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  1. Topdog

    Sals Is Dying

    no... why would we want to get active again? there's more to life than circlejerking around a runescape forum. Why did you do it then? Huh??? because I was 14 years old at the time... now I'm 16 and have better things to do
  2. Topdog

    Sals Is Dying

    no... why would we want to get active again? there's more to life than circlejerking around a runescape forum.
  3. Topdog

    Sals Is Dying

    Group of guys: Gillis, fshi, yelo, xrvn, sportsrule, dwar, bretballer, hlow, Venom, po22, definition, Adam, and myself
  4. Topdog

    My Date Tonight

    Go for both. Have them fight over you.
  5. Topdog

    Sals Is Dying

    Yeah. The only reason Sal's stayed afloat in 2009 and 2010, after the really old members left, was because of Gillis Crew. They stepped in to become the alpha-males of the forum by circlejerking jokes and creating most if not all of the original content that the site had to offer. Gillis Crew antics replaced the serious discussion and debate which occurred before 2009. Now that all of the guys (except me) have graduated from high school, no one in the group has time for the site anymore. The forum requires new people to step into that alpha-male role like Gillis Crew did in 09/10 and guys like Cookthechef, Monra, Dani, and others did prior to that - yet no one has. well... that and the fact that Zybez pretty much created a monopoly on RuneScape fansites sometime in 2010, thus slowing new member intake
  6. Emo Nemo and I planned on propelling this project, but he recently told me that he has other obligations at the moment. So, I'm here to look for new people interested in helping me with this blog. I'm looking for dependable talent that I can count on. Who am I looking for? 1. Committed and motivated individuals 2. People who are knowledgeable in the technology sector 3. Writers who can submit at least five small articles a week 4. People who can help design the website What's in it for you? 1. Profit after operating costs will be split evenly among those working for the site. 2. Job experience. This has the potential to be something great. Our goal is to become a leading small technology news website. Maybe one day, possibly sometime next year, we can start competing with the likes of 9to5mac, The Verge, or Engadget. Post if you're interested. I'm looking for the best.
  7. Topdog

    It's quite a discovery

    When you find out that the people you used to think were cool a year or two ago are actually the biggest circle-jerking keyboard warriors on the internet. Granted, some of those guys are alright, but some of them are also just pathetic. A year away from that shizzle and going outside and meeting new people really puts things into perspective.
  8. Topdog

    Facebook going public

    The Facebook IPO will only be good for shorting; ride the initial spike then get the hell out. It's not a valuable or safe long-term investment due to the nature of social networks. In this past year, social network IPOs have been major flops on the street. Remember Groupon and Zynga, anyone? Plus, it seems as if the Facebook stock is way overvalued. I need to see the company's principal revenue stream (ads) and I want to see how it invests its early capital. Also, Google+ will only take off when high school girls are allowed to use it. Right now, it's just a massive circlejerk between techies, hipsters, and other kinds of geeks.
  9. Topdog

    Tech Blog Startup

    The plan is for it to be a tech news and review site. It will mirror and emulate an Engadget/Verge format, and the ultimate goal would be for the site to eventually climb out of underdog status and into the big leagues. News for the site can easily be obtained and gathered by scouring the competition or tuning into social media networks such as Twitter. The project would be funded through ad agreements, and the income after operating costs would be evenly split among staff members.
  10. Topdog


    hot babe # # 1-10 based on looks
  11. Topdog

    It's quite a discovery

    what if you mean "make up," then no. I'm still cool with them. It's just that I've realized that some of those guys are the biggest losers I've ever met. It's sad that I used to think circle-jerking around an IRC channel and needlessly "trolling" a forum was cool. it's just stupid.
  12. Topdog

    Cute Without the E

    voice seems a bit forced
  13. Topdog


    why is arsenal such shizzle
  14. Topdog


    just another one of those amazing HB5s you talk to. right, fang?
  15. Topdog

    Tech Blog Startup

    Scrum's unfortunately busy. I'm looking for at least two or three more people to get this project going.
  16. Topdog


    Reminds me of a college rules video I once saw
  17. You dumped him just cause he was a virgin? whaaat
  18. Topdog

    Does sal's still have an IRC room?

    It's 2012 and you're using IRC.
  19. Topdog

    Am I Overreacting

    Stop thinking that it's revenge, it's just called moving on. Open up your mind, get a breath of fresh air, and find a new girl you're interested in to talk to. You don't have to... but it's a nice way to get your mind off the other person.
  20. Topdog

    Apply for Technology Blog

  21. Topdog


    I don't? I don't really know what to say to that other that it's kind of creepy that there's rumors about my sex life. oh come on we all know you don't have a sex life, gillis
  22. Topdog

    Am I Overreacting

    So I was right then
  23. Topdog


    word on the street is you have a nice brunette girlfriend now, friend
  24. Topdog

    So Dumb

    Got the same score on the SAT as I did on my PSAT. 1960. http://yfrog.com/kgagop All I care about is beating Gillis
  25. Topdog

    Hi! May I take your order?

    Just a coke. No, not a pepsi. A coke.

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