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  1. IheartMooseys

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    8 Nobody knows me lol if you actually read this and know me, PM me
  2. IheartMooseys

    Green Screens

    My guess is there is absolutely NO place in runescape with a SINGLE SOLID color. The best thing to do if you just need green screen effect is go into photoshop, or your editer. and use something to make a black background, like on photoshop, just take a frame from video and use the brush with max hardness and clor everything around you black, then use paintbucket and make it green. there u go.
  3. IheartMooseys

    Highest Hit?

    Umm, i think the highest max hitting weapon f2p is rune 2h, but ive been inactive for over 5 months, just checking up lol.My guess is the max hit with that might be 40?
  4. IheartMooseys

    The Vending Machine

    i put in the pumpkin, and a jack'o'lantern comes out
  5. IheartMooseys

    Type Without Fingers

    i am typing with my big toe. I am typing wiht my big toe.I win!
  6. I steal the phat from elephant king and high alch.No more phat!!!
  7. IheartMooseys

    Funny Yahoo Answers

    Hey guys you can post you funny yahoo answer thing you found here. This is mine:yahoo answers question I couldn't post a screen shot cause print screen doesn't work for me,but whatever anyways read question and look at answer by capt. obvious
  8. IheartMooseys

    Selena Gomez's Birthday Is On Wedsenday

    Ok I have a quick question probly dumb to ask though, is that you on the bottome of picture?
  9. IheartMooseys

    The Fortress Game

    I hire 1,000,000 Defense pures to all hold hands,then squish them together with a garbage compacter,making a giant sheet of flesh with a total of 99,000,000 defense points, making the chance of hit roughly 1 in a billion. Defense is now 99,000,510... Ok fine,Defense is now 511(+99,000,000 ) Defense is really 100,000,000, I round up.
  10. IheartMooseys

    What Username Should I Use?

    that made me lol when i read it i imagened someone saying iut fast.lol
  11. Some people make me want to go out into the middle of the street and shout ,"WHAT AN IDIOT!"- He is one of those people. Oh yeah, two words... Epic Fail
  12. Hey guys, I want to train Runecrafting with fire runes and am going to use ring of dueling method.So to save some money and get some mage xp I am going to enchant emerald rings.By my calculations I will need about 200 rings a week over about a month, so if you have a horde of emerald rings or emeralds(Ill buy those in smaller quantities though)please post or message me in game. thanks.
  13. IheartMooseys

    Lores And Histories: Mobilising Armies

    your a pretty epic noob it costs maybe 1kgp per fight even for the newest players thats not a lot.yeah u lose money but,you also get good rewards
  14. IheartMooseys

    Should I Switch Slayer Masters?

    Now that I have 70 cmb should I switch to next slayer master(is it chaelder?, idk)should I switch or stay with vannaka. Also about how long might it take to get to 85 slayer?
  15. IheartMooseys

    Is And Adamant Crossbow Better Than Magic Shortbow?

    thanks question resolved

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