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    My interests are:<br /><br /> RuneScape<br /> Puzzle Games<br /> Marching Band<br /> Making Fakes<br /> All aspects of music.<br /> DISNEY STUF :D<br /> Hangin'

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  1. sudokuguy3

    Orbs Of Oculi

    Jeez Wolfie you've gone pretty far with this since I've been here. I'm proud haha. Hows it been?... if you remember me, that is.
  2. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    In my opinion, very nice :) That was my idea for the jacket, though.
  3. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Hello again children. I have returned. What's the news?
  4. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Hey guys. Sorry, again, that I've been so damn inactive..My origional labtop with all my faking stuff has a pretty nasty virus on it, and I can't open the internet with it. at all. But for the moment I'm using my netbook to go on the web and do school stuff. After school gets out (Half a month-ish) I'll deal with that cursed virus, but until then, I cant really do much artwork stuff. How are all you guys?
  5. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    you, sir, are a genius.
  6. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Good news, I've actually started taking time to look into the Blender tutorials, and I'm doing pretty well :) I can use the scale, rotate, and grab widgets and add a mirror modifier so far :) Obviously, I still have quite a lot to learn PS: Back to school tomorrow for me :)
  7. sudokuguy3

    Halo In Rs

    Whoa. Nice first fake :) I love it, and see no mistakes. :) 10/10 from me
  8. sudokuguy3

    Rainbow Armour

    lol very nice, made me laugh a little :) Nice details, at first glance I see no mistakes at all. 9/10. Good job as usual
  9. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    It's a good thing you asked; most people take off points for uncropped backgrounds in fakes. In MS paint, you should see a gray background to the left and bottom of your picture. You should also see a small blue dot at the bottom left of the image. All you have to do is click it, drag it, then crop it to size. Sorry if I'm not explaining this very well, but you should be able to find out how to use the blue dot thing (Which sometimes I call "The cropper") after you mess around with it a little bit. Note: If you don't use MS Paint, I can't help you :). As many people have been saying, you should probably use GIMP, but I wouldn't jump right into any of those big programs yet. Start by downloading the RS font, a few fake kits, and get some ideas and help from Wolfiemario, the master of explaining things. ;) Many people, including me, started faking using MS Paint. If that's all you have avaliable, use that until you have some experience in faking, then consider using bigger, better programs. For other help, I'd consult Wolfiemario, people around this topic, and Poke's guide in the stickied topics. Also, if you want to join this group, follow iAntilopi's advice for submitting an application. Hope this and everyone else helped :) EDIT: Aha, looks great Wolfie! Thanks :) Also, a note for Drake, it seems by the mountain if text that he already explained it damn well XD
  10. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Alright, sounds good. Thanks
  11. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Not as to stray from the topic of rooms, but what exactly is the main project we're working on? I only ask because I haven't been around the forums in a while and I obviously wish to contribute
  12. sudokuguy3

    The Royal Omega Faking Legion

    Desired room (#): 10 Desired door position (Code or Default): Default Additional door (Code or None): None Desired decorations (limited by room size): Computer on a large desk, Drumset, Guitar, Futon, a Portrait, a Wii, and a Nightstand. Lighting (Not needed if a lamp is specified under wall decorations): Lamp on computer desk and Nightstand. Theme/Color (e.g. Natural, Dark/Creepy, White, Default, etc.): Dim and Carpeted. Theme Range (Inside Only, Inside + Door, Creeping Theme, or Inside + Outside): Inside Only. Hope I made it back to the forums (again) in time for a room Hi again everyone
  13. difplihiu4 sounds..dirty..
  14. sudokuguy3

    The First Word That Comes To Mind


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