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  1. Fatalysm

    Dwarrior Remembrance Topic

    This might be the best search for a mod I've ever seen. When you try your best but you don't succeed.
  2. Fatalysm

    Gamer of the Week Archive

    What's this?! A list that I'm not on. But what about my crippling desire for attention and praise. Must, control, gamer, urges.
  3. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    I don’t really want to start an argument or anything but the more I come back to this topic the more weird I feel about it. It’s a custom pip for the return of dsz, yes. A 10 second conversation with Adam? will tell you whether he intends to release more episodes. Nobody is going to get upset about not having a custom pip because the majority of us here have existed for multiple decades at this point. The idea that it would be removed at all is just strange, the entire point was to celebrate the fact that despite this place being dead as a dodo, Adam? Returned with an episode a decade later and brought people back with him. If anyone deserved a little badge of honour, it’s him. I understand that this is supposed to be some half serious, half joking post but what point does it actually serve? The community that are here right now are here largely in part due to Adam. It’s not like it’s harming anything and I don’t see why we should just be killing fun because let’s get this straight, removing that graphic serves no purpose to anybody but to kill fun. I stand by my previous comment too, give him distinguished member back or make him a forum moderator. He’s already been a distinguished member, he fits the criteria and he can keep his special badge for special people that someone can’t get offended by. I understand he’s not been tested for forum moderator and that discord staff are in no way affiliated, but it’s not like he needs a degree to operate a moderator control panel. We were doing that at 13 years old.
  4. Fatalysm

    The Roast Of Sal’s Realm

    Roast the person above you. Leave a rating for the next person on how roasted you wish to be. Sizzled Roasted Annihilated Forum rules still apply obviously. Just a bit of fun, aim for funny, not fudgeed. Example: If your web design skills were half decent, the website would still be up and running. Enjoy your asylum in the essentially defunct (because of you) graphics place. I'm more than happy to be annihilated.
  5. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    Reasons why Adam? would make an excellent moderator of Sal's Realm. He's proven himself capable. His Dragon Sal Z series is acting as peak nostalgia and active SEO draw for the site. He's active. He's a gamer. He takes an interest in the betterment of the forum and discord. His humour is unmatched. 10/10 He was already proven as a Distinguished Member before he lost his login details. If you don't promote him, he'll call you a coward. He has an excellent rapport with other members. He only let's Chadam out on days that end in day. He knows these forums and what's expected. Sobend needs a green buddy. It's excellent weather for it. His artistic integrity alone is proof of legitimacy. 10/10 Adam for president.
  6. Fatalysm

    Old things i have created

    Yo yo yo shots fired, I'm not serving beef, my friend, it's all good, you keep your superiority. I'll be over here drawing from now on sir. Anything you say, sir.
  7. Alternatives that never made the cut New version of the old banner New version of the old logo I forgot how to wrap bottles properly. 80's inspired movie poster Casually ripping off rick and morty for dragon sal z fan art Making a comic for dragon sal z Unfinished doctor who poster
  8. Fatalysm

    Russia / Ukraine

    It's a very weird war. Russia: We have extremely powerful nukes; do not threaten us. We will come down on you faster than Duriel321 abused players during the Falador Massacre. Rest O' The World: Sanctions, that's what you'll get. You're pretty naughty children thinking you can do whatever you want. Ukraine: Okay, sanctions are fine, but please actually help us. To be clear, are you getting involved? Russia: If you get involved, It will be very bad for you, do not forget that we are a significant nuclear power. Rest O' The World: More sanctions. If you don't stop soon, we will be cross! Ukraine: Please, for the love of god, actually help us. Why don't you send people in? This is relentless. Russia: WE ARE A NUCLEAR POWER. IF YOU STEP OUT OF LINE, WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Russia: WE ARE STRONG, POWERFUL, AND YOU SHOULD NOT QUESTION US. Russia: I PROMISE THAT WE ARE REAL POWERFUL. YOU SHOULD BE SCARED ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO. User Russia has been timed out for flooding.
  9. Fatalysm

