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  1. Topdog
    Until move-in day/welcome week at UPenn!

    crazy how I used to be youngest kid on the forums in 2007, now I'm headin off to college this fall! it's been a great ride! thanks to everyone who was nice/helped me along the way.
  2. Topdog
    I have 10 days till another shtty depressing year of highschool.
    Another shtty year of miring good looking guys makeout with pretty girls in the hallways.
    Girls in my class asking me "why are you so quiet"
    skipping lunch to eat in the bathroom stalls(semi srs i dont do this that often only when i need to cry)
    Not sure how to make the most out of these last 10 days. Probably going to stop fapping for a week and then do a huge fap marathon, order some pizza, and watch some movies.
  3. Topdog
    shame on you 1999ers
  4. Topdog
    So I was at a party on Sunday night (different from the Saturday night ranch party from my other post), and I know all of the girls there, and they're either taken or unattractive to me. So, I sit down with one of my friends gf's and we're talkative and such (I find her attractive, but I wouldn't try anything). We call each other gossip buddies all night, I give her one of my mike's hard lemonades because I enjoy talking to her. Anyway, by the end of the night, I'm pretty tipsy and the host (one of my good friends)'s girlfriend comes over. She says to me, "I wouldn't usually come but I heard you were gonna be here and (her boyfriend) doesn't really sit down with her at these parties." We've had times where he's invited me to eat with her and I'll just kino the living fudge out of her, where he looks like the greatest chump in the world. I think she's really cute and we have cute interactions together.
    After we help my friend clean up, he can't drive because he's buzzed, so our DD takes her home with us (she lives 2 doors down from me). We go to taco bell and then wall greens. When we're in wallgreens, she follows me into the condom aisle (as a joke) and I have a lot of sexual innuendo and general facts that I know about orgasms and sex from TED talks. Anyway, she leaves her arizona can with me and I "Ain't havin none of that" so tried to put it down her shirt/in her skirt etc. and she's having a great time and so am I.
    When we finally get home (I insist she gets dropped off first) I have my arm around her in the back seat. She says it's really dark so I'm like "ok I'll walk you to your door." Once we arrive at her door, I go in for a hug and she says "This is the most awkward ki..."(she goes in for it) and we hug then she says "I don't know why I just said that." I know exactly why, so I kiss her on the cheek and I make sure I have her number.
    I don't know if I should escalate further, because it's my good friend's girlfriend, or if I should just keep this between us and try to get a friends with benefits thing going (which would be my ideal choice), or if I should just drop it and forget it existed.
  5. Topdog
    I've never gone to any of these, but I always get invited and I'm kinda curious. Round 3 is tomorrow night.
    - Round 3 tomorrow night
    - Sloots will be slooting
    - Pretty sure the cops came the other rounds
    - I don't feel like going to jail/getting a ticket
    Round 2:

  6. Topdog
    Hello heavenly blessed beauty whose inner beauty and outter beauty is simply divine and everlasting, Yours is an ancient beauty, the kind of muse that inspired Omar Khayyam or the Chauraspanchasika. Surely it was an angel like you who wooed Odysseus as he stood tied to the mast or whose light burst from the balcony that inspired Romeo... to song. Oh be my muse, fair princess and we shall teach the generations to come how to love.

  7. Topdog
    when I realize how much of a happy face I was at 12 on these forums
  8. Topdog
    He goes to another school in town and I only know him from a couple of parties. The video popped up on my Twitter feed tonight, though.

    The chorus is definitely autotuned, but I'm really digging the vibe of the song.

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