it. At this point things get kinda nsfw, I do have a question regarding the following but if you think it's tmi feel free to stop here. NSFW part We're making out and I'm feeling her up and shizzle and I slip my hands down her panties, and holy jesus is she fudgeing wet. It was like a fudgeing slip n slide down there. I start rubbing her clit and we're making out. She takes off her panties, I take off my boxers. We make out and I'm fingering her and she's rubbing my dick. I eventually get on top of her and focus on just fingering her g-spot. She is moaning really loudly and I'm not sure if she came or not but she moaned a lot then stopped. We keep making out, her rubbing my dick, me rubbing her clit but she's not as wet anymore. I ask her if she knows how to give a blowjob, she says she doesn't do that on the first date. I ask her if she makes exceptions, she says something like I have to earn it. I'm not gonna argue while she's rubbing my dick so I just say okay. Here's where it gets weird. She gets up 2 or 3 times during the hookup to check her phone or something. Anyways, she's rubbing my dick and I tell her I'm about to come. I don't want to get it on my sheets so I run to the bathroom and get some tissues. I get back and she starts putting her clothes on. I ask her "are you done?" she says "no, I'm just wet from the pool so I'm getting dressed." I lay there naked, waiting for her to finish me off when she checks her phone again, apparently sees something and says "get dressed I have to go". she sounded serious so with the bluest of balls I put my clothes back on and tidy up my dads house and I driver her home. We make very relaxed and nice conversation in the car. We get to her house, we kiss and I ask when she's in town the rest of the summer. She says she's here all summer and wants to hang again I say for sure, I'm gonna be out of town a bit and she says she'll text me and we'll meet up again. So I went home, wash the good kitty! off my hands and mouth, say goodnight to my mom, eat some cottage cheese (dat casein gainz) and type this up. My question: wtf is up with the not finishing me off and blue balls shizzle? It really sucked. I'm thinking if she has a rule like not blowing guys on the first date maybe she doesn't want to make the come on the first date? That's retarded though.
  4. Topdog

    Sloots gonna sloot

    So I K closed tonight after some solid pool game. I used a lot of push pull tactics to achieve this. I would go in close to her face to face talk about something personal while maintaining strong eye contact as she had her upper body on this raft thing then depart do something at the opposite side of the pool. Repeat. I walked her to her car and noticed she took way to long to unlock the door. She then placed her bag and stuff on the drivers seat and turned around for a hug. At this point I knew she wanted me to make a move. I also knew this wouldn't have been a short hug goodbye because if it was a quick hug she would have put her stuff in the passenger seat hugged and then hopped back in. I closed the door with my foot while we are hugging. We hugged for a while and I told her " Even after all the chlorine you still smell amazing." Made strong eye contact and went for the kiss. Solid game this girl is rather shy and restrained.
  5. Topdog

    Sloots gonna sloot

  6. Topdog

    Standard Teen Life

    hehe her elbows were probably pointy bro. just save it for the judge.
  7. Topdog

    hello earthlings

    sofee will you be my girlfriend
  8. Topdog

    Does anyone still have contact with xraven.

    Yup, I actually spoke with him during my visit to Princeton. He's doing fine, that guy.
  9. Topdog

    Amateur Footage of German Soldiers in WWII

  10. Topdog

    Thank you Byz

    poor kid committed social suicide at 13 like his social life is totally dead now
  11. Topdog


    I had my interview for a summer analyst position at a local bank yesterday. Here are some of the questions they asked me "What line on your resume is the most bs?" "What do you think of this room?" "What's your outlook on U.S. cucumber prices in 2013?" "Tell me about your Saturday nights." "If I told you that the only way you could get this job were for me to sleep with your girlfriend, would you accept?" "What single word would you use to describe yourself so I don't walk out of here and forget you?"
  12. Topdog

    Giuseppe Rossi

    my friend who moved to Delaware from teaneck says that he thinks rossi's a muppet and traitor by playing for Italy. apparently rossi spent the first 13 years of his life or so in clifton so he essentially grew up in America and should be playing for the USA
  13. Topdog


    Nah. To me, it seems like the questions they asked just reflect bank culture in general. The two guys interviewing me really liked me and said I was a funny guy. Plus, the person who hooked me up with this interview (my accounting teacher's brother) is a vice president at the bank and said that I was going to get the position after looking at my credentials.
  14. Topdog

    my car

  15. Topdog

    my car

  16. Topdog


    The freshman chick from two blog posts ago sat with me at lunch today (idk why, it was a mainly 11th grade table) and gave me her number. Then she texted me about 30 minutes ago saying that I'm invited to her party this weekend. oooh i know where this is headed
  17. Topdog

    Double dumb blonde epiffanies + MOAR DRAMA

    do you want to be my girlfriend
  18. Topdog


  19. Topdog

    Sal's is dead

    to be fair, gillis crew kept it on its last legs and once gillis crew disappeared sal's collapsed like a mule in an arabian desert
  20. Topdog

    Hey, do you like my friend?

    Well, this freshman chick came up to me on Friday while I was going to fill a water bottle and she says, "Hey, do you like my friend?" (P.S.: My friends and I tend to drool all over her ass and make jokes about it when she's right next to us) I say, "Who, the girl over there?" "Yeah, her," the friend replied. "Eeh, she's cute." This was said with total disinterest. "Would you like to make out with her?" I was asked. "If she's into that," I replied. I was caught completely off-guard. The friend said, "Ooh, great then!" and was running towards her HB7/10 friend. I went on to mind my own business. Well, I didn't really realize what was happening till after it happened. I was kinda on auto-pilot. From now on I just intend on doing absolutely nothing until the girls comes looking for me. I intend on doing nothing because I don't want to look desperate. Plus, if I go, "Hey, girl come over here," I don't see it working. What's your opinion?
  21. Topdog

    30k views yay + random updates

    Oh heavenly blessed beauty, whose inner beauty is simply diving and everlasting, I would love to be your knight in shining armor. If you want to talk to a good friend, honest, sweet and tender, you can do with me at any moment, I am a good person, kind, loyal and sincere. My friendship that I offer you is clean and transparent. I congratulate to you, because you are very beautiful, your beauty, your charming figure, your pleasant and angelical smile, your personality, your happiness, your charm, your kindness, your beautiful eyes, your lips soft and exquisite, delicate your hands, your legs precious Your beautiful, spectacular and divine body, you have all these qualities and more, you are a wonderful and perfect woman, your gaze is tender and sweet, penetrating my soul. The beauty of a rose has no comparison with the sweetness of your face and the beauty of your heart. I am of the people, I like to have a good relationship with all my friends.
  22. Topdog

    i made tumblr lol


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