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    stg pwnage(my pure)
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    Don't pk
  1. The Imp

    Close Please

    thank you for the advice
  2. The Imp

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    i tried to go but there was too much lag :D >.<
  3. The Imp

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    2:00 P.M.... will be there
  4. The Imp

    Players' Gallery

    I love the dragon baxe one
  5. The Imp

    Clan Chat

    they just had another system update ^_^
  6. The Imp

    Behind The Scenes - August

    Not much that means anything to me. Clans will have fun with clan chat until they (JaGeX) update it and you (the spoiled memebers) go insane. Just remember this when it happens. I'm sorry if you get mad at what I am saying.
  7. The Imp

    Free-player Poll

    people stop complaning that f2p got a poll. Its just a stupid poll about membership stuff. Big deal ^_^
  8. The Imp

    Please Close

    thank you for responding and I am sorry for putting it in the wrong section.
  9. The Imp

    Please Close

    Hey. I just made a str pure and i don't know what to do. So far he has 10 str but is only hitting 2's ^_^ . I need help with what to train on and what to train with. Please tell me because I am new to pures.
  10. Holy that is a lot of fqws. Props to neo
  11. The Imp

    Postbag From The Hedge

    The one to Gypsy Aris Is funny! :/

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