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  1. This is an exciting development.
  2. Found a more complete version and someone else's creations?
  3. It's 2:24am for me right now and as my caffeinated mind was whirring I started pondering a question about the way we live. It started off as "Do poverty stricken people really care about modern ideologies". Then I went searching for different models of needs and remembered Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I was trying to answer my question honestly, with research, and the answer I came too was that there was not room for at least certain ideologies in a box like Phsiological needs. In my mind, this is where things get into some seriously murky and uncomfortable territory. Immediately my mind went to religion, politics, gender-identity and feminism. Some people are going to label those things as a need to reach self-actualization and some people may not. Some will offer them a higher or lower position or perhaps make it all encompassing. It's at this point I started to consider that some might consider religious belief to be an all-encompassing need. Some might argue that gender identity lives in love and belonging. Others may argue that your need for gender identity lives lower. There's also this annoying thought in my head, that I wish I could just plug ideologies into one of the segments as a need or even as its own segment. At this stage I started looking at other models. I quite like Alderfers ERG model which adds on from Maslow's. Stating that you can feel needs from different levels simultaneously, which in my mind feels more correct and a little less rigid. My thoughts here were that your needs as a person shift alongside your culture, ideas and opinions. Yes there will always be existence, relatedness and growth needs, but they can all be wrapped in ideology. What I'm trying to avoid by this stage is going too big or vague on ideology because I think at some point you have to accept that "a system of ideas and ideals" is literally everything we've been born into and what I think we kind of have to focus on is the primary needs outside of those ideologies until you get somewhere murky again. I think my conclusion is that different ideologies may fit into the needs hierarchy somewhere but there is no one size fits all model but these are close. I worry that, despite it perhaps being an unpopular opinion, things like politics, gender-identity, religion are wants and not needs. Where they present as needs for some, that isn't reality for others. That doesn't mean I think they are useless to us, but does make me question the importance of some ideologies and the value we place on them to the needs we have as people. Do you think ideology is a need? Are smaller ideologies needs or belong in these hierarchies? Are we placing too much/not enough value in things that are or aren't needs. Honestly, I wasn't even sure If this is a debate topic, but my brain was so perplexed this morning and I had hours to kill. Had to edit it in, it also hasn't escaped my brain that these hierarchy models are ideologies about needs. Which is a whole new layer of the matrix I'm not ready for. I'm also aware that they are widely used in people management within businesses.
  5. It looks like you're an RS3 player. Are you trying to use members items/members spell books? I think the staff might be reverting to a stick.
  6. https://secure.runescape.com/m=accountappeal/manual-recovery Your account exists. You have personal recovery questions based on the username provided. You just need to fill out the form and recover it.
  7. This is top-tier content, and I will not apologize.
  8. I think we persist because our friendships transcend Runescape. The runescape section of this forum died long before other areas did because many of us were community first. What I love now is on Old School Runescape and Discord, we have people of old and new, and we continue to expand and persist.
  9. This might be the best search for a mod I've ever seen. When you try your best but you don't succeed.
  10. What's this?! A list that I'm not on. But what about my crippling desire for attention and praise. Must, control, gamer, urges.
  11. Roast the person above you. Leave a rating for the next person on how roasted you wish to be. Sizzled Roasted Annihilated Forum rules still apply obviously. Just a bit of fun, aim for funny, not fudgeed. Example: If your web design skills were half decent, the website would still be up and running. Enjoy your asylum in the essentially defunct (because of you) graphics place. I'm more than happy to be annihilated.
  12. Yo yo yo shots fired, I'm not serving beef, my friend, it's all good, you keep your superiority. I'll be over here drawing from now on sir. Anything you say, sir.
  13. It's a very weird war. Russia: We have extremely powerful nukes; do not threaten us. We will come down on you faster than Duriel321 abused players during the Falador Massacre. Rest O' The World: Sanctions, that's what you'll get. You're pretty naughty children thinking you can do whatever you want. Ukraine: Okay, sanctions are fine, but please actually help us. To be clear, are you getting involved? Russia: If you get involved, It will be very bad for you, do not forget that we are a significant nuclear power. Rest O' The World: More sanctions. If you don't stop soon, we will be cross! Ukraine: Please, for the love of god, actually help us. Why don't you send people in? This is relentless. Russia: WE ARE A NUCLEAR POWER. IF YOU STEP OUT OF LINE, WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Russia: WE ARE STRONG, POWERFUL, AND YOU SHOULD NOT QUESTION US. Russia: I PROMISE THAT WE ARE REAL POWERFUL. YOU SHOULD BE SCARED ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO. User Russia has been timed out for flooding.
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