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  1. Fatalysm

    The em dash

    I'm gonna break the wheel and make non-spaced followed by spaced - out, followed—on with em dashes spaced — out. I'm gonna abbreviate all your hyphenations, take your eminem dashes creating explanations. Using grammar like it's all exclamations! Just a bunch of words together to convey my elation. I am the true king of rap.
  2. Fatalysm

    The em dash

    Yet hyphenated words can still be hyphenated with a dash, although quite rightly would generally be used to pause or break up a sentence. Dashes are dumb, I am dumb.
  3. Fatalysm

    The em dash

    Hyphenated words use the en dash. For example sixty-nine or ex-wife. I know which one I would choose. The em dash is useful–especially in place of other punctuation. You can also use it like the en dash – but should you?
  4. Fatalysm

    the kit that isn't a kit

    I started making a pixel kit, then I realised it wasn't 2006.
  5. Fatalysm

    anyone Read?

    I've been reading Diana Rowland's White Trash Zombie series. Also, some very interesting sex-filled books from Chloe Adler called A Witches Dark Craving. Basically I'm just one of these people that refuses to walk away from YA fantasy. Just finished reading The Dysasters by PC & Kristen Cast who did the House of Night books and Julie Kagawa's The Immortal Rules series. If anyone has any suggestions for YA fantasy that doesn't shy away from being crass, mildly sexual and humorous, I'm fully in. A lot of the time I'll read classic novels because at least I know they've been chosen as classics for their quality. My favourite book of all time is The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas who also wrote The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask (coincidentally the Leonardo Di Caprio film is also one of my favourite films). Another one is Victor Hugo, with Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame de Paris and finally, the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  6. For shoddy internet content? That was my contribution. I refuse to even try and listen to them! 10/10 I know who you are and you are not fake! Fake!
  7. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    Sobend, please don't get mad at me, I'm bumping my own topic . I've been messing around with embeddings video into guides as well as updating the look of the old-school page and some interesting developments in the way of wordpress / phpbb integration.
  8. [Writing Prompt] The Wizarding World has never met someone like the speedcaster. He can summon more than 10 spells in less than 30 seconds. He says he's from another world, where there a more people like him called 'rappers'. “What does he call himself?” Richard asked wistfully brushing through his dirty old parchments. “The Prince of Spell Air” replied Caitlin, sending Richard into pig snorting, toe-curling laughter. Caitlin didn’t see the funny side of it at all. Choosing instead to quickly rattle off a list of the mysterious fellows best achievements. “10 spells in less than 30...” Richard cut her off, anxious to get back to his old scribbled and ink blotted pages. “You seriously think he’s any good? I think it’s time we battled, where exactly is this Fresh Prince?” This annoyed Caitlin. Storming from the library, she sent some of Richard's parchment flying which snuck a grin smack bang in the middle of her smug face. She began to snake down the royal and far to narrow halls, making her way to the old spell-o-fone. Caitlin was lost in a cacophony of thoughts she began to wonder about this boy. Yes, sure he had a silly name, not that Richard would ever hear that and yes his accomplishments sounded far too good to be true. They would have to be otherworldly. "THAT'S IT!" Caitlin exclaimed flinging her arms widely at her sides, terrifying the living daylights out of passers-by. Professors and students alike all huffing at her sudden outburst. Without care, Caitlin sped faster and faster still. Her cheeks reddening, breath quickening until finally, a large stone opening appeared before her eyes, the praetorium. Walking in as if she'd never indeed been running like a crazy cat lady, Caitlin made her way to the spell-o-fone. Placing her hand on the old tardis blue receiver and wand to her ear, she beguiled "Vocatio unda Prince of Spell Air." Caitlyn heard ringing consume her ears, growing louder, almost vibrating her entire ear and then, a click. "Good afternoon, to whom do I owe this pleasure?" The voice travelled through Caitlin. "Are you an alien?" Caitlin demanded, giving this boy very little in the way of pleasantries. The voice spoke out again. "Miss, I'm not entirely sure if you are from another planet, but here on earth, it is customary to answer one's question before asking one of your own. Would you care to try again?" Caitlin covered her cheeks, already blushed from her previous hallway running, this boy was not ordinary. He sounded so elegant, refined, Caitlin could never be like that. Her auburn ringlets thrashing around her face, awkward teenage legs barely keeping her upright. She already knew he was a dreamboat. "I-i-i'm so so-sorry Mr..umm..Mr...Prince? I was so excited to hear your exploits of the magical kind and this 'rapping' it seems so otherworldly. My name is Caitlin, Caitlin Pritchard." Caitlins beamed awkwardness if she could have, there and then she'd have melted to a puddle on the floor. "Well Miss Pritchard, my name is George, and it will be my utmost pleasure to join yourself and Richard tonight in the Runic Garden at 7 pm." The spell-o-fone cut-out and Caitlin left to find Richard. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that's it from me for now. If you want a part two, I planned on doing a rap battle between George and Richard. So many questions, how did George now about Richard! Did Caitlin pick up on the fact that he already knew? How does the spell-o-fone operate? Is Geoge from another planet, are his skills as awesome as people are being told?
  9. Fatalysm


  10. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    I honestly don't have a solid answer for you. I think if we had 3-4 people porting content from here to there and I carried on finessing the look and feel you're probably looking at a month or two. If we were editing this website to match that style, depending on the CMS and coding, maybe a little bit longer. Realistically speaking, the design and interface element of WordPress and Divi together is really simple. So it's just a monotonous task of bringing guides and things over. One aspect of the website I really like is that I have a PhpBB/WordPress bridge. So when you create an account, it's the same account you use across the whole site. No faffing about with crazy logins for different areas of the website. The frontend is the same as the backend. Edit: Also, depends on the forum aspect of thing to. Importing data isn't too hard, but this community is far more feature rich than phpbb. So to fully transfer, it would be better to have a fully registered and paid for license of invision community with the blogs etc. To give you another idea of design/development time. Making the old-school page took me roughly 3-4 hours maximum. Second edit: If you visit the site, ive ported the all fired up guide over quickly to see how it might look. Third edit:
  11. Fatalysm

    Welcome to the new sal's realm

    So as you can see, I was editing phpbb3 to make the forum style cohesive with the rest of the website. However, I ran into a lot of problems editing the base prosilver theme. Don't know why I thought that was a good idea. As you can see it looks pretty good though. However, problems occurred, so like I was supposed to, I started editing a child theme. and it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. Here is my progress on the forums. Notice the runescape blue esque forum buttons? If you want to see it live it's on realmofrunescape.com/community ... Otherwise it's here. I've spent more time styling the actual forum and I'm trying to work smarter and create something that would be easier to update.
  12. Fatalysm

    Advertisements between posts now?

    I get it at the top of the page, between posts...everywhere!
  13. Fatalysm


    Then I will live out the rest of my days. Bound to my skin, trapped in this body. Thanks for letting me know
  14. Fatalysm


    I can't change my signature. Kinda sucks for me! Maybe a mod .... @Sobend i love you ....can alter it for me? It's just this.

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