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  1. no, i was at the party


    i was on my college visit to vandy, and i stopped at UT on the way. I was checking out frat row and some bro was like "yo bro u should rush for our house" and i was like "k is there a party" and he was like "yeaaah man we throwin a banger tonight, why dont u come chill?" and i was like "yeah im diggin it"

  2. I remember in 2007 and 2008, I wanted to be a DM, so I would spend all of my time writing shizzlety guides, posting in the help section, making tons of suggestions, and arguing in the Debate Room


    I got a -1 like two years later. Then stupid Hawk suspended me and I stopped caring since.

  3. Also, has anyone tried email recovering my Reddit account? There are 3 emails saying that someone has requested a password change on my account, received at 4:40am-ish. Come on now, which one of you is it? But seriously, if you did it, please tell me because I don't want to be sleeping with an eye open and a knife under my pillow tonight.


    sorry it was me


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