    Old things i have created

    I'm just matching your pace
  10. https://runescaping.com/sals-realm-agility-guide/ So I decided it would be fun to try and update the agility guide from the website. I asked Bing GPT to be an Old School Runescape expert and fact-check and rewrite any incorrect information. Some of the information was a bit tedious I couldn't be bothered to fact-check the tables, so they are vacant. I found it interesting that I fact-checked the images to see if they were correct, and it worked about 75% of the time. The biggest problem with this guide is that it's not entirely relevant for new methods, but I'd be interested in trying to rebuild this guide with AI. Recommendations and ideas are very welcome. I apologise it's not the prettiest-looking page. I just wanted the information.
  11. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    Sorry, I may have misconstrued the tone etc . I'm no expert, but did you fraternise with this button at any point? In my experience, even that kind of thing is enough to make the server go "beep boop rejected never come back". 8 other posts with the same issue that Sal had to fix. Back in 2018, Sal migrated the server. The main functionality is there, and everything still works for the most part, but we've had forum migration and plugin updates and then all of that backend work. I don't think that it could be fixed fully without losing data even if Sal was here and able to work heavily on the website. Essentially, you need the big cheese to take you off the ban list and avoid touching things like that button/uploading to the site, or accidentally flooding and whatnot. Now for the true discussion @Yuanrang We could do with a new group with that fancy purple pip in your signature. Actually, this does kind of breed this discussion. How much do we want to retain for nostalgia vs move forward into the future? Would people want to see people getting back on to the forum and having distinguished members and the ilk? Where is that fuzzy line? Does it stop with having fun with a pip, or do we continue cultivating this movement?
  12. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    The Discord is separate from the Forum though, so those do not go both ways. Some would say it's not hard to distinguish the difference. This also responds to your following quote. I'm not trying to get involved in some beef here, but the server has banned my IP plenty of times. Often because of strange circumstances like accidentally flooding, uploading a signature, or adding a status from my profile. You aren't banned from the website or forums; the server banned your IP. The only person who can fix that is Salmoneus. There's nothing Lilshu or Yuanrang can possibly do here without more access.
  13. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    I'm not saying you should edit other Adam posts also, but if some posts got accidentally edited in the shuffle...
  14. Fatalysm

    Permanent removal of Adam?

    Now he has accepted the responsibility as part of the discord staff. In my opinion, it would be wise to put him to work on the forum. Giving the guy something to do outside of his creativity is a better metric. As was mentioned, it was changed to promote the new episode, and he managed to get many people to come back and develop a flurry of activity. If we measure on Dragon Sal Z, we should measure on that. If we measure based on Adam's efforts and his ability to create activity on the forum, we should be measuring that. I don't know what your answer is. Mine is this: Celebrate and reward his efforts, not just his art. On another tangent, I also think you should promote a couple of regular members to distinguished, to promote activity and drive people to Discord and the Runescape clans. But I understand that's probably not something that will happen.
  15. You see it happening everywhere. Market stalls, turned to shops on the high street, turned into supermarkets which progressed to online shopping. I don’t want to count the amount of times I’ve said “don’t worry I’ll just prime it here for tomorrow”. Even fan sites like this one. Everyone had their niche and an audience to boot. Then over time we’ve had the rise of the wiki and reddit, massive platforms to overthrow and merge the audience. Everything is the same as well, especially online. You can only really have two options. There is a third but that’s not really what people use. Google and bing, Amazon and eBay, Microsoft and Apple. Samsung and Apple! I suppose these are my questions: Do you think this will continue to happen? Will this behaviour of monopolising the markets ever stop? Do you think independents, smaller business and organisations might ever have a resurgence? Is there room for smaller companies, websites and the like to grow and thrive with these conglomerates bottle necking everything? Do you think people will ever get sick of the systems we have in place now? What do you think is the next big step?
  16. Fatalysm

    Social media

    Hello, my new friends, Don't worry, I'm fine. When will it all end? Giving you a sign. I stare at a screen, post a few pictures. Before I hit send, my mind gets sicker. Saw you mentioned dad, such a nice comment. Thoughts driving me mad, is that what I meant? I liked your status, upvoted your memes. I liked the past "us", following our dreams. The world is so open, Life is so easy. No use in hoping, you cannot see me. What's with the comments? I'm lonely and scared. I have no defence, Sad and unprepared. Life gave me lemons and told me to try. I'm battling demons whilst I sit and cry. Want to live normal, Whatever that is. Not sad, hormonal, with online as bliss. When i try to get out, It sucks me back in. A world full of clout, This lifes online bin. Hit that like button, Subscribe and follow. I need you, come on, I'm feeling hollow.
  17. Fatalysm

    Future Of The Realm...

