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  1. I am a good student. I'm in AP Classes, and I do well, and get along with all my teachers... except for that day. A rude substitute teacher, (Who was racist against asians) all of a sudden exclaimed that I was disturbing the class. She later talked to the Assist. Principal and I got a detention. Now, because it's a 1 HR Office detention, it will ruin my record and stuff. I got out of it because I had to leave somewhere for the weekend on friday. What should I do? I don't know why I got the detention, and that violates the rule of "Due Process". It's unfair, and even the Assist. Principal didn't tell me anything about it. Help save my record.
  2. snl2549


    I'm surprised nobody made a topic about Macworld yet!!! The Apple TV (Take 2) was announced, which lets you rent movies directly to your TV with no computer. Itunes movie rentals was announced. The Macbook Air was announced, the world's thinnest laptop computer. Steve jobs actually pulled it out of an interoffice envelope, it was so thin! A GPS thing for the Iphone was announced... I really wanted some more updates to the iPod or the iPhone, but then again, the iPhone is still pretty hot on the market.
  3. snl2549

    New Knife = Really Happy Cxkslei =d

    Are you a boy scout? I've done a forty miler in the Pemigawasset Wilderness (White Mountains) and it was amazing! It was pretty funny, because on the last day, we were offering free food to each other (We didn't want to carry it back out). Anyways, back on topic, I have a Bucklite knife. The thing has lasted forever.
  4. snl2549

    Boy Scout?

    Are you in any form of Scouting? Please explain what rank, special awards, etc. I am a Star scout (2 mb's away from life), I'm in the OA, I have about 12 merit badges, and I've been a Patrol leader, Historian, and Senior patrol leader. I'm the first star scout in my Troop. I have the Issac Davis medal, Thai interpreter strip, and I went to Canadian Jamboree 2007.
  5. snl2549

    You And Your Wierd Phobias!

    I have a fear of using the restrooms at school when there are kids waiting behind me. You see, people are really scared, I guess, of using the next urinal or the one after, so they WAIT. It's just too much pressure. Another phobia I have is public speaking.
  6. snl2549

    Restoring An Xp Bootscreen

    Well, thanks everybody. I have system restored to the first day of XP downgrading, and everything is fine, but the Icons are still Vista style. Oh well! Much Thanks, Sean And repair may be a bit too extreme, especially if you're repairing everything.
  7. snl2549

    Restoring An Xp Bootscreen

    I can't do that, because I just reinstalled XP and don't have any previous restore points. If I restore to the earliest date, I will have to reinstall all drivers and programs, correct? Also, all the icons are in vista style.
  8. snl2549

    Warn Disputes?

    If I believe I have been warned without due process and for the wrong reasons, who can I discuss it with? I think a double warn is really severe for me talking in Tech support about how my friend "cracked" his Vista OS. I never told anybody how to do it or where to find the files either. I feel that this is very unfair to me, as I only try to help people in tech. I only tell them these things because I wonder them to. (Like, any way to FORCE aero to work, any way to downgrade with all data, etc.)
  9. Hi, I recently downgraded back to XP from vista, and was extremely happy about the performance. However, I liked vista's theme, and so I download the Vista Transformation pack by windows x to remake the whole thing. However, it was slow, so I uninstalled it, but the bootscreen is still "Windows vista"! How can I undo this?
  10. snl2549

    Stupid Vista!

    It's user account control (UAC) Disable it by going to your security center, and it should be at the bottom, other settings. If UAC is turned on, just click "Turn off". You need Admin. Rights to do so though. Or, what I'm doing (I'm running from Reduced functionality, everything's screwed and lost), is going back to XP! YES.
  11. I have a copy of vista that is not genuine and is in reduced function NOW and will shut off anytime. I took EVERY PIECE of data I had and cut it from a folder. Then I pasted into another folder, other than the one that is not copy-able. When I pasted, an error came up, saying the file was being used by the desktop. I skipped, and it ended. NOW, ALL MY DATA IS GONE. Please help! I had tons of important documents there, even a research paper!
  12. snl2549

    Things That Piss You Off?

    When I forget to wear my watch, because then people think I have wrist spasms. Sort of off topic- Is my signature too long?
  13. I don't know exactly where this belongs. Recently, I had trouble with my laptop. Youtube videos will play fine, but then spontaneously freeze after two seconds, and all sound will not work. I thought it was a sound card problem, and that is yet to be fixed. However, I tried switching speakers. I got new JBL Creature II speakers for christmas, with this huge subwoofer. (Well, for a LAPTOP PC, yes.) But it was not working, and only the small satellites would work. I tried to check all connections, and even almost returned the speaker! But the reason was, in the beginning, I pushed all the dials, Bass And Treble on the subwoofer to the + side. I thought this would give a huge sound, but it actually killed it all. I had to move it to the - side, and it is fixed! This thing blasts a TON of air. Papers on my desk actually move with this thing. IT's like one of those AirZooka's. It makes a nasty farting noise too, sometimes when it's too high. -Sean
  14. snl2549

    Gordon Ramsay

    If your trying to be funny, try harder.<--You're not much of a funny guy yourself Aye, will do sir .... Don't let a DM talk to you like you're his slave, his post was just spam anyway. Back on Topic: Can you ever get better than this guy (in England anyway)? What makes him really great is that he doesn't take Bull---- and always uses his logic mind I agree. That was really pitiful and disgusting, what the DM was trying to do. It's just a little pip, not some badge that enables you to make others submit to you! And- he was trying to be funny. Who are you to say what funny is, Dane Cook? Ugh, anyways, how much does a typical thing on his menu cost anyways? I heard he had some dish with one scallop, sliced, and toasted nuts that sells for 30 bucks!
  15. snl2549

    Gordon Ramsay

    "Who are you to tell me what to do when you work like a pig?!? YOU ****ing PIG!" "Right, well I'll get you some more pumpkin, and I'll ram it up right up your ****ing cabbage. Would you like it whole or diced?" "Well, **** me senseless."

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