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    Anime, manga, fantasy, horror, banned stuff, movies and the Japanese/Korean music seen

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  1. jrnemanich

    What Are You Wearing Right Now?

    my school choir shirt and some cargo shorts
  2. jrnemanich

    What Language Can You Speak?

    American English is my primary language 4 years of Spanish class a couple words in Japanese
  3. jrnemanich

    Anime Sigs

    the first on the first one
  4. jrnemanich

    Internet Explorer Or Firefox?

    Firefox is great
  5. jrnemanich

    Why You No Like Anime.

    i believe the story line in anime/manga is much deeper than in american comics
  6. jrnemanich

    How Popular Is Your Name?

    there are 5,039,684 people with my first name Statistically the 1st most popular first name 99.7 percent of people with the first name James are male my last name is not in there database WOOT by the way my first name is james
  7. jrnemanich


    i don't think that it would ever get into court
  8. jrnemanich

    I Really Need An Avvy / Sig

    what are u looking for
  9. jrnemanich

    Invisiblity Prayer

    i think prayer needs a major overhall it needs a better way to increase your prayer exp it needs more quests with prayer exp as a reward

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