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  1. Fatalysm

    Social media

    Hello, my new friends, Don't worry, I'm fine. When will it all end? Giving you a sign. I stare at a screen, post a few pictures. Before I hit send, my mind gets sicker. Saw you mentioned dad, such a nice comment. Thoughts driving me mad, is that what I meant? I liked your status, upvoted your memes. I liked the past "us", following our dreams. The world is so open, Life is so easy. No use in hoping, you cannot see me. What's with the comments? I'm lonely and scared. I have no defence, Sad and unprepared. Life gave me lemons and told me to try. I'm battling demons whilst I sit and cry. Want to live normal, Whatever that is. Not sad, hormonal, with online as bliss. When i try to get out, It sucks me back in. A world full of clout, This life's online bin. Hit that like button, Subscribe and follow. I need you, come on, I'm feeling hollow.
  2. Fatalysm

    Farewell to Sal's Realm...

    We went to the freezer and never came back out! In all truth, using the site can be pretty hard because the games have updated a fair bit since. Even back when I was questing and adding updates, so much information had changed.
  3. What I love about this thing I've just been sporadically writing over the last 10 minutes is that you can swap lines, rhyming patterns and it still works and can tell different stories. 5 syllables each line, A, B, B, A format. Because I love the band. ------------- Always in the race Searching for winnings Humble beginnings Always setting pace Now time narrows on Feeling unsteady I'll never be ready My time dead and gone Life isn't finished Never done fighting This isn't my thing I'm just diminished No competition In this for myself Looking out for health My self ambition When all's said and done I will be okay Look at him you'll say I've hardly begun
  4. Fatalysm

    Juice brand for better health

    I feel like the only way to get the best fruit juice is to juice it yourself. The problem is, fruit already contains a huge amount of natural sugar. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, which can be beneficial. Most orange juices in the UK are marketed as 100% pure orange juice, which is true, but I like to think about... To keep fruit fresh, a lot of fruit will be frozen, stored, thawed and sold (so that we get fruit all year round). Everything can be beneficial in moderation. I'm a little biased on natural sugars because I found out that my body processes sugars into fats extremely well. So sugar sensitivity leans me away from taking in a lot of sugar, even though it's natural. Stay away from preservatives and added sugars, and outside of orange juice, don't go looking at the smoothies, my god, the smoothies.
  5. Fatalysm

    Thoughts on Monarchies in the 21st Century?

    I'm from England, United Kingdom. Over the last several decades, we have seen a shift away from religion as the older generations go. The United Kingdom has diversified in race, culture, class, and technology has changed a lot of things. From what I have seen, religion mostly gets passed from parent to child; your views will be my views. But what's been happening are these shifts from different races, classes, cultures and technology allowing us to communicate more effectively and exchange ideas and ideologies. You may have had rigorous parents who, even to this day you understand when you come home, you must behave a certain way. But when you're out of their world, your life is different. That's, in my opinion, how religion has been phased out. Children removing religion is a strict part of their lives, and their children care even less so. So why am I talking about religion and not the monarchy? Well, the success of the UK monarchy, in my opinion, comes down to the success of Christianity in the United Kingdom. Our national anthem is titled God save the queen. The popularity of the monarchy and nationalistic support have largely waned, and whilst this is not all due to Christianity back-step in society, it does play a factor. We've also seen the Queen take a step back and allow democracy to show its hand in the form of a government. At any point, she could step in and say no, but the people are supposedly backing what changes are put forward, so she ratifies our decisions. We benefit from tourism, and in some sense, the identity of the UK does rely on the monarchy. Generally, if you hear an accent done, you'll listen to East London (closer to working-class, think Oliver) or the Queens English. (Prim and proper). I don't think we'll be rid of our monarchy for a long time to come. It's rooted deeply in our foundations. We may not always have it so deeply entrenched in our culture; it's certainly nowhere near as popular as it has been in the past. However, the monarchy is a pillar defining what the UK is. Something else which probably isn't worth considering too deeply, but perhaps makes an interesting discussion is Brexit. With the UK enforcing its own laws, controlling its borders and the like, could we see more from the royals as time goes on. The queen isn't going to live forever and with her passing the crown goes to Charles and then William. With new leadership, new ideas come along with them, do they change anything and risk the UK turning against them. I guess that all remains to be seen. Personally I don't want the monarchy to rule and I respect them all the more for just letting the UK get on with it. If they are boosting the economy, especially after the brexit sentiment, great.
  6. Fatalysm


