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  1. cacapoopoo93

    Hannah Montana

    She's okay. Not saying she's bad. Not saying she's the best though. :( More good than bad, like a 6.8/10?
  2. cacapoopoo93

    Last Of My Summer Goals Complete

    Good job, dude. (:
  3. cacapoopoo93

    Trade Calculator

    Good idea. But the trade screen will be too crowded due to the new trade update. (Blank has X inv left)
  4. cacapoopoo93

    Simpsons Movie!

    lol so hard!! LMAO YEAH
  5. cacapoopoo93

    Horses In Runescape

    Amazing idea, but the post stretched the Forum on my computer... :X I support (: Nice random-event ideas.
  6. cacapoopoo93

    Runescape Accounts. Plz Post This Is A Good Idea

    Just like the Korean game, "MapleStory?"
  7. cacapoopoo93


    I think it's just fine the way it is, I've been playing RuneScape for a while now, and I've never received any black marks at all.
  8. cacapoopoo93

    Simpsons Movie!

    I screamed because it shocked me, I didn't expect it to cover everything but the "doodle."
  9. cacapoopoo93

    The Fourth God Of Runescape

    9/10 (: The name of the God was cool.
  10. cacapoopoo93

    Noob Stories?

    w00t3rzz!!1 j4p4n3s3 n4ru+0!!11 Shippuden sucked in my opinion.
  11. I like the Rune Ring, should be Rune as where the gold would be, and dark Rune where the gem should be (:
  12. cacapoopoo93

    Sal's Realm's World

    You talk too much.
  13. You have amazing fakes, best I've ever seen. Congrats for all those awards (:
  14. cacapoopoo93

    My First Fake.

    Amazing! But it should be a real sounding NPC name, not Random Guy. ^_^ 9.5/10 (: (I voted 10/10 though)
  15. cacapoopoo93

    Rune Black T

    I would buy it also, nice look, very well done 10/10

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