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  1. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    I am probably a sight for sore eyes, but hey. Been a while since I have posted, and nothing much has happened. Leveling a warrior, currently 25. I am getting errors, blah blah blah. New mounts. Just decided to pop in to see how many people were whining about the update. Heard about it on other forums. Well, this'll be my last post. All my chars are on Shadowsong, just ask for Faeyin.
  2. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    They do. Should start with this fellow: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=6122.
  3. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    This is why I want to get engineering. ;)
  4. -Logan-

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    Change. Really low quality, and it looks pretty bad.
  5. -Logan-

    The Band Game.

    Ehh. Didn't appeal to me at all. 2/10. Only because the pictures were fancy. Edit: Rock N' Roll: What song?
  6. -Logan-

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Too Long, by Daft Punk.
  7. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    Nekkid Troll warning. Oh, thats nothing. I've seen every being capable of wearing armour properly (The 10 playable races, naga, the broken, and the goblins) like that in WoWModelViewer.
  8. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    Someone mind posting a picture? I still can't play WoW.
  9. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    Sold all the blues I got (2-3). Vendored all greys. Did every quest in a zone before moving on. I had 1300+ while finishing up in Nagrand. I went Hellfire -> Zangarmarsh -> Terokkar -> Nagrand -> BEM -> Netherstorm halfway, dinged 70. Went to SMV, got mount, and quested there. Wrapped more up, went to Netherstorm finishing up even more quests, and then now I'm out of every non-dungeon quest in Outland. :closedeyes:
  10. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    If I didn't level tailoring up with all my spare money (AKA whenever I got over 900 gold) I would of had over 2000 gold by 70. And I didn't sell a single green. Just vendored.
  11. -Logan-

    My Chemical Romance

    ...what? You're making no sense.
  12. 2/10. I've seen you a couple times.
  13. -Logan-

    Official Wow Thread

    http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/index.xml Go nuts.
  14. -Logan-

    A Message To Naruto Haters

    And that was just obnoxiously rude. It's a horrible show.
  15. -Logan-

    Would You Kill 1000 People To Cure Aids?

    Yes. Would I personally kill the people? Depends who they are. Oh well, the world is pretty overpopulated anyways.

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