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  1. Goat

    Proof Of God

    I see your point... but what made it not perfect? Besides that it could be ruined by a choice. We didn't have to make that choice but we did. Anyways, I'd just like to hear the other reasons it wasn't perfect.
  2. Goat

    Proof Of God

    Why isn't the world perfect? Sin. God intended the world to be perfect. It says in the Bible God created the world in 7 days. He created Adam and Eve and gave them his whole creation, a perfect world, with one rule. The rule was to obey God and to not eat from one tree in the Garden of Eden. Then a devilish, terrible serpent named Satan tempted Adam and Eve with sin. Satan told them that the only reason God didnt want them to eat from the tree is because the fruit would make them like Him and know good and evil. That is not true. Satan lied to them, and Eve ate from the tree and gave her husband some. They disobeyed God, and He punished them. That was the start of sin and the 'Fall'. See, the world was perfect until sin came. They had a choice to obey God or sin, and they chose to sin, basically ruining the world. God's punishment was death. In the beginning, humans were supposed to be immortal. In earlier times, people like Noah lived 700-1000 years. Now the average life expectancy is nowhere near that number. It also says in the Bible that God grieves in his heart every time we sin. We hurt him so much all the time, and we think so little of it. He sent his one and only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. He loves us so much even though we hurt him. It says if you believe God's son Jesus died on the cross for us, you will go to heaven. Anyways, the reason the world isnt perfect is because of us. Sin. Our own fault for making the world bad. God punished us and we deserve it.
  3. Goat

    The Last Letter Game.

  4. Goat

    Gangster Song's!

    Language: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsY3dEpgLgk LADADADADAAAA
  5. Goat

    Songs That Never Get Old.

    Everything from the album "Enema of the State" - blink 182
  6. Goat

    Possibly Going To Be The Best Movie Ever

    Best movie ever? Anchorman 2.
  7. Goat


    370 gp each.... pm me or pudgecookie when you can.
  8. Goat


    My runescape name, goatfish, was inspired by a random band that totally sucked in florida. But their name was hilarious. Tada
  9. Goat

    Xbox 360 Advise

    I'm looking for a cheap xbox 360 and I'm wondering, is 20GB a ridiculously small amount of memory? Some I see that are new are mostly 60GB, and I'm wondering whether or not 20 is enough. How much memory can that hold? Like, 5 games or what? I'm confused. First time 360 owner. If you need any other info, ask. Thanks.
  10. Goat

    I Feeeeeeel Goooooood

    Niiicee. Musta been some hangover.
  11. Goat

    5 Things You Couldn't Live Without

    1: PCP 2: Crystal Meth 3: Crack 4: Heroin 5: Acid
  12. Goat

    Hilarious/stupid Thing On My Bus

    A girl threw a pumpkin out of the window because it was rotting. I threw a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich out of the window and hit a car, and I've lit a couple fireworks under our bus before it left my stop. Nothing big, but enough to scare the hell out of the kids and bus driver. I also jumped out of the emergency exit on the bus before a stop (it was going pretty slow and it was the last week of school) 2 refferals and a suspension (:
  13. Goat

    Speak Gangstar

    Did I give ya'll permission tah speak? Sit yo asphault down fo you gityoself hurt.

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