    I made a series of poor choices with credit, which led me into an IVA—trying to go self-employed, assigning too many material purchases to finance and loans. Until it, all became too overwhelming and has left me in financial ruin essentially. I don't know enough about investment and crypto. Somewhere out there is a single bitcoin with my name attached, I'm pretty sure, but I have no idea where that is. It's not something I've ever really looked into, probably because I tend to focus on the present and enjoy myself (fear of depression taking over). I've stopped myself from making some financial decisions that could have benefited me. I constantly see investment advertisements such as etoro popping up suggesting they make it simple and easy to match trades. The argument I make in my head is that IF it were indeed that easy, we'd all be rich like one of those payday loans. Yeah, don't worry about the APR; we'll tuck that number somewhere obscure; you'll be fine. Much like South Park's approach to investment in their Stick of Truth and Fractured but whole games, you can invest $20 and watch it disappear or spin the wheel and see where it lands you. I've forced myself into a scared bubble when it comes to finances, and without someone guiding me through all of that, I don't think I'll ever be able to leap. Many gambling and investment businesses talk about only investing/gambling what you can afford to lose. Well, the number I can afford to lose is pretty low. So it is worth even putting in a tiny amount when the return will be small, and the amount of time for a return will be significant. I wonder if instead of spending, let's say, £20 a month on the Euromillions that could be used to create something better investment-wise. (I should probably save it because the money I save will ultimately be better than the money I waste hoping for a vast jackpot) I'm human; I make dumb decisions.
  7. Fatalysm

