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  1. tbo1000

    account deletion

    could i make a request for my account to be deleted or have a possible way to delete it myself i wasnt able to find one and i have no plans to return to this site so i would like to have all of my content deleted.
  2. tbo1000

    Operation Party Petes People! War!

    i join! i have low stats though
  3. tbo1000

    The Gladiatorz Welcome You...

    lol i went to that party on accident while banking stuff
  4. 1 of these smileys has the phat you must pick the right 1 ^_^ :P :( :( ^_^ :P :P :( ^_^ :P :( only get to pick 1 per post
  5. tbo1000

    The Runescape Food Chain

    chicken(1)->man(2)->al kharad warrior(9)->barbariian(10)->bunny(5000)
  6. tbo1000

    The Don't Use "e Or A" Game

    an alligator ate apples after attaking a aardvark after eating cookie?
  7. tbo1000

    Virus Infection!

    - 0 launch new virus:pikachu.attak.exe
  8. i bomb the museam, take the phat,rip it into a million pieces,feed it to dogs,throw the dogs in a furnace,take the ashes in a shuttle and they hit the sun burn!
  9. tbo1000

    Virus Infection!

    - 39
  10. a meteor crashes and destroys earth and runescape.no one gets phat (also a meteor hits karudos house)
  11. i ask you for the phat andyou scream and drink all the lava(but not the phat)then i take it and whack karudo to death(noone shoot me with arrow)
  12. tbo1000

    Virus Infection!

    - 53

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