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  1. Fatalysm


  2. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    I honestly don't have a solid answer for you. I think if we had 3-4 people porting content from here to there and I carried on finessing the look and feel you're probably looking at a month or two. If we were editing this website to match that style, depending on the CMS and coding, maybe a little bit longer. Realistically speaking, the design and interface element of WordPress and Divi together is really simple. So it's just a monotonous task of bringing guides and things over. One aspect of the website I really like is that I have a PhpBB/WordPress bridge. So when you create an account, it's the same account you use across the whole site. No faffing about with crazy logins for different areas of the website. The frontend is the same as the backend. Edit: Also, depends on the forum aspect of thing to. Importing data isn't too hard, but this community is far more feature rich than phpbb. So to fully transfer, it would be better to have a fully registered and paid for license of invision community with the blogs etc. To give you another idea of design/development time. Making the old-school page took me roughly 3-4 hours maximum. Second edit: If you visit the site, ive ported the all fired up guide over quickly to see how it might look. Third edit:
  3. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    So as you can see, I was editing phpbb3 to make the forum style cohesive with the rest of the website. However, I ran into a lot of problems editing the base prosilver theme. Don't know why I thought that was a good idea. As you can see it looks pretty good though. However, problems occurred, so like I was supposed to, I started editing a child theme. and it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. Here is my progress on the forums. Notice the runescape blue esque forum buttons? If you want to see it live it's on realmofrunescape.com/community ... Otherwise it's here. I've spent more time styling the actual forum and I'm trying to work smarter and create something that would be easier to update.
  4. Fatalysm

    Advertisements between posts now?

    I get it at the top of the page, between posts...everywhere!
  5. Fatalysm


    Then I will live out the rest of my days. Bound to my skin, trapped in this body. Thanks for letting me know
  6. Fatalysm


    I can't change my signature. Kinda sucks for me! Maybe a mod .... @Sobend i love you ....can alter it for me? It's just this.
  7. Fatalysm

    The one where I start boxing

    So for charity, I will be boxing in an amateur fight on the 21st of March. I'm telling you this because you will be able to watch it on youtube, so I will post that for everyone to see. But as it's for charity, I need to do my bit. If you want to donate anything my page is http://justgiving.com/matthewzacharyfletcher It's the first time of combat sport I've ever been involved in and I'm really excited to see how it goes! I'm really into boxing and watching fights and breaking them down punch by punch. Watching boxers weaknesses and strengths and seeing how they do with all that I know. Recently I made a bet on the McGregor vs Cerrone fight and won £300 based on a first-round win by McGregor in the first half of the round. Just wanted to add if you haven't already considered it go and follow this topic if you're interested because it just keeps growing and growing. http://www.realmofrunescape.com
  8. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    Cheers everyone, i've been working on a secret project. http://www.realmofrunescape.com/old-school/ Just to show it next to the original I think if i decide to pursue that kind of page, i want to make it the same width as the main website, so i'll have to adjust the website background from Old School Runescape. EDIT: (edited it to match the size of the main website 1080px) edit:
  9. Fatalysm

    I didn't make that topic.

    All I’ve figured out is that @lilshu is getting ready to drop a diss on ludacris and this is all album promotion Vs
  10. Fatalysm

    I didn't make that topic.

    But what if this is just a ploy to get us to turn on Lilshu and you are the real culprit! Although the ability to change the author of a post does technically exist, @Neo Avatars did it for me once.
  11. Fatalysm

    Returning Post Issues

    If it's happening to more than one member, more than likely the user and forum permissions are correct but the server migration caused a few problems. Might be something as simple as editing the group permissions in the ACP. Other than that, it's gonna probably be a database error. @Salmoneus @lilshu
  12. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    Preferably before I code the entire website .
  13. 1, there is nobody left to make me famous.
  14. I’ll bring MANY uncut dragonstones .
  15. Fatalysm

    The one where I spill the beans

    Uncut dragonstone!? I’ll be quiet

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