    Yuanrang is admin

    There was a moment of viewing a topic. I saw this flash of orange as my heavy eyes scrawled over a post. "Ah, Lilshu, probably," I thought. I continued scrolling, quicker and quicker, when I spotted the letter Y. Confusion set upon me quicker than lockdown gripped the world. Finally, I rested my eyes firmly on the text I had so absentmindedly scrolled past. Yuanrang, Forum Admin. So strange to my eyes and yet so familiar. The man I know, perfect to take on such a task, albeit years later than it should have been, finally, where he belongs. I don't know if congratulations are the best word to describe the scenario you find yourself in, but if one man can and will wear the metaphorical hat, it is wise that you are that such man. Well done, I am sure you will maintain the ship whilst it sits in the dockyard.
  8. Interesting that it's pretty close! I like that origin for your name. I wish I'd done the same for myself, but hindsight is a fickle thing. Much less attractive, but I think I just used to go with what I thought was "cool". I don't think I'll ever be able to remember all the names I had, but here are the ones I remember, tribal dragon boy, lord Pixma, Osiris, Unknown and finally Fatalysm. I thought Fatalysm was interesting at the time, and I described it in my mind as the act of being fatal. Almost like it was a religion or something. I quickly found out that people just shortened it to Fat which is both hysterical and reasonably accurate. I can't remember if I've ever been in trouble with you. I've been in situations a lot on here which you'll almost certainly know about, but hey, that maintains that intelligent persona I've built around you. I believe that's just it though, my opinion of you is more informed from the role you played as a moderator. There are countless examples I could give of topics and posts you've made, which also make a point of your intelligence, but I would hazard a guess that most of the formed opinions I have regarding your militant style do come from your role here. You were dealing with thousands of children at varying stages in their life. Yes, you may have had to be stern and pedantic but what matters and what I've always seen is that what you're doing and have done is to make this place better for everyone. It's challenging to know the gap. On one side, as you mentioned, does someone who oversized a signature deserve a ban? Perhaps not, but the leniency makes the rules irrelevant. In my opinion, you were right to stick by what was said and done, and it did make for a more enjoyable community. People making a sport of harassing people and testing how far they will go? Well, yes, unfortunately, I know first-hand on here how that feels. I feel like I probably unfairly did this to others as well. Certain people loved bullying me over my online persona. I took it personally—some of that hurt. But then I used to bug the heck out of forum admin/moderators and distinguished members back in the day because I felt like I deserved recognition and power. So I'm not entirely innocent. It ties into what you were saying about immaturity and repressed emotions. I always wanted to be the big hotshot. As a young teenager, I never wanted to feel inferior, and Sal's Realm was where I felt valued where I didn't get that so much at home. Once I started to feel like I was 'somebody' on here, that twisted into wanting to go even further. Do you think your friendships suffered? Would you ever reach out to any of them now, or have you done? Is that something you regret? I don't mean moderating as a whole, but not fully expressing yourself with that nagging thought in your mind that you might have to present yourself differently because of a role? Heck yeah, I'm a titan. I may have visited the old invisionfree forum once or twice, but this is going back past 2005 and my memory of being 12 years old online is rather vague, to put it politely. That's such a sweet way to put it, all these people we miss, care for and remember dearly. I think I've found a softer side to you already. Wow! That's not something I knew! Probably just as well I'm finding out about it now, and not ten years ago, my ego would have been even further out of control! I'm honoured and astonished that you have respect for me. I feel that I did try to improve and learn, and that's something that's stuck with me and is probably more relevant now than it was back then, but It's all about the journey of how you get somewhere. For me, art was the only thing I ever felt good at as a child. When I started getting into GFX and photoshop, I was 11 years old and taught myself everything. I had a steep learning curve. Some of the people here are, even to this day, miles beyond what I can do creatively. It's them that spurred me on to be better, in a sense. Also, I seemed to have this awful trait of wanting to be the best and most recognised no matter what the cost. Hey, I'm about seven months away from hitting 30, and it's like the worlds come crashing down. You aren't boring; you've changed my dull afternoon into a fantastic read. I got a notification through and smiled! I get you. Once those big goals from your youth get done, you realise that actually life continues. Not that you need my advice, but something I thought about recently is that yeah, sure, we're all getting older and settling down, but that doesn't mean we're incapable. Sometimes you've got to take that leap you would have done as a youngster, other times not so much, weak hips and that. Have you had a rough time with exams and everything considering what's been happening in the world? Wow! dungeons and dragons! I love online events people are doing and certain shows on twitch and youtube. So interesting watching people create these characters and get creative within a ruleset to have a dungeon master layout a story. I'm in a pretty good place now. I won't bore you too much, but basically, I had a child with my now ex. She up and left after birth and took my boy. I was self-employed, running a pet shop for a while, and doing good, but eventually, the rent and rates just got too much for this small town. I had to deal with having no credit and being almost homeless. Anyway, now that's out of the way, I can honestly say that I'm doing great; I'm in a full-time job, looking at going back to self-employment, I've been off anti-depressants and just dosed