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  1. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    fine then,make my life misreble,u ppl just hate me!everyone does.....make me emo if your gonna treat me like this :P .......
  2. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    Blah.....Blah......BLAH!!!!Forget it!Either u ppl can be mean and be reported,or be nice and not be reported!
  3. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    check my profile.....
  4. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    ......nope,it doesn't count when u don't say it all of the way!
  5. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    It means BITC-
  6. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    .....Don't mean to cus but....Douch!Talking to person above my post!
  7. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    ....eh...what?i stayed in present and then runescape.....Read the post before this one i made!
  8. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    Haha,very funny,u just wait and see!!!!Read the post before this one i made!
  9. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    watch,just watch,a plotline will come! ~Day 13(Night)~ 12:34 P.M. "eh?oh,great....the same dream.....",but when I heard the voice this time,it was clear,no pauses,no nothing,just a clear voice,"e'llo?u there?","......","Hello?","......What do u want?......","tell me about my new live",fine,if u will leave me alone after this.....","ok","fine,let's begin.A world far from here is in great danger,a knight is destroying it all,a knight that has no soul or heart,one that has no life,one who doe's not need life,he is....Zamorak,a evil wizard,he is destroying all that we know and love in this world,this world....is runescspe,you must fight him to his limits,battle untill 1 warrior falls to the ground!U must do anything u can to stop him!!!And +,he woke me up from my nap :P .....","But how do i get to Runescape?","I think ur friends potion might do the trick....","The potion?Oh no,thats useless","try it again,it might work,now leave me to my bisnuess!" ~Day 14~ 6:44 I drink the potion and fell a wierd tingle in my body,not much happened :/ ,"*Sigh*,i knew it wouldn't do anything....",I start to rumble,i fell a globe go around me and i close my eyes,i open them and find myself in a sacerd battle field,"What is this place?",*Boom!*,"Who's there?",*Boom!*,*Boom!*,I quickly pull out my wand,*BOOOOMMMM!!!!!!*,"WHO DARES TO ENTER MY CHAMBER???!!!!???" Will i escape this thing or will i die!?!?!Tune in tomorrow for the full story!Maybe even in video!!!!1
  10. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    I forgot what Gramar means Heres the next day(week sorta...) ~Day Four(Night)~ I slowly go drift into my dreams then i start to hear a voice,I could barley hear it.I tryed harder to hear,no voice was heard after that,after my dream faints away.I wake my friend up to see what was happening,he said it may be what the potion is going to do to me,but he also said he doesn't even know what the potion will do to me.Then i try to relax by playing my Nintendo DS,finally fixed.....But then i go back into my dream,the voice grows louder,maybe i should try talking to it."E'llo?Anyone here?",I hear a few words but barley hear,"What?Destiny?WAIT!I wanna know whats going on!!!"No more voice went through the dream.Then i try to think of what might happen. ~Day Nine~ 9:37 A.M. We finally get out of the door,we see a cop car parked outside,"uh...Maybe we should go back into the secert room....."i said,"right behind ya buddy...."(short and simpe,i know <------I like using this smily :o ) 11:17 A.M. We then smelt some yummy french toast,we then go out of the secert hideout,and find that the cop was gone,my friend told me to leave,just incase the cop comes back,i go back to my old house grab my backpack,pack it with some stuff,and then check my [email protected],my famliy said that newborn baby bro died from hunger my dad died from going out into the corner store and a monster snapalope's charged at him,probbaly for killing one of there famliy members....Then my baby bro died from screaming his head off for 5 hours,and shes hungry,tired,she has no one there for there....I told here how to survive off of the willderness,then i took off on my scooter. 12:23 P.M. I make it to my school,i walk through the ofice doors and then i fall to the ground,almost dead. ~Day ???(I'm K.O.)~ I finally hear the voice again,it's finally hear-able,i then ask what my destiny was,it wasn't really saying much because it was talking word by word,each word was said every 10.7 sec.,It says i will take on a new world,a new life,i then asked what kind of life it was going to be."It's........The......World........Of......Ru.....",The voice fadded away,"DAMN IT!!!JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HEAR ABOUT A GOOD NEW LIFE!!!!"I finally wake up ~Day Twelve~ IDK the time at this point . I wake up and find myself lieing in the nurses office coverd with a blanket."Where am I?"I asked,"Ur in the nurses office,u were in a 3 day coma from hunger,u could have been parlyzed once u woke up,luckly ur not!Angels must be looking after u.",Then i slowy thought to myself,then it was clear,'my famliy....' i said to myself,I also start to hear a mom and a kid at the office desk,i listen to the chat,"I refuse to go to a school thats PUBLIC!"The boy said,"Oh come now,it's the way i met ur father!"the woman said,"I still don't wanna go to school with this stupid and annoying kids,i wanna go to school that has kids with as much money as me!"I then come storming out of the nurses office,"HEY!!!I'm not stupid!I'm the smartest kid in my class,2ndly,I may be annoying sometimes,but not always!SO DON'T EVER INSULT ME EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!","WHOA!!!!!Clam down!Jeasus cripes!Sry!!!!Jezz!!!!!","U BETTER BE!!!!" Going to update Day Twelve once i can think some more parts of the story!See ya! ~Ocean :(
  11. Ocean 596

