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  1. Avvy - 3/10 Siggy - 2/10. Underbars are nooby to be honest. - Crunchy
  2. Crunchy

    Best Country?

    Europe, seeing as that it has England in it. We are the best, we always have been. - Crunchy
  3. Crunchy

    Near-death Experience

    I myself have not had one, but I'd just like to say what an intresting topic this could become. - Crunchy
  4. Crunchy

    How Popular Is Your Name?

    There are 478,261 people in the USA with the same name as me. Even though I am British. - Crunchy
  5. Crunchy

    Green Day

    They are shockingly bad. - Crunchy
  6. Crunchy

    Simpsons Movie!

    I didn't find it greatly entertaining, but I found Harry Plopper reasonably comical. - Crunchy
  7. Crunchy

    The Greatest Movies Poll

    The Shawshank Redemption, but I'm surprised Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels weren't up there. - Crunchy
  8. Crunchy

    Your Top 5 Must Have Albums

    1. Pendulum - Hold Your Colour 2. The Progidy - Thier Law (The Greatest Hits) 3. The Progidy - Fat Of The Land 4. Oasis - Morning Glory 5. Faithless - Forever Faithless (The Greatest Hits) - Crunchy
  9. Crunchy

    The Phat Thief!

    Haha, very nice. Maybe sort out the mini-map as people have said. - Crunchy
  10. Crunchy

    Runescape Has A New God...

    Well, maybe go back to the drawing board? 1/10 my friend. - Crunchy
  11. Crunchy

    I Want A Cool House!

    70 Construction would be a great level to get. Going to cost a lot of money from level 51 - 70, however. I wish you the best of luck! - Crunchy
  12. Crunchy

    Top 5 Builders And Level '102'

    Wow, top 5 Construction is simply amazing. Approximately how much GP did it cost? - Crunchy
  13. Crunchy

    Dragons777dr's Barrow Rewards And...stuff

    Congratulations on the Spear! Nice amount of money to have in your bank! - Crunchy
  14. Crunchy

    Mr G And W1's Everyday Log

    Get some pictures. It will make your thread so much more attractive for other users! Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on your goals! - Crunchy
  15. Crunchy

    ~courtneii's Sweet Log~

    Great account you've got there. Nice to see no level 1 stats! I wish you the best of luck on your goals! - Crunchy

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