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    Alabama!! Roll Tide Roll!!

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  1. HayesRacin

    Batman Siggy

    Plz tell me what you think ?/10
  2. HayesRacin

    I Can Now...

    Nice acheivment on f2p :). ~Hayes ^_^
  3. HayesRacin

    Should The Above Poster Change His Signature?

    keep it's so sweeet. ~Hayes :P
  4. HayesRacin

    Command And Conquer Sig

    Awesome sig 10/10. Nice game to. ~Hayes :P
  5. HayesRacin

    Mini-map Suggestion

    This would be awesome. I support. :P. ~Hayes :)
  6. HayesRacin

    What Do You Want For The Holidays?

    Im getting a stero system for my truck. 7-inch screen radio-dvd player and 2 10inch kicker subs. (i got to buy the amps and box :)) ~Hayes :P
  7. HayesRacin

    Joeys New Pk Log. 23m+ Of Kills

    Awsome pk's 10/10 escpecaily the chain :). ~Hayes :P
  8. HayesRacin

    Rate Me!

    9.5/10 99 pwns
  9. HayesRacin

    Sex [closed: See The "under Aged Sex" Topic]

    I think this is very "topic" is inappropriate. ~Hayes
  10. HayesRacin

    Do You Think You Could Write A Full Book?

    I couldn't my minds not very "creative". And my grammer stinks. The only times i right stories is for school work, or if im relay bored.
  11. HayesRacin

    My Noob Bank

    Dude you have 64 fishing and no fish in your bank. Weird ~Hayes
  12. HayesRacin

    Level-up :)

    lol. Awsome fake 10/10, and happy b-day!! ~Hayes
  13. HayesRacin

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    5/10 ive seen u a couple of times
  14. HayesRacin

    My First Pixel, Still Wip

    Not bad for a first try could use some shading.
  15. HayesRacin

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Heights about as high as i can get is on the roof of a house. :P

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