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    Or maybe you should let people buy the computer they want to buy. They're not telling you not to buy it. They're just telling you that half of the price is paying for the brand. No, it's for the OS, which is amazing.
  2. Lethal

    Mac Messenger Problem

    Something that I forgot to mention in my original post was that I can login fine using Windows MSN on my XP partition. It's just on the Mac side of things it won't authenticate.
  3. Hey guys, I've just been setting up my new iMac today and have been trying to sign into the Messenger:Mac program with my normal hotmail account. However when I click sign in it takes a long time to eventually tell me that my login details are incorrect. However I've reentered them a million times and know they're both correct, and checked them on my Windows partition to make sure they and the service in general are still working. I've looked it up on good ol' tinternet and a lot of people have had the same problem but no-one has posted a solution. Interestingly I've also tried Adium on peoples' advice and it has pretty much the same problem. When I go to the "status" option it says that it's 75% complete but stalls while "authenticating". It's driving me a little crazy and was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue/knows of a solution. Thanks in advance. ;)
  4. Lethal

    Mac Messenger Problem

    Yeah downloaded it from there. Also tried Adium but that just has the same problem, fails to do anything past 75% (the authentication stage) where it just hangs.
  5. Lethal

    Mac Messenger Problem

    Just tried uninstalling/reinstalling (updated from 7.0 to 7.02 also) to no avail. ;)
  6. Hey guys. I'm going to buy a new iMac very soon and plan to install XP on it. I've found a copy of XP here on Amazon and just wanted to confirm that would install fine using boot camp on Leopard? The confusing bit for me is that it's a DSP OEI version, I don't really understand the difference between that and OEM due to several conflicting definitions I've searched for on the internet. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks. ;)
  7. I did contemplate that, but I figure that while I have the money I might aswell just get it and save myself the hassle later. Thanks to you both and hey Fence - guess what, my PS3 died. ;)
  8. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Yay! >.< The tech guys at my university messed around with their settings to allow the PS3 access to the internet! It's not perfect, MGO doesn't seem to work but I can play LBP community levels again which is a massive plus! Not tried anything else yet but hopefully won't be too bad. Either way, is a lot better than nothing. WOOOOT! :D
  9. Lethal

    10th Anniversary Euro

    Why exactly? The island feel. WE ARE NOT EUROPE, WE ARE THE UK. GRRR Different currencies = nothing but trouble. I think it's a fantastic design by the way. Can't get simpler. Very artistic. you wouldn't say that if you had say 10k Euros and the Euro/Pound rate was £1.5 per 1 Euro would you? You can get more when you change back :D But it's not... And "change back" implies than you changed to Euro in the first place, so you'd just be getting whatever you converted in the first place anyway. This is why people think joining the Euro is a bad idea - flawed logic...
  10. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Add me on that one as well then :D If you are wanting to go on MGO then be prepared to take some time out to sign up to Konami's online service. It's worth the time though, I'm on 200 hours now on MGO and still loving it to death. Level 10 with a 3.41 kdr ftw!
  11. Lethal

    Ps3 Vs Xbox360!

    Research, for the love of God do some research. First and last statements in particular made me laugh.
  12. Lethal

    Ps3 Vs Xbox360!

    At one point on this forum at least the fanboys knew what the hell they were talking about. Oh how times have changed...
  13. Lethal

    Vocal Practice

    You sound like me singing, I love it too but am not very good unfortunately. Can hold the tune no problem, just haven't got a very pleasant singing voice. However you were also a little off key, but that's obviously as a result of you trying to concentrate on other things... Keep trying though, I sure has hell am and hopefully will be better one day! >.<
  14. Lethal

    Ps3 Vs Xbox360!

