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  1. Johny


    use strenght potions... higher hit higher exp. Ice giants on ice path... thats kinda nice for f2p
  2. Johny

    Acronym | 70+ Clan

    hi man r u still recruiting? I would like to join it 77 combat, 1020 total lvl
  3. change lol too cute kkkkk get an angrier one lol i'm jkin keep if u want
  4. Johny

    Linkin Park

    linkin park is the best band and my favorite lol i'm crazy for it but minutes to midnight isnt so cool as the opther 1s.... i prefere live in texas or hybird theory....
  5. Johny

    Auto Login

    yeah sure! realy borin... and also when gets connection lost... and i also think that da clan name should be added in the player's nickname kinda when u right-click him, it should appear for example: walk here nardy br (lvl73- UTA) trade nardy br (lvl73- UTA) follow nardy br (lvl73- UTA) :P
  6. Johny

    Undead Twilight Assassins

    hi guys! hows it goin? guys i'm always on da clan chat, and i never meet u online... it woud be cool if u guys also enter in da chat, and then we talk and interact! :P cya ppl!
  7. Johny

    Undead Twilight Assassins

    lol i wanna join :P combat--->72 overall--->921 (for instance :D)

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