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  1. Fatalysm

    The Wilderness is to be Removed

    Agree with Yuan; the area had clear benefits that had risks attached to getting those benefits. Old School Runescape still has this, and it works. I recently went to the wilderness agility course and got some significant XP gains but was player killed about 40 minutes in. At this point, Runescape 3 is so broken that these new changes aren't anything. The changes they made over a decade ago dismantled and alienated their players. Since then, they've continued down that path with no real effort to fix anything since Old School. You can abuse bonds for gp. I understand that it was a tactic to stop real-world trading, but compared to their absolute hard no stance. It's allowing players to pay to win. The gambling game in RS3, allows you to buy all your XP from lamps or get stored bonus XP or many other perks. You can buy your way to 99 with lamps. That's so far removed from what they wanted at the start. EOC changed combat significantly and alienated players. You learn and grow with a style, and they change it, and now you have this weird state of play where some players are full EOC, some play old style, or you have a mix. The fact that I am levelled up 80 in dungeoneering and divination, 63 in invention and 60 in archaeology should tell that the game is broken. I couldn't tell you anything much about dungeoneering. Im 63 in invention for some reason. I know very little about it. Divination, I think I spammed the levels up somewhere with bonus XP. Archaeology I levelled when it came out, but again, I can't tell you anything about that skill. The sad part is, I probably have around 250k bonus experience in most skills. I went to the gambling thing to test out my theory. I went and spent money on the game, and when I realised how broken the game was, I stopped playing. There's no fun in a game that can be cheesed like that. I say that the wilderness changes mean nothing. Opt PVP is fine, but the game is already broken at it's core.
  2. Fatalysm

    Space Butterfly

    I did in the end, I liked what was going on here! You'll definitely see the base style I was looking at from this thumbnail. I took what I liked and pushed it further basically. The other tutorial, I saw that the exposure effect selected channels inside blending options to give that 3D glasses effect.
  3. Fatalysm

    Dragon Sal Z

    If you want to view the entire thing, you can now do so! I posted it on discord but forgot to post it here! https://runescaping.com/dragon-sal-z/
  4. Yuan was right, I shouldn't have named people because I'd forget people off the list. I do actually, I saw a goodbye topic from you in 2012 and was thoroughly upset by it even though you are now back. Actually stemming on from that I saw a leaving topic from myself in 2011 and I was very confused. Even worse than that, I saw a post by @Master Neverdead coming back and he said he would never leave ever again. Am disappoint. TL;DR i love you morte.
  5. Fatalysm

    More nostalgia bait

    Probably most people here were not around to witness the invisionfree forum https://web.archive.org/web/20081118104052/http://z4.invisionfree.com/Sals_RS_Forum
  6. Fatalysm

    Space Butterfly

    I suppose the real question is, what isn't she looking at? Yeah I'm not sure about the text either, but I feel like it would need even more work without it. Make an SOTW entry, that would be epic.
  7. Fatalysm

    Space Butterfly

    I felt pretty rusty after that v for vendetta signature so I've been playing around in photoshop, nothing special. Brushing, gradients, shapes, blending options mostly. I probably should have lightened up the clouds at the bottom, but have to post it eventually, it could sit there forever else. Shout out to the discord crew who helped construct this into what it's become. Photo by YURI MANEI from Pexels
  8. Fatalysm


    The screwjob, colours, playing god, the buried bodies case. I remember listening to stochasticity and loving it. On the edge, I solidly remember loving that one. The living room, the ice cold case. So many there, I'm guessing I stopped watching in 2017.
  9. Fatalysm

    Gather Here Animal Lovers....

    Sherlock Moriarty Molly
  10. Fatalysm

    Hi it’s Adam?

    I'm not personally but now I want to see if I can VPN from North Korea, probably end up on a different list and have the NK army after Sal's Realm. Never got on with them because they slowed my connection.
  11. Fatalysm


    I used to listen to NPR's Radiolab but fell off when Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich left. Occasionally I'll hop into UK Youtuber podcasts, Sidecast, Happy Hour, What's Good, The Fellas etc.
  12. Fatalysm

    Hi it’s Adam?

    So, I was an idiot and pressed submit probably around 5 times. Joke redacted because it's way more serious than I thought.
  13. Fatalysm


    It's a stretch to call it a newspaper to be fair
  14. Fatalysm


    I just read your article
  15. Fatalysm

    Hi it’s Adam?

    Yeah you're right. It needs to be something we've never seen before that maintains the strength of that orange/red combo. Whoever did that sucks.

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