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  1. jakedesnakey

    Metalkon's Log

    Nice your still at it. I quit. Keep up awesome work and the richness...
  2. jakedesnakey


    Love and miss all you runescapians! Well done, good to see some people are still at it.
  3. jakedesnakey

    18 More Prayer Level Then I Should Have!

    Oh yeh that could be it! Thanks I know how i did it now. I logged in and was like omg how.
  4. I logged in today and saw this... I have no idea how I did it and its at the same level its not going down etc. (I know how it did it now. LoL im so silly.)
  5. jakedesnakey


    Well done, It don't look very big though. I duno what all the fuss is about. Shoule be called a squished swordie.
  6. jakedesnakey

    Solo Dragon Chain #1

    Wicked one well done. What did you sell it for?
  7. jakedesnakey

    100m Total Xp :)

    Well done quite an acheivement, 99 attack can be your 4th 99! :)
  8. jakedesnakey

    Top 5 Builders And Level '102'

    Sicko is all I can say. I go on holiday and the next thing I know you have like level 102. Oh my gosh!
  9. jakedesnakey

    80 Skulls & Bows

    Impressive well done.
  10. jakedesnakey

    100,000 X 295 Each = 110,305,835

    If thats the case he is not even half way there! =p
  11. jakedesnakey

    My First 100m

    If you do that you will be waiting a long long time. Partyhat prices have been stable since the construction skill came out. May rise or fall 5m or so but nothing like what they used to be.
  12. jakedesnakey

    Dance With The Devil..

    Well done your slayer beats mine. =p You have some good stats there keep up the hard work well done.
  13. jakedesnakey

    100,000 X 295 Each = 110,305,835

    Well done on all them nats, and all that cash you should have a partyhat in no time. I was on my way to a 4th partyhat then it all went on construction 3m left... I guess its not a bad thing.
  14. jakedesnakey

    Level 99 Construction.

    The level and the whole house about 150m I think. Somthing like that.
  15. jakedesnakey

    Construction Suggestions.

    Hay my name is jake and I recently got level 99 construction. While working my way to level 99 construction I was hit by a barrage of ideas which would improve the construction skill. Construction Suggestions: 1. - You are able to kick single players from your house. The reason for this is when I decide to have a nice house party and I want everyone to enjoy my house and the game. Unfortunately some people just can't behave. We all know what I mean about this. People who are rude, and people who decide to use bug abuse and block the dungeon doors below so players are suck in the cage. This forces me to kick all payers from the house and to reset the house by re-entering. This is quite annoying. 2. - Stairs can lead upstairs and down stairs. E.g. 3 stairs in a row. One in dungeon one above on 1st floor then one on second floor. (Not just one way up or down.) 3. - You are able to delete the costume room while having items stored init. You do not need to destroy items on by one. If you do and then rebuilt the costume room they reappear if they are stored at dingo which is quite pointless. Items that cannot be stored then there should be a warning message that they will be sent to the bank. 4. – I also noticed that bug reports never show up in the sent box. Maybe update this so it dose. This would be quite helpful. What do you think. Same message is also on the jagex forum feel free to support. - Quick find code: 24-25-839-48499971

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