    The Noobs Skill Log!

    I almost forgot i had this guy!The little guy,been left alone for almost 3 months!So i'm gonna train him up try not to make him into a strong lvl player!I hope ppl who see me once i can mine Rune or something like that doesn't think lvl 6 noob autoed,I would be mad at that player,anyway,here we go!Oh,and the username is Oler 196,for my comic guy! Log Started! Achivements None yet!
  12. Ocean 596

    Close This

  13. Ocean 596


    Love it!Alothough i do eat toast and milk when i go to work with my dad,or a donut!Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!And as for brand,that would be all of them! :) Dance emote dance! :P
  14. Ocean 596

    Trapped In Rivers Edge!

    ~Adventures of River's Edge!!!~ Welcome to the Fake adventures of me being trapped in my own nebighorhood!Might as well begin,oh wait,rules of this topic: No Flamming No Spamming No Rants NO TRYING TO REPORT ME IF I PUT [email protected] IN MY STORYS!!!! ~Day One~ 10:47 A.M. I wake up and find myself lieing on the floor,i go to my kitchen and find nothing to eat except,some expierd waffles,and it looks like they left the toaster,i might be able to eat breakfest if i don't get sick afterwards,so i pop in 2 waffles and put them back into the freezer,and then i began to eat the waffles,they acctually taste good.I go up to my parents room and find that they left there bed,so clumsy,how could they foret that?I snuggle into the bed and go to sleep. 2:39 P.M. I wake up and make a big yawn!I look outside and see a car parked outside,wonder who that could be,i go downstairs and see a famliy,not my own famliy,they ask me why i'm here.I tell them i was left behind after a move on accedent,they tell me that i could stay at the house for alittle bit and sleep in there extra bed,glad i have my luck"y charm and spell book,i found a new one on the shelfs when i went into my room which is now the famliys guest room,i open it up and find alot of new spells,none very usefull to get home,so i ask them if they have anything to eat,they said "no,were just putting some stuff into the house",damn,i have to eat rotten waffles again !!!!! 4:57 P.M. It's starting to get late I was at my friends house and he gave me one of his potions he was working on(note:i'm ACTUALLY studying real magic and potions),he didn't tell me what it was for,i drank the potion. 7:19 P.M. I watch some T.V. while eating a waffle(again),getting low on food,i don't think i'll make through the next day,i sit there,waiting for the famliy to come back,i hear a knock on the door i quickly grab my wand,go to the door,and see who it was,it was my friend,he asked if the potion did anything yet,i said no,he then said he had 2 things for me,but i could only have one,he had them behind his back in his hands,i chose the left hand,it was money,now i can go over to the grocrey store and but some food and not rotten waffles.... 9:45 P.M. I lay in the guest bed,waiting to fall asleep,as soon as i do.....*BOOOMMM*A THUNDER STORM HITS!!!!It was so noisy it woke me up,so i wait for the next day to come ~Day Two~ 8:47 A.M. I wake up and go downstairs i turn on the t.v. and watch a little morning cartoons,then i grab my scooter(did they leave most of the stuff behind?),and ride over to the grocrey store. 9:21 A.M. I go from shelf to shelf for stuff i need,then i came across something i needed.....CLOTHES!!!!No longer will I have to wear my Pajamas in public!!!!I grab 2 pairs of pants,4 shirts,1 pack of socks and some boxers,i buy my food,treats,and clothes and take my clothes into the bathroom,put on the clothes and go outside and go back home(have no idea how with all the grocreys :P ) 12:41 P.M. My staomuch starts to rumble,i go grabbed some of the waffles,and throw them away...I then grab some eggs,sausage and french toast sticks and cook them just right and finally eat! 1:23 P.M. I go down to river and try to relax.....