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  1. Fatalysm

    Osrs Agility Guide

    Sorry, I've been away from the internet. What do you think? (Best viewed on a desktop) https://runescaping.com/skill-guides/agility/
  2. Fatalysm

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    Some speculated that the photos with Liz Truss and Boris Johnson happened a while ago. Which I thought was interesting. The last photo of her, on her own there with a black hand and dark eyes was enough for me to say she's not got long left. It's a weird time, I'm not upset by her passing, she was 96 and yet it doesn't feel quite right. For me it's not grief, it's this odd confusion and perhaps fear.
  3. Fatalysm

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61585886 A huge moment in history, whether you like or dislike the monarchy, especially in the UK. Everyone I know has only known Queen Elizabeth as the Queen.
  4. Fatalysm

    Look at this stuff we will never use

    Not if he handed more power to his diligent Admin and we instanced the site elsewhere until it was ready for launch, my master. But yeah you are right. I'm sad in a way because if I had the money for the self hosted license and the pages, i'd create the thing and then it's just a forum migration away after completition. I'd never want to destroy what was already built. In my mind it would all just become oldrealm.salmoneus and eventually the new would migrate to runescape.salmoneus. However, even a forum upgrade would create bugs. He does deserve his privacy, I just wish he had a calendar reminder to visit once in a while. I don't know that he would be needed all the way through the project, but at this point he would be needed at the start and at the end.
  5. Fatalysm

    RIP me

    I have emailed Sal. I have no idea if he will find this email, but for what it's worth, I'll do everything I can to bring you back, Miccy F.
  6. Fatalysm

    Look at this stuff we will never use

    I heard that forum admins named Yuanrang could contact Sal directly to his burner phone .
  7. Fatalysm

    Look at this stuff we will never use

    The pages are the webite, the pages could also be the forums. It allows you to dynamically add content. So you could for instance, create a quest guide with active topics, comments etc. We probably need him. I don't know what the admin panel is looking like, but I think we would have to upgrade the forum again, which might cause issues.
  8. Fatalysm

    The Bunny Kit

    Nothing archived for http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_Bunny_Kit_Forums annoyingly. You should make one @Magic of Woodcut!
  9. So as it turns out invision community (the forum software) is now fully capable of providing everything we've already got but you now have static / dynamic pages. https://invisioncommunity.com/features/pages/ Not that we would ever use it, but I suddenly envisioned that we could actually update the website without the need for a seperate content management system. If we could do that, we could bring this place up to scratch in around a year of content editing with only a few people. Hey it's no "State of the forum", but it's a suggestion, it's feedback and it's 2022. What a day. There is a slight issue with it, that mostly being cost and I don't know where the forums are in terms of upgrade. If i'm correct we're looking at $90 every 6 months which is already being paid and a one time fee of $150 for the pages add-on. Not that any of that information matters because this is all pie in the sky. Edit: Basically imagine the entire website is updatable and customizable and we can pollinate the website content with forum topics/content.
  10. Fatalysm

    Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars - 04/03/2013

    Honestly the CC is popping right now. Use runelite, use the optimal quest guide helper. Set yourself a goal of 24 hours to see how far you can get. I reckon you'll be surprised at far you get. I'll even fund you 10m. These are my stats after 576 hours, i've got like 5 quests left to complete for the cape. https://secure.runescape.com/m=hiscore_oldschool/hiscorepersonal
  11. Fatalysm

    Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars - 04/03/2013

    I'm glad you said it, i've been looking at this post for a while thinking....I swear Sal is levelled on Runescape. You should all come back so we can do more of this stuff.
  12. Fatalysm


    You are very bad, I follow the rules that's why I'm basically a dm. 4/10 could be more realistic.
  13. Fatalysm

    The Blog's Banner

    Zooey warms my heart. Which is impressive seeing as its been cold and dead for a long time now.
  14. Fatalysm

    Farewell to Sal's Realm...

    It's more about efficiency & optimisation. Instead of trying to compete with the wiki and all these other places it's compiling all the data and giving you the best way to level and quest. The site is directed more towards players who understand the game but need answers to their questions without having to research 3 different sites or trawl through the wiki to get what they want. It's only just beginning, I haven't even finished the agility page, but you can see kind of what i'm going for here. @Sobend @Yuanrang, I hope this link is okay, happy to remove it if not. I have only been focusing on Old School at the moment.

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