    Ultimately, if Sal wants to communicate with us, he'll do that. I'm sure he's aware of certain things. Everything here is speculative, but I know he struggled with a few things going on last we spoke, and I believe whilst he's probably moved on and living his life, he keeps this open for the few that still love this place. I've expressed previously that if it came down to it, I'm sure myself or someone else or perhaps a collective of us could take over a financial burden to keep it running. At this point, I think it's safe to say Sal's Realm lives as nostalgia, memories and experiences we all shared. Where we can, we've adjusted to Discord and still have a significant presence on Runescape. For up-to-date Runescape information, people have moved to the wiki, Reddit and a few specialist fansites/clan sites. I am trying to start something myself, but it's not anywhere remotely close to being done or gathering support yet. Not to bombard this post with my own goings on but I wondered if anyone was interested in trying to use ai to fact check and correct all the guides etc. If I can immortalize the content, I will. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. The cream of the crop rise to the top and we still have the best community, just on a different platform.
  18. Fatalysm

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61585886 A huge moment in history, whether you like or dislike the monarchy, especially in the UK. Everyone I know has only known Queen Elizabeth as the Queen.
  19. Fatalysm

    tattoo designs

    These were all concepts, the last one in my opinion is closer my best ideas. I know the quality is terrible, they are concepts :P.
  20. Fatalysm

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    Some speculated that the photos with Liz Truss and Boris Johnson happened a while ago. Which I thought was interesting. The last photo of her, on her own there with a black hand and dark eyes was enough for me to say she's not got long left. It's a weird time, I'm not upset by her passing, she was 96 and yet it doesn't feel quite right. For me it's not grief, it's this odd confusion and perhaps fear.
  21. So as it turns out invision community (the forum software) is now fully capable of providing everything we've already got but you now have static / dynamic pages. https://invisioncommunity.com/features/pages/ Not that we would ever use it, but I suddenly envisioned that we could actually update the website without the need for a seperate content management system. If we could do that, we could bring this place up to scratch in around a year of content editing with only a few people. Hey it's no "State of the forum", but it's a suggestion, it's feedback and it's 2022. What a day. There is a slight issue with it, that mostly being cost and I don't know where the forums are in terms of upgrade. If i'm correct we're looking at $90 every 6 months which is already being paid and a one time fee of $150 for the pages add-on. Not that any of that information matters because this is all pie in the sky. Edit: Basically imagine the entire website is updatable and customizable and we can pollinate the website content with forum topics/content.
  22. Fatalysm

    Rap Battles

    Apparently, in 2010 I created a rap battle topic. So now we're all old, it's time to go again. Say as much or as little as you want, and respond to the last person's post. Sal you run a forum, can you run it for 'em? Here to stay on topic, but your posts are boring. Making me a scape goat, whilst you're busy snoring.
  23. Fatalysm

    Look at this stuff we will never use

    Not if he handed more power to his diligent Admin and we instanced the site elsewhere until it was ready for launch, my master. But yeah you are right. I'm sad in a way because if I had the money for the self hosted license and the pages, i'd create the thing and then it's just a forum migration away after completition. I'd never want to destroy what was already built. In my mind it would all just become oldrealm.salmoneus and eventually the new would migrate to runescape.salmoneus. However, even a forum upgrade would create bugs. He does deserve his privacy, I just wish he had a calendar reminder to visit once in a while. I don't know that he would be needed all the way through the project, but at this point he would be needed at the start and at the end.
  24. Fatalysm

    RIP me

    I have emailed Sal. I have no idea if he will find this email, but for what it's worth, I'll do everything I can to bring you back, Miccy F.

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