*Sigh*"This is all your fault,if alll this water didn't come in,i would still be with my famliy,oh,why am I talking to a river?thats just damn stupid!",I walk over to my friends house,he asked if the potion did anything yet Again,I still said no and then he gave me the other thing he had before,it was my Nintendo DS,I almost forgot i gave it to him!To bad i only have one game!But then he also gives me the charger and a wifi conection chip!This might be my chance out of here!Without a moment to spare i turn on the ds with the wifi chip in it.....*ZITTTT*,*SPARKKK*,*LOTS OF ELETRIC NOISESSS!!!!!*,*POOF!*,"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY DS!?!?!?!","U DROP IT IN A POOL OR SOMETHING?","Uh.....ya.","WTF!?!?!?!U IDIOT!!!!!!","I have a free fixing coupon..","I don't have a phone stupid....","Here u r!",*BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*,"AGH!!!!THE NOISE HURTS MY EARS!!!!DID U DROP THIS IN A POOL TOO!?!?!?!?!"........"Yes.....","Damn.Oh well,thanks anyway" 4:47 P.M. The Famliy comes by to drop off some more stuff and too see how I was doing,"I'm doing fine,i've got clothes food,and money now!","Thats great!","Sure is!" 4:56 P.M. The Famliy is still here they brought in a computer and said could use it,these fells like home more & more every day!But i also knew that i could not stay for very much longer,I go use the computer and find that my parents sent me a [email protected](lol [email protected]),they asked where i was,i said at the old place,they said they were at a gas station with no money and the car was broken(OH NOS!),I didn't think it would take this long to get home!!!!! 6:32 P.M. The Famliy is STILL here,I cook up some dinner,a turkey i bought at the store and some of my famous thanksgiving stuffing my famliy likes so much,when the famliy left with thanks for the dinner i go over to the computer to see if there was a new [email protected],there was,but this time,it sounded like i would never see my famliy again!They said they ran out of fourmula for my new born baby bro,hes starting to die from hunger,and then my famliy is getting low on food supply this was not good,I'll have to get there quicker then i excpected,but then i also heard that my dad caught a "Monster Snapalope!"!!!!HUZAH!!!Now they have something for dinner if they can cook it! 8:12 P.M. I heard a knock on the door,"Ugh...LOOK THE POTION HASN"T DONE ANYTHING SO STOP BOTHERING ME!!!!",but when i opened my eyes,it was not my friend,it was my Girl Friend!"Well if thats the way u wanna be fine!",then she stormed off,i slammed the door and went to get a drink,"I am such an idiot...." 11:32 P.M. I hold a BIG party in the house and thought it would never end,but then i saw someone i didn't know,some weird blue person,i was so sleepy i couldn't even see who it was,1 of my friends gave me a slap in the face,then i saw who it was,it was a police officer,i think i'm in biggggg doo-doo! 12:46 P.M. I sneak out of the house and then go over to my friends house he awnsers the door and i tell everything that happened,he then took me inside,he didn't say a word until we got to were he was going,it was a secert door in his bedroom,he had everthing we needed to survive for a whole week!Damn,thank god!!!I thought i was going to Jail! ~Day Three~
  15. Ocean 596

    Drawscape Contest

    Sigh....Better revive this fourm....sad that it almost died :lol: .....

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