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  1. Rangerover18

    Ubuntu as a phone OS, opinions?

    Or they have to convince big companies like LG, Motorola, Samsung etc. to make phones with Ubuntu as the stock OS. I think that they could get that far, but I doubt it'll go beyond a few phones. I suppose that's possible. Though with Motorola right in Google's pocket, I don't see them jumping on board. I'd like to see HTC toy with Ubuntu. Beautiful hardware + neat new software could be good for both companies if it picked up.
  2. The MacBook Pros come with beautiful backlit keyboards :P
  3. Rangerover18

    Ubuntu as a phone OS, opinions?

    The gestures are neat, but other than that, ehhh. Unless they decide to sell devices with Ubuntu on them themselves, I'm not sure that they're going to get a market past the technical elite. Because to get this in the hands of the average consumer, Ubuntu has to convince them to unlock their device's bootloader (voiding the warranty), rooting the device, flashing Ubuntu, and re-setting up their device. I don't see it happening, unless that process is made super easy for everyone to do.
  4. Rangerover18

    Which Mobile OS do you prefer?

    Personally I prefer iOS. Possibly because I'm a graphic designer/UI designer and I appreciate the premium apps it has, or the back that I'm heavily set in the Mac/iOS ecosystem and I enjoy everything to sync together. I do appreciate the efforts of platforms such as Windows Phone, for it's simplicity, and Android, for it's customization options and flexibility. I enjoy my iPhone tons, but I'm thinking about getting a Nexus 4 to carry alongside.
  5. Rangerover18

    XCode for SL?

    Said no one else in the world, ever. Anyway, just wait a little bit. Any day now, Apple will make Mountain Lion available for $20, and you'll be able to upgrade from Snow Leopard.
  6. Rangerover18

    Help me buy a new smartphone!

    Well, I would not recommend a Windows Phone at this time. http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/20/3096945/windows-phone-7-8-upgrade-no-windows-phone-8-existing-devices
  7. Rangerover18

    Microsoft Surface Announced

    It was. They should commercialize that and sell it. I'd buy one of those. I look at the Surface Tablet and think about Windows 8 on my laptop. I got it, used it for a couple of days, and I haven't really used it since.
  8. Rangerover18


    I'd recommend the iPhone for sure, but it's at that unfortunate part of it's life cycle when it'll be replaced in four months or so. The HTC EVO 4G LTE is pretty nice, or if you're into stock Android, I'd still recommend the Galaxy Nexus. Of course depending on when you get your upgrade, these could all be obsolete. :P
  9. Rangerover18

    I don't understand....

    I'm not much of a CPU nut, but in my experience AMD chipsets perform inadequately/are problematic. Perhaps the instances I've seen that had to do with the other hardware.
  10. Just two? Now, Now. That would be too easy for consumers to choose.
  11. Rangerover18

    Cyanogenmod 7.1

    The only thing I can recommend (assuming you haven't completely settled in with CM and you did a nandroid backup) would be to restore from nandroid backup -> get that contact information copied to a secure place -> reinstall CM -> add contact information & carry on :( I can't help you with why it erased from the SIM card (or did you mean SD card?), I've never backed contacts up to it.
  12. Rangerover18


    (relatively unrelated, however since we're talking Moto) I wonder if Google is going to do anything with Motorola. I sometimes forget they even bought them. Also it's too bad Motorola didn't stick with the Droid 2 keyboard layout, I think that was the best one.
  13. Rangerover18

    And... We're Back! New Forums!

    This is nice. However I will miss the Silvery Orange skin (I think I was the only one here who used that skin, ha), but it's nice to see the forums moving on up into 2012. Also: the green progress thingy at the top that pops up is pretty :(
  14. Rangerover18

    Sals Realm Web Design

    *that awkward moment when it took years for the site to be redesigned and members are already bored with it*
  15. Rangerover18

    Anyone Know About Phones?

    What network are you on? Verizon? An iPhone 4 is more than capable of delivering perfectly fast speed for those tasks, and the interface is simple and nice.

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