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  1. Party Pilot

    120 skills leaked? idk

    Good! Yeah I figured it was a coding glitch or something. Glad they aren't releasing 120 skills then
  2. Logged into rs today went to my skills tab and this showed up for a split second. None of these are by real levels obv and notice the leet total level. JaGeX taunting us with that? EDIT: Does this happen to anyone else?
  3. Party Pilot

    The First Word That Comes To Mind

    Pow pow!
  4. Party Pilot

    Abomination...or Work Of Art?

    When one testicle is smaller than the other it is known as testicular cancer.
  5. Party Pilot

    All Skills 70+

    Oo nice! I'm kindaaa close to that. Grats
  6. Party Pilot

    99 Cooking!

    Congrats on your first skillcape!
  7. Party Pilot

    2100 And #5

    Congrats Albert on the 99 defence/2100 total!
  8. Party Pilot

    Don't Come In Here.

    Hmm..I guess your right.
  9. Party Pilot

    Don't Come In Here.

    Where it says "Hot!!' Should be "Hot!" As in someone examining a fire.
  10. Party Pilot

    99 Fletch

    Lol nope, only need the varrok armor 1 or higher for the furnace. =)
  11. Party Pilot

    99 Fletch

    Thank you! Haha. I would of bought you one of you were there.
  12. Party Pilot

    99 Fletch

    Well, It's been a little less than a week since I got 99 fletch (and trimmed my woodcut cape ) and after I got that I was pretty close to my goal of 1600 total. So I've been working on it and wanted to show my progress so far. 60 Herby 60 Construction Now that I have this done I'll be smithing in edge until 70 smithing. Well..I'm now four levels from 1600 total. I'm going to finish up by getting 70 smith and 1601 total! Wish me luck! =) Ah yeah, I'm 92 combat by the way. I guess that's not too bad of a total for my combat level. =P
  13. Party Pilot

    Say What?

    Thanks ^^
  14. Party Pilot

    Say What?

    Lol yup =P Crazy O.O Cheers :) Good luck on Swan Song! Thanks. Humm..It's south of Seers bank. Just keep running south and you can't miss it. :] Thanks. Yeah, there's usually a lot more than that there ;o Thanks =) Thank you sir =P
  15. Party Pilot

    Say What?

    Yeah. Update. Update update.

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