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  1. Handgunroy

    Your Internet Plan

    No caps 15mb/s
  2. Handgunroy

    What Is A Good Way To Stop This?

    I was about to say the exact same thing..
  3. Handgunroy

    Best Equipment

    What would be the best combination of equipment for me (stats wise)? I mainly melee and range.. Attack 66 Strength 67 Defence 66 Range 60 Magic 57 Prayer 40
  4. Handgunroy

    Sals Fantasy Football League

    Hello, as it's the world cup and this is a large community I think we should have a world cup fantasy football league. If you don't know what that is, basicly you create a dream team consisting of your favourite players in the World Cup and you get points for each goal one of your players scores and points for the goalkeepers keeping clean sheets. I have created a league if anyone is interested in joining, the link is www.worldfantasyfootball.skysports.com. Once you have signed up and created your team, name your team your username for Sals then go to your team tab on that page and select enter new league and the league PIN is 71917. Hope to see some of you in the league.
  5. Handgunroy

    Pvp Dks Mass

    Suggested combat level?
  6. Handgunroy

    Justin Bieber Dosen't Know What German Is...

    What an idiot, can't wait till his voice breaks and he sells out to shampoo adverts.
  7. Handgunroy

    Morph Suits

    Yeah, I've seen people turning up to parties in these..
  8. Find the guy and kill him before he banks?
  9. Handgunroy

    99 Shields!

    Is this still going on?
  10. Handgunroy

    Banner For Fm Radio.

    Hey, was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a banner for the Sunny Govan Reggae show.The Reggae show is the only show on FM radio that's dedicated to Reggae/Ska/Dancehall/Lovers/Dub in Scotland. Third World, Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff and much more have been on the show and played live for our listeners. We need a new banner, the banner will be used on various websites such as the radio's own station http://www.sunnygovancommunitymedia.org the Scotland Ska Gig Guide and other places. If you are interested in helping here's what we need. Background: The background would be nice if it was jazzed up a wee bit, be creative. Text: somewhere on it we'll need "Sunny Govan Reggae Show, Monday nights 10pm - midnight. 103.5fm. sunnygovancommunitymedia.org/player/player.htm" in any order is fine. Rectangular and a bit bigger than mine will be good, not too fussy. We can't have any pictures of any form of ganja but apart from that you can do whatever you like. Much appreciated.
  11. Handgunroy

    Adventurer's Log (BETA)

    Since character creation. Wrong. It's how much solid time you've spent on RuneScape (i.e. 1 day is 24 hours). If it were since account creation, I'd have WAY more than 80 days on my account. He means how much time played since character creation. I've played for 4 years and only played 40 days.
  12. Handgunroy

    Illegal Immigration

    If immigrant's come over without legal documentation they can't get a job or rent a flat and end up living on the streets and doing what they need to survive 'causing increase on street crime and other problems with society. I think it's about and estimate of 23.5 million illegal immigrant's within the U.S.A, jailing them would could billions in tax payers money and building more jail's as most jail's are already full would cost billions again. In the UK don't know how many people are coming in and we don't have a count on how many legal migrant's are going out so we actually have no clue how many immigrant's and legal worker's are in the UK.
  13. Handgunroy

    Adventurer's Log (BETA)

    Is the time played since you start or since X date?
  14. Handgunroy

    Time To Close

    Sorry, I couldn't make it.. completely forgot I do a radio show on Monday nights.I'll only be able to make Wednesday's but I'll be at the games room tomorrow night.
  15. Handgunroy

    Do You Smoke?

    A gram for 20 dollars? In UK it's 20 quid for 3.5 grams. I smoke about 10 a day (trying to cut down) and I smoke Marlboro Reds.

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