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  1. Fatalysm

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Since you posted Zooey, it's gotta be my turn.
  2. Fatalysm


    Manipulation is everything in your life, whether you do so consciously or not. As a child, you would cry to manipulate the feelings of your parents or guardians for your gain. It is our choices every single day that defines us and make us who we are. We manipulate our lives and the lives of others for every reason there is. Whether it's a small hint at work for the promotion, tipping the waiting staff, or even as mundane and mandatory as washing ourselves. Personal hygiene makes us more approachable, and thus we are closer to the manipulation of that person. Sometimes we manipulate others for our gain. We see the opportunity to make something happen, and we seize it. Sometimes we manage others to fit our narrative. We even do it to help other people. Manipulation is considered to be a horrible thing to do. To be manipulative is to control or influence others and yet I cannot see a compelling argument that it doesn't or shouldn't exist within every single one of us. I've recently been talking to my ex-fiancee. Who will control the narrative of a conversation by refusing to speak and ignoring important questions to then fire blame at me for making assumptions about her attitude amongst other things... I make such assumptions based on the facts I have presented in front of me; it would be rude to say I was always right because that is very much untrue. Seeing as I feel I'm being manipulated right at this very second. I thought it was poignant to create a debate on whether or not you consider manipulation to be a good or bad thing. Would you consider it to be more right than wrong, more wrong than right? What crosses the line between the two?
  3. Fatalysm

    I would like a New Signature Please

    Searched google and got pretty jiggy with it. Crazy how much is still online really!
  4. Fatalysm

    I would like a New Signature Please

    Yeah I’m like 90% sure that was Beeboy. There was a time where that kind of pixel art Simon the sorcerer-esque style was massive among the Runescape Fan Forums. Then Adobe Photoshop CS2/3 came about and it moved to cartoon style and small gif signatures. Edit, look at this one!!! ———————
  5. Fatalysm

    I would like a New Signature Please

    When I saw you were doing that, I was thinking to myself “I’ll make him a temporary one, because that signature is gonna take a wee bit of time.” Perhaps a drawing would be easier? Do we try and get AnonJoe and Andyana back? So lost on these forums these days!
  6. Fatalysm

    I would like a New Signature Please

    Well here's the thing. I didn't follow your brief, it's been a long time since I attempted a signature or really anything that used imagination in photoshop. Here is something created for you at 3am. It's at least, runescape...related? Use some blur, change some lighting, create a render, use some C4D and then some smudging and hey presto, it's a signature
  7. You see it happening everywhere. Market stalls, turned to shops on the high street, turned into supermarkets which progressed to online shopping. I don’t want to count the amount of times I’ve said “don’t worry I’ll just prime it here for tomorrow”. Even fan sites like this one. Everyone had their niche and an audience to boot. Then over time we’ve had the rise of the wiki and reddit, massive platforms to overthrow and merge the audience. Everything is the same as well, especially online. You can only really have two options. There is a third but that’s not really what people use. Google and bing, Amazon and eBay, Microsoft and Apple. Samsung and Apple! I suppose these are my questions: Do you think this will continue to happen? Will this behaviour of monopolising the markets ever stop? Do you think independents, smaller business and organisations might ever have a resurgence? Is there room for smaller companies, websites and the like to grow and thrive with these conglomerates bottle necking everything? Do you think people will ever get sick of the systems we have in place now? What do you think is the next big step?
  8. Fatalysm

    Assassins Creed

    Wanted to know if anyone was still playing AC Odyssey and what people think of the new and upcoming AC Valhalla? I completed (in the vaguest sense) AC Odyssey a couple of years ago, but some of the lads at work started playing again about a month ago. I decided it was time to join them and away I went. At first I was disappointed to find out I’d deleted my save but figured I may as well go ahead and play and change my decisions in the game for a different outcome. Now I’ve completed the main storyline once, gone to new game plus and I’m on a mission. Currently level 90 (of 99). I’ve completed every location on the main map, next up will be side quests. I’ve also got Atlantis and all of the DLC to complete, so I’m looking forward to that. The game obviously has its problems and at this point I can safely say, I’ve potentially logged more than 100 hours and definitely see things I’d wish they’d done better. But what amazes me is the quality, the graphical standard on the PS4 and it’s replay-ability. On my first go around with this game mid 2019, I had achieved the main storyline and that was as far as I wanted to go, I can’t remember if I’d even levelled past 50. I remember picking it up without even looking at reviews, trailers or anything. It was merely there as something to buy in the playstation store. Honestly if you’ve never played Odyssey I highly recommend you pick it up. Although I would advise that whilst it does have Assassins Creed as it’s title, it could not really be further away from the rest of the franchise. Consider it a love letter to Ancient Greece and its mythology. With a few smatterings of ISU technology and a lot of RPG elements. The combat is fairly similar in some respects to what I remember of old AC games, but having said that, there is a variety of enemy type and these enemies aren’t taking it in turns to kill you. Combat is based on a skill tree of abilities you can unlock and fighting is largely based on how you want to play. For someone who sucks at timing a parry and dodging, I’ve opted for heavy weaponry up close but leave most things to my trusty bow to sort out. Anyhow, are you excited for Valhalla? I’m personally buzzing for the possibilities, hoping that I see some changes that Odyssey desperately needed. If we are getting camps/forts again, I’d love more variation in the maps. I’m sick of seeing the same layout everywhere I go. If we get the mercenary system again, let’s make it more than just “this bounty hunter is tracking you”. I want it based more around what Shadow of Mordor has. If they kill you, they ascend the ranks and insult you the next time around! Conquest battles either need to disappear or you have to make them worthwhile! If the outcome of the battle makes no difference to anything, it makes it pointless to do them. If you want to do conquest battles right, have the vikings battle the English for settlements. Leave a settlement for too long and the English will reclaim it. Make it so that there is a reason to keep pushing. The story can’t advance until x amount of land has been claimed, just something more! The last thing, which is so important... Give us back some more Assassins Creed! The hidden blade is back. Don’t let this become Skyrim 2.0! No idea who I was addressing this too, but hey, you made it!
  9. Fatalysm


    Testing out posting a reply to a blog post reply.
  10. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    Just a quick little bump to let everyone know that I cancelled the domain and hosting because this topic didn't go anywhere. I feel like maybe this is me coming to terms with the fact that forums and fan-sites have died out to the wiki. If anyone ever wants to start up a gaming website with me, I'm interested to see how far we could take it, but I don't know that runescape is ever going to be game that dominates it. Such a shame really. Probably the last time I ever do a re-design for sal's realm just because it's become a little old-hat at this point. Love y'all.
  11. Fatalysm


    Testing out posting a blog post.
  12. Fatalysm


  13. Fatalysm

    a fun thought experiment

    Not that I want to be cynical but I believe Jagex have been doing this to RS3 for years.
  14. Fatalysm

    The em dash

    I'm gonna break the wheel and make non-spaced followed by spaced - out, followed—on with em dashes spaced — out. I'm gonna abbreviate all your hyphenations, take your eminem dashes creating explanations. Using grammar like it's all exclamations! Just a bunch of words together to convey my elation. I am the true king of rap.
  15. Fatalysm

    The em dash

    Yet hyphenated words can still be hyphenated with a dash, although quite rightly would generally be used to pause or break up a sentence. Dashes are dumb, I am dumb.

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