    I own both, I've barely touched my 360 since I've bought it... PS3 offers far more games that are suited to me, and I prefer it generally to use in terms of GUI, controller etc... The fact that the online is free is also a major plus in my eyes. However saying one is definitively better than the other is ridiculous, both are great but preference is just that, personal preference...
  15. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    I actually love the LBP Snake costume, is so ace. Btw Fence, I apologise for not letting you in earlier today, my friend wanted me to play some MGO just before you requested to join me but we should hook up and play some levels soon. >.<
  16. Lethal

    Post Your Bedroom

    An old pic I posted in a similar topic a while back but here goes: I now live in a University apartment, will post a picture of that when I can.
  17. Lethal


    Where did the OP say "let's have a discussion about wrestling!"? As far as I can see, this is the console games section, not the entertainment one, so why has everyone decided to post the amazingly tiresome "wrestling sucks and is fake!" cliches? It's like me going into a FIFA topic and saying "football sucks as they get paid waaay too much." It's hardly relevant to the topic... Anyway, while I don't like wrestling anymore, I do still own all of the Smackdown/Smackdown vs Raw games. I've barely played the last 2 but still feel slightly obgliated to get the latest one for collection purposes... The games are good; but they do need a shakeup, they've failed to do anything particularly innovative in the past few.
  18. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Apparantly you can redeem codes over the internet so I would be able to download the LBP beta and put it on a memory stick... Now I just need to find a code. Anyone know where to get one from now??
  19. Lethal

    What Game Systems And Games?

    PSX PSOne PS2 (Slim) PS3 Xbox 360 Wii Gameboy (original) Gameboy Colour PSP (fat) DS Lite N64 As for the games... There's a 300+ collection in my room that I'd rather not even try and type out.
  20. Lethal

    Xbox 360?

    Reason please? And yes, Guitar Hero: World Tour (will provide more consistent enjoyment, therefore making it a great starter title), and yes Live is practically essential, makes the 360 what it is.
  21. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    There's an offline component as well, you want to give it a shot? Who all doesn't have a code? True but the problem is I wouldn't be able to download it from the PSN, unless you can do it over a computer and put it on a memory stick... Either way see if Fence wants it first, he was talking about it before I was, is only fair. Oh that's true, then never mind. Sorry Thanks for the offer though. And grats on getting in! Hope you do enjoy it as much as I'm hoping I will.
  22. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    There's an offline component as well, you want to give it a shot? Who all doesn't have a code? True but the problem is I wouldn't be able to download it from the PSN, unless you can do it over a computer and put it on a memory stick... Either way see if Fence wants it first, he was talking about it before I was, is only fair.
  23. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    God I wish I could request one right now. GOD DAMN UNIVERSITY BLOCKING MY PSN. Oh well, full game out soon, yays.
  24. Lethal

    Have You Attempted Suicide Before?

    A lot of people who could be categorized 'emos' who slash their wrists, e.t.c. are actually trying to seek attention. These people are asking for help, not being stupid or mad. So you wouldn't call self-harm for help stupid or mad? I'm sure there are more logical ways to get help... And no I've never done so nor will I ever.
  25. Lethal

    Sal's Playstation Club

    I think people are going to be disappointed with Killzone 2, I've read that it lacks any real standout features other than the great graphics which worries me slightly. And I'm officially set up internet-wise so I'm back guys. However my University blocks so many ports on the network, PSN simply cannot connect at the moment, which is such a letdown with LBP coming out this month. :( You don't think resistance 2 isn't atleast a little cookie cutter. I mean were running out of revolutionary shooters. Maybe a revolution/civil war one. Ofcourse it'd need to have modified clips since one bullet a minute would suck. I think more people are interested to see how the story progresses and how the 60 man multiplayer is going to work. Resistance 1 was a very solid shooter, and maybe while not being the most innovative of games, held together both a consistently strong story and gameplay experience. To be honest I'd be disappointed if they changed too much about Resistance 1, and am glad they've chosen to expand rather than diverge in 2. This is true that people will buy it because its a solid shooter, even though the alien thing has been done forever. But doesn't that prove my point? I'd rather have a solid alien shooter than a mediocre revolutionary one. I'm trying to figure out what your point is exactly. From your first post to me it sounds like you're preffering R2 to K2. If you don't want R2 as much as K2, then by implication you prefer the look of K2... If what you meant is that you like the look of Resistance 2 more than Killzone 2, then I agree with you and indeed the point has been proven. Or, maybe I've just got lost somewhere.

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