with vitamin b12, and that's made my life so much easier. I got my motorbike license, and I'm now driving around in my dream car (Subaru Wrx Sti). I'm also looking to upsize and relocate, so that's something too! Honestly, it couldn't be going better. You hit the nail on the head. Always striving to be better and creative but getting bored and then trying to reinvent me. I've suffered from anxiety and depression since I can remember. I used hobbies to fill my mind with anything but what was going on, which still happens to me, although less frequently. I would dive into projects headfirst and, hopefully, see them through. I just wanted to do something. When people started liking what I was doing, it started well, but it quickly changed into this desperate search for validation. That's why I would constantly reinvent myself and probably why I mentioned wishing I could delete old topics and posts. I consider myself to have evolved from what I was. I need to appreciate the journey more. I always felt like I wasn't the same person and had something new to achieve—for example, tribal dragon boy, my oldest name. I didn't know what forums were. I typed the way that I talked and asked the most basic questions. Reinvention happened, lord Pixma. I discovered pixel art and gfx on here, and I wanted to get involved and make my mark, but I felt like people didn't like everything I posted. So there was a reinvention, Osiris. He learned from all the previous two's mistakes and started to get involved with gfx, but I'm pretty sure I ended up developing a warn log for some trivial stuff, and I felt like people didn't like me. So I come back as Unknown, another reinvention. I'm staying away from GFX a little bit this time, but I'm still getting older, learning and growing. By this point, I feel okay, but I want everyone to know who I am. So I have to let go of this identity crisis. Eventually, I own up to my old accounts. At that time, I've reinvented myself as Fatalysm. I was still immature, still power-hungry, and it all came from this idea that I just wanted to be liked. Perhaps if I'd spent less time wanting to be liked and trying to fight my way to the top, I could have just made more friends. Anyway, I do like to master things and move on. Or at least master them to a point. I've always been the same. When I sold carpet, I made sure I knew everything there was to know about carpet. Right now, it's the same with power tools. I learned those back to front with photoshop and illustrator, and adobe suite, even though I don't use most of them. I taught myself how to create websites and use HTML/CSS and some PHP. I don't know why I do it; perhaps it is to fill the void. I was never content to leave anything, though. It's like the website design for this place. I've done like 4/5 different designs since that one because I always feel like I can do more. I never did make a career in graphic design. After three years of college, I told myself that I liked creating things for fun. I didn't want to be pinned by the will of a customer. It just took all of the fun out of it. In a way, I stand by it. If you don't enjoy something, why are you doing it? I never wanted the graphic design to annoy me because it was always there to fill the void and stop me from getting down. Having said all of that, I've used my skills throughout my adult life. When I went self-employed, I built my e-commerce website, and when it came to running the shop, I did everything from the design and layout of the shop, the colours to the pos, logo, posters, shelf-edge labelling. So It's served me well. There are strong ties, and there are some reasonably deep connections, but I feel that because I was so young/immature/self-involved, I didn't take the time to get to know everyone as much as I should have. I feel that I missed out on an opportunity to have a better social experience. That said, I wouldn't change growing up online on here for the world. Even the people that may not have treated me exceptionally well still helped me become a better person today. If I could change anything, it wouldn't be the forum so much as it would be myself. If I had been content in posting and being happy, this place would have been much better off. You got stuck with me! Sal's Realm taught me about community. It taught me about knowing more about the world and being able to connect with people genuinely. This place changed me. When I started here, I was 11/12 years old, and I played Runescape with my brothers, but I didn't have any friends, and I wasn't delighted in life. The people I met in real life didn't always vibe with me, and I spent a long time getting bullied. On the other side of it, on here, for the most part, everyone was charming, and this is what I would describe as my family away from my family. I could get lost in the forums and talk to like-minded people. This place kept me in check as well. When I got too big for my boots, people quickly brought me back down to earth. Sal's is where I'm at my happiest, where I share the best memories and where I learned who I would become! I feel like I've been writing for 3 hours, so I'm just going to stop. It's cool getting to know more about you, though! Do you still play video games when you can find the time?
  9. For myself, I've added in as many people as I can manage at the moment. The dilemma I faced is that everyone on here is pretty much deserved to be on that list. I could have gone the safer route of not listing anyone, but I live in this fantasy world where I believe some of the people might get an email notification and see their name pop up and get some real joy reminiscing on here. By far the worst thing for me is not getting to know everyone on a deeper level, but then again I wasn't exactly mature and I was incredibly self-involved as a teenager. As well as that, I had old accounts on here that date back to 2005. (Don't worry I got temporarily banned for that). In a way, I'm glad that most of the people from then have no idea who I am now. I'm glad to have connected with so many people over the past 16 years, the only issue I have with it is that I can't edit out the awful behaviour of my teenage years. But hey, that's what growing is for and people on here helped me to do that, which is awesome! I did start by writing notes about people but even that felt off. It's nice and all, to give back those shared memories but then, how is that fair to the people that are still here. To completely go back on what I just said, I thought this might be a fun time to build some kind of connection. @YuanrangIf you ever want to chat I'm down. Since the beginning I considered your name to be Yuan or Ewan. You always come across as super-intelligent with an almost militant strictness which is something I've always respected about you. I don't know who the titans are, I'm guessing it's something to do with the old sal's realm but since that's something I associate with you, you are now a titan. I feel like we are probably very different people but I think I probably respect you more because of that. You seem like a cool fellow, how do you do? Oh in my mind you look like Auron and that's just your permanent look. That's head canon. If I wake up banned my experiment failed.
