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    Im a person who plays runescape. Is working on paying money for IPB. Loves anhosting.com. Uses invisionize. Likes to PM salmoneus to much; HEY! thats me :p<br /><br />Im skilled in HTML, JavaScript, CSS. I know some PHP; And love computers.<br /><br />Im running a Dell Demension B100. I run my school's computer network; Thats 26 computers. I also teach HTML on mondays & thursdays & fridays. I am class president! :p<br /><br />I am annnoying most of the time.<br /><br />I have knowledge in the following software:<br />Mozzila Firefox<br />Paint.NET<br />Microsoft Paint<br />Windows Movie Maker<br />Zoo tycoon 2(AA, ES, DD.. :P)<br />Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition<br />America Online 9.0 & 8.0 & 7.0<br />Swift Switch<br />Cpanel<br />Invision Power Board 1.x<br />Invision Power Board 2.x<br />PhpBB 2.x<br />PhpBB 3.x<br />MyBB 1.x<br />TBB 0.x<br />And most other forum software.<br />... And more<br /><br />I can help you with the basics of:<br />PHP<br />MySQL<br />Javascript<br />VB.NET<br /><br />I can usally almost always help you with:<br />HTML<br />CSS<br />... And more :p

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  1. Zachary

    Congratulations To...

    Hey all :D Cameron made one mistake he forgot to change zachary's status and include it into the topic Congrats Steve, Idontno & candi :P Now support TBB :/
  2. Zachary

    The Old Picture Wars!

  3. Zachary

    Last One To Post Wins

    You loose
  4. Zachary

    Last One To Post Wins

    I WON!
  5. Zachary

    The Tale Of Christoper Reed

    No that was columbus...
  6. Zachary

    The Tale Of Christoper Reed

    Strange that name just popped into my name
  7. Zachary

    The Tale Of Christoper Reed

    Chapter 1 Once on a hot summer day there lived a boy with the hope that one day that he come become president. His dream kept growing but people laughed and told him that it would never come true and that he was silly. It was 3:21 AM, And Christopher woke up to a BANG... BAM....s....s....sssssssss....sss then he looked down to see a snake sitting on is bed! Without notice christopher shrieked and went under his blankets to his uprise his mind slowly started to fade away into a icy mist..... More later...
  8. Zachary

    New Techie

    In my opinion he doesnt hold all the talents a tech person would need. He needs to be tested in php & html. Hes good with the pc itself. No offense mate. I would also like to see VB.
  9. Zachary

    Forum Faq

    Fix to:
  10. Zachary

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  11. Zachary

    Staff "recombination"

    Sal has a brother? *Zachary goes off and pms sally
  12. Zachary

    Staff "recombination"

    Bluefire is know known as Greenfire :( . :P
  13. Zachary

    Staff "recombination"

    He helped sals for a long time, He helped set up the old forum(And new).
  14. Zachary

    Staff "recombination"

    But if we said Dmod it sounds like we want to DE-Mod then :P
  15. Zachary

    Staff "recombination"

    That is nice that this happend, I respect all. And this needs to be fixed up.

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