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  1. blurberry

    The Uncover.

    Oh no, Sal is here, please don't ban him!
  2. blurberry

    I've Had Enough.

    Somebody say something that is actually friendly before its too late.
  3. blurberry


    If they bash you up for a mistake, They are not worth your attention.
  4. blurberry

    I've Had Enough.

    I know how you feel when you say you feel like everyone here dislikes you. Just give them another chance. The world is filled with people like that. Ignore them and see the people that are not like that.
  5. blurberry


  6. blurberry

    I've Had Enough.

    I'm going to have a secret hate for those members that bashed you and made you feel unaccepted. Shame on them.
  7. blurberry

    Now I Remember.

    tHANK YOU DUDE!Your the Best! :)You may close this thread now. :) I don't hate gender mistakes as long as I get complimented. Your avatar is feminine.I know, isn't it obvious? :PSpice and Wolf = great anime, where my avvy came from. Watch it, or you're missing out :oAnime = evil in my eyes. I never did understand rectangular eyes and colourful spiky hair and summoning stuff with magic cards.It's not anything like that. It's beautiful artistry (except for the spiky hair, which is abnormal in legitamately good anime, and magic cards is probably just Yu-Gi-Oh :P) with a good story.Most of it is based on light novels, which, if you ever read a translation of one (not the crappy ones that have relations to any american child's television channel), are some seriously great stories. Note, any anime on Cartoon Network or similar is probably a complete load of poo. It'll burn your eyes Orly?
  8. blurberry


    Now dragons feels bashed and hated by the people here. From what some people said about him in the uncovering, I think the word "noob" has been defined. I feel sorry for him, Putting up way too long with remarks like that.
  9. blurberry

    What Would You Do If You Had 2billion Gold Pieces

    I'd buy every Item I ever dreamed of. Every partyhat, rare Item I want. It would be AWESOME.
  10. blurberry

    The Uncover.

    Now I understand why. The above posts just showed me how nice the people here are.
  11. blurberry

    The Uncover.

    No.... why? WHYYYY? I never would have guessed the people here would make you feel like that. Its terrible. :)
  12. blurberry


    is gone.Banned. I never would have guessed...He was a troll. He was the leader of troll patrol. He was the one warding us agains't the trolls, hating them so bitterly. And he was one. He was... Sal's Benedict Arnold. Hippocrate. Why did he do this? I thought he was someone to look up to. I guess I was wrong. I feel sad. Also, something seems to be wrong with dragons.
  13. blurberry

    I Knew It

    And now he's banned.
  14. blurberry

    Fite Fite Fite

    I'm afraid dragons left us for the real world... he better had not.
  15. blurberry

    I've Had Enough.

    You had better not be leaving.

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