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  1. owo

    1. Sobend


      I say we bring back #slams

    2. Guitarguy


      this is an owo-free zone, please see yourself to the door

  2. Knight Sean

    Anyone remember me? 10yrs apparently haha

    Yes! I remember you. I believe I had you added on MSN back in the day too.
  3. Knight Sean

    10 years?!

    I received my 10 year email today too. Wow, it's been a long time - almost 11 years for me if you include the days of Invisionfree...
  4. Knight Sean

    Masors - The Miners And Smithers Of Runescape - Est. 2003

    Very pleased to see that this clan is still going. I remember back in my early days of RS (2004) participating in a massive drop party behind Al Kharid bank. Good times. :)
  5. Knight Sean

    Runescape not Starting

    You can try removing your Jagex cache directory (located at either C:\.jagex_cache_32 or C:\Windows\.jagex_cache_32) and then reloading the game. Failing that, the official client from http://www.runescape.com/downloads.ws may help.
  6. Knight Sean

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    Those coordinates have taken you to a teaser area of Kethsi for a month or so now :(
  7. Knight Sean

    The Sabre Clan ~ 100+ ~ Oldest Active Rs Clan

    I've been in The Sabres now for several months and I can confirm it is an excellent and highly prestigious clan.
  8. Knight Sean

    Xterm-assistance Needed

    http://linux.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp...1/msg00009.html It apparently is just cp -a
  9. Knight Sean

    Fix Mbr?

    I doubt you still have this issue, but... Boot into your windows 7 CD, select your language, and then click "Repair my computer". It'll offer you a wizard, click 'cancel', and then there's an option to load command prompt. Do so, and type the following commands: bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr Reboot and it should work.
  10. Technically the browser should play very little part in Java performance with recent Java versions - with the latest update Java runs as its own process (java.exe) rather than as a subprocess of the browser.
  11. Knight Sean

    What Text Editor Do You Use?

    DANI YOU ITALIAN PIZZA PASTA WIELDING GERMAN-SUPPORTING [email protected]@@@@ :D (Nano on *nix > all kthx)
  12. Knight Sean

    Lsa Shell (export Version)

    I would agree with CCleaner, it is an excellent free registry cleaner. If you have a bit of money to spend, I'd look into TuneUp Utilities.
  13. Knight Sean

    Need Help With Wordpress Blog.

    There's a script available at http://mamado.wordpress.com/2007/03/15/add...presscom-posts/
  14. Knight Sean


    http://www.mobilecityonline.com/wireless/s...=824&view=3 I have the w810i and it's an amazing phone for mid-range category, and a great MP3 player too. That link is the unlocked version, if you get it locked with a provider you could get it a lot cheaper. Also get a 2gig (or 4gig or 8gig if you have the money) memory stick for it, so you can store more music.
  15. Knight Sean

    [ Please Close] Read First Post Thanks.

    Grats on 85 fletching Gl on 99 Ollie

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