  10. IF YOU WANT TO SKIP BACKSTORY, IVE ALL CAPPED IN BOLD WHERE MY QUESTIONS AND OBSERVATIONS START I don't know how many of you are boxing fans but recent events have left me perturbed to put it lightly. For those who don't know the situation, it starts with the undefeated Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury was coming back from a kind of retirement. He had previously defeated Vladimir Klitschko on November 27th 2015 to become the heavyweight champion gaining the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO and Ring Magazine belts and lineal championship. Since that fight he got into numerous amounts of trouble, ballooning in weight, taking drugs and partying. Something he would later attribute to mental health and depression. In the time that followed Anthony Joshua climbed the ranks of the professional game. Securing himself the titles which had been vacated and obtained by other fighters. To this day, Anthony Joshua holds the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts, although he did briefly lose them to Andy Ruiz Jr. The last part of the puzzle for Anthony Joshua is the WBC belt. Now, it should be said that boxing isn't all about belts and there's a discussion to be made that having so many belts is just preposterous but that's a different conversation altogether. Speaking about the WBC belt, that belt was held by Deontay Wilder. Wilder is regarded by many as one of the most powerful puncher's in boxing history. Wilder held the WBC belt from 2015 until 2020, losing in a rematch to Tyson Fury. At this moment in time, Anthony Joshua is yet to fight either Wilder or Fury. The latter two have had a fight in 2018 which ended officially as a draw, although popular opinion is that Tyson won the fight. The rematch saw Tyson brutalize Wilder to a TKO finish in the 7th round when Wilder's corner threw the towel in. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury signed for a trilogy of fights. The popular opinion at the time was that Deontay wouldn't sign the rematch clause because of the beating he took in the second fight, however, Wilder did sign the rematch clause. Then disaster struck. COVID-19 put everything on hold as we know. By October 2020, Wilder's rematch clause expired. Tyson Fury's promoters decided it was time to move on and arrange another fight. Wilder's team decided to pursue legal action. In the meantime, Anthony Joshua defended his titles against Kubrat Pulev and anticipation was building for a possible bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. With both men holding the belts this would mean unification, something that hasn't been done since 1999 by Lennox Lewis when he fought Evander Holyfield. After 5 months of back and forth between the two parties, the fight for Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua was signed, they were in a contractual agreement to fight. The fight that fans wanted to see looked unstoppable. Yet Wilder's legal pursuit of arbitration was still in the background and as of the 17th of May, he won the arbitration. The arbiter ordered that the third fight must happen by September 15th 2021. This decision comes two months after Fury and Joshua signed for their bout in August. In a record time (in my opinion), it took only until the 24th of May to sign the trilogy fight. That's only one week since the arbitration was resolved, compare that to the 5 months it took for Fury and Joshua to sign. Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn made remarks that I'm going to loosely quote here. Going on to say that he doesn't think Fury's team ever wanted the Joshua fight. How does a fight get signed so quickly? Also being promised that the arbitration wasn't going to succeed. Now Anthony Joshua is likely to fight mandatory challenger Oleksandr Usyk. So that's where we are now. IF YOU DONT WANT BACKSTORY, SKIP TO HERE. Does Deontay Wilder deserve his trilogy fight, it was in the original contract? Should Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn not have signed pursued a new fight? We can assume Wilder's fight with Fury will not make anywhere near the same amount as he would fighting Joshua, should Tyson have vacated his belt/paid Wilder off? It's come to light that the trilogy fight could have been called off in December, but it wasn't. Was there foul play by Fury's side to sabotage the Joshua fight? I don't know all the answers but I know that boxing is nothing without the fans. In my opinion, this damages the credibility of Tyson Fury. This is unfortunate because by all accounts he is the booking favourite. I believe it was very smart on Wilder's part to wait it out and get the fight. I don't like his tactics and I don't particularly want to see a third fight, but I can't argue that he didn't deserve the fight. For me, if he comes out and shows a different fight and potentially wins, I will be very happy but if he gets flattened by Fury again I will be annoyed that the pair of them have wasted our time. Right now, I want to see Anthony Joshua fighting either man. The only person we haven't seen beat is Fury, so the build-up was obvious. We have the best versus the best. Then we have this fight with Wilder vs Joshua which never happened because of Wilder. Here's what I want to see happen in the next fights. Fury wins against Wilder Joshua wins against Usyk Joshua and Fury re-sign contracts. Then we get some fighting between Ruiz, Wilder, Usyk and Dillian Whyte. Somewhere further down that list Joe Joyce. What do y'all think?
  11. Fatalysm


    I've grown so old now and I think it's just this realisation that even though my picture isn't watermarked or something I'd really care about someone stealing, I'm now in this headspace that everything should be credited, for the people who put in the efforts. Also I kind of like the idea that in a couple years someone might see this thread and think, lemme see what I can do with those assets. You're definitely right about V being flat. I should probably have messed with bokeh and depth of field, adding more effects over the top. One mistake I made was adding the original V render over the top of everything I'd done and simply lowering opacity before colour grading etc. I think If I'd taken the render to a lower opacity, added in some foreground and blurred it out a little it would probably been better. After I added in the V for Vendetta logo I was sat at my desk thinking... I know, I'll make it a 3D space and have him interweave in and out of it. For about 0.2 seconds I was like...."Yes, I'm a genius." Then back to immediate mediocrity. Space stocks ftw. You should just do some stuff! Edit: Here's the psd, incredibly simple stuff. https://www.dropbox.com/s/51l35yh5wjc3jxv/Vendetta.psd?dl=0
  12. Fatalysm

    Let me post pls

    I can't speak for @Sobend or @Salmoneus, but I imagine that the site will likely never come back. I'm always interested in doing things for the site/forum but at the end of the day, what we have is an archive, a history of what was a huge fan site and forum. I know that Sobend puts effort in on his end which is commendable, but I can't see this place being revived. Fansites died to the wikis/reddit/discords. Forums have also slowed as a medium that people use, live updates and fast content has changed the way we use the internet. The actual site CMS is accessible by @Sobend and others I am sure, but sadly from what I understand, it's largely outdated and isn't really fit for it's purpose. Besides all of that, the site and forums still belong to @Salmoneus and I don't think anyone really wants to move this site on without him. This site is what we know of him and has a whole community and history that all starts with him. I think if you ever want to go ahead and do something, go out and make it. I personally created a website that was a similar idea called Realm Of Runescape but back then It was this idea that I could port the site into an upgraded wordpress cms and integrate everything there. But at the same time, it lacks the foresight that realistically, nobody wants another runescape fan site, so long as the wiki's survive. If you were to ever run a successful website, you need something the Wiki's and reddits don't have or you do it so much better that you can carve out an audience. (Excuse the clickbait title ) We're all old men and women here now, holding out as the last bastions of a time gone by. Something really funny I just read, people are using the site as a guide for old-school runescape because the pages haven't been updated for such a long time. Tragic but also hilarious.
  13. Fatalysm


    Hey I'm just batting for second place at this point.
  14. Fatalysm

    Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

    It's an interesting topic. If anything, I want to be as far away from social media integration as possible. But that's where the market has unfortunately gone. That's what gets the eyeballs. I agree that Reddit is going to have more problems the more social media is integrated. The thing I don't like about Reddit is that as that anonymous voice you are just part of a community within a community. You can post in a smaller subreddit and your stuff might be seen, but not by a large audience. Or you post into a larger subreddit and you get completely ignored. Also, it's not like you can go to a specific forum within a subreddit. If I want to ask a question about something, I've got to find a different subreddit with a different set of rules and get ignored there instead. Forums are too slow. I agree with that, something that I think developers should have been quicker on is loading content almost in real-time. That's where social media thrives, serving content as it's posted. They are also too involved and separated from the main product. For instance, Sal's Realm for a small number of people was this community. But they forget that the behemoth behind it was the archive of Runescape data. You have to want to engage if you find a forum. The whole client thing, I just think that's the only way you could operate a successful 'fansite' in 2021. Realistically you can't ask people playing Runescape especially to stick around in a forum whilst they play the game when they have everything offered from a website inside a client. The only things missing from that client is the community aspect. We have clients like Runelite that have approval from Jagex, they use open-source code and offer a decent amount of benefits that Jagex admits they just can't develop in the same timescale. To be honest, you hit the nail on the head with Discord. You can set up different chats for different topics, it's easy to communicate in, it's fast and it has the social VoIP/private messaging side. It's got less structure to it, but that's a benefit to its useability. You can already get discord integration within third-party clients as well. Ironically, there is a discord plugin for the Invision community as well, but I can't see why you'd want to split a forum between the two. Your forum members would just jump to Discord. I was reading a topic about that, they didn't know whether to shut down their discord because their paid forum was dying to it. EDIT: WE HAVE A DISCORD, Well now i know.
  15. Fatalysm


    I downloaded photoshop because I felt like making something... It's been a while. I guess I now have a forum signature. Absolutely love V For Vendetta so this was a no brainer for me to make something like this. I actually half followed a tutorial to use some different techniques because it's been a while, obviously always got to take my own spin on things but it was interesting see what other people did. Edit: That awkward moment when your signature cannot be your signature because it's too big. My sources https://www.deviantart.com/brisktutorials/art/Venom-Tutorial-83389789 https://www.pngaaa.com/detail/3330161 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/V_(V_for_Vendetta_Movie) https://www.deviantart.com/juggsy/art/Smudge-Brush-Set-3-WITH-settin-128369423 https://www.pexels.com/photo/droplets-of-water-on-black-glass-panel-3684512/ https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-and-orange-solar-flare-73873/ https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-rocky-mountain-photography-2098427/ https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-rain-drops-1539116/ https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-and-brown-rock-formation-7783923/ https://www.pngjoy.com/download/a7x1n2q2j9f4f1_abstract-effect-abstract-c4d-render-transparent-png/ My PSD file https://www.dropbox.com/s/51l35yh5wjc3jxv/Vendetta.